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The Honda SP 125 was launched back towards the end of November 2019. This motorcycle has been derived from the already popular bike model from the company, which is the CB Shine SP. The Honda SP 125 is the first-ever BS-VI emission norms-compliant motorcycle from the house of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). The SP 125 follows the same direction as its predecessors along with many new things to offer. The bike comes at quite the mid-range price segment with updated looks and premium equipment. While being a commuter bike, the Honda SP 125 provides a great sporty look with much edgier and more detailed contours. To complement its modernized visuals, the bike also offers tons of modern features and specifications.

Honda SP 125 Features

The HMSI offers the Honda SP 125 in two main variants, namely the SP 125 Drum and the SP 125 Disc. In terms of features, the Honda SP 125 has tons to offer for the Indian bike market. The motorcycle comes with an air-cooled SI engine, kick and self-start options, fuel injection system, digital speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge, silent start with ACG, gear position indicator, eco indicator, single body seat design, passenger side footrest, combi braking system (CBS), pass switch, LED headlight, bulb taillight, bulb turn signals, chain drive, front disc brake option, rear drum brake, alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.

Honda SP 125 Specifications

Mileage65 km/l
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Displacement123.94 cc
Total Cylinders1
Maximum Power Output (kW@rpm)8kW@7500rpm
Maximum Torque Output (Nm@rpm)10.9Nm@6000rpm
Cooling SystemAir cooled
Gear Box5-Speed
Fuel Tank Capacity11 litres
Available Ground Clearance160 mm
Front Wheel Size18 inch
Rear Wheel Size18 inch
Class TypeCommuter bike
Wheelbase1285 mm
Seat Height790 mm

Honda SP 125 Bike Insurance

In order to be covered in case of personal damages and any damages caused to the third party, bike owners should invest in a good Honda SP 125 insurance policy. In India, bike insurance coverage is required for bikes as per the law. It is widely available for purchase, all over the country. For example, if you want to get a new Honda SP 125 bike insurance for your bike, or want to get an existing Honda SP 125 bike insurance renewal done, you would easily be able to get either of these settled over the internet or through a local insurance company’s agent. To get access to the various Honda bike insurance policies of SP 125 model that are offered, check the procedure and all the other related information regarding the same.

Types of Honda SP 125 Bike Insurance

The two choices of motor insurance available for the Honda SP 125 are;

  • Third-party bike insurance policy coverage, which provides damage and loss protection for the affected third party.
  • Comprehensive bike insurance coverage, which comes with the policy holder’s damage and loss coverage, along with the required third-party cover.

These options are both offered when getting a new Honda SP 125 bike insurance and during Honda SP 125 bike insurance renewal. The comprehensive type of policy offers coverage for the damages of the policyholder, which is why it has a higher overall Honda SP 125 bike insurance cost.

What is Covered Under Honda SP 125 Insurance Policy? 

The coverage for these kinds of damages is offered by the Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy;

  • Damage cover for the policy owner
  • Damage cover for the affected third party
  • Any kind of damages to the bike due to natural or man-caused disasters
  • If the bike gets stolen or totally damaged

What is not Covered Under Honda SP 125 Insurance Policy? 

These types of damages are not included under the Honda SP 125 bike insurance coverage;

  • Damages due to riding drunk
  • Damages occurred when breaking the law
  • Damages due to harsh usage of the vehicle
  • Electrical or mechanical malfunction
  • Damage due to the owner’s inattentiveness
  • Damages as an effect of normal wear and tear
  • Damages inflicted willfully

A key information about buying motor insurance is that to get own damage cover, individuals should opt for the comprehensive type cover. This is because the third-party bike insurance policy offers just the legal liability cover for the third party, thus it comes at a lower Honda SP 125 insurance price point.

How to Renew/Buy Your Honda SP 125 Bike Insurance Policy? 

You can easily get insurance coverage for your bike over the internet from the comfort of your home, all whilst checking the different offered Honda SP 125 insurance price points in the market. The process involves a few minor steps, which are quite similar in the case of both Honda SP 125 bike insurance renewal and purchase of Honda SP 125 bike insurance online.

Guide to getting Honda SP 125 bike insurance online:

  1. Search for motor insurance online.
  2. Give the required details.
  3. Select between the offered coverage. 
  4. Then get estimates on the Honda SP 125 bike insurance cost.
  5. Verify the final Honda SP 125 insurance price and the related terms. 
  6. Pay for the policy.

These are the few simple steps required to get your Honda SP 125 bike insurance online.

Honda SP 125 Review

The Honda SP 125 is one of the most feature-packed, recently-released commuter bikes available in the motorcycle market of the country. It provides a great and smooth riding experience for both the rider and the pillion, has modernized visuals, along with a very noteworthy fuel economy. Pair this with a good Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy and you will be set for the road.

Honda SP 125 Two Wheeler Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Does my location affect the premium of the Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy?

    Yes, along with some other factors, your location also affects the Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy.

  • 2. What types of claims are available with the comprehensive type of Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy?

    Both the reimbursement and cashless type of claims are offered with the comprehensive type of Honda SP 125 bike insurance.

  • 3. Do I have to opt for a non-network garage repair with my reimbursement claim for Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy?

    Yes, you can go for the non-network garage repair with the reimbursement claim. As for the cashless insurance claim, you have to go with the network garage repair.

  • 4. What are some popular add-ons selected with the comprehensive type of Honda SP 125 bike insurance?

    Some of the popular and widely selected add-ons with the comprehensive type of Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy are;

    • Roadside assistance
    • Engine safe cover
    • Zero depreciation coverage
    • Key replacement
    • Passenger cover
  • 5. Is the third party type Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy a better option?

    No, the third-party type of Honda SP 125 bike insurance policy is not the ideal choice of coverage. To get the most out of your motor insurance, a comprehensive type of coverage is always the way to go.

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