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An insurance policy is seen as means to comply with the law rather than a lifesaver in times of need. One might undergo a drastic perception change if he or she were to understand what an excellent investment a bike insurance policy can be and the benefits that owning one will give. 

One such advantage of having a well-rounded policy with an add-on called NCB protect has been discussed below. Interested to know more? Read on.

What is a No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

A no-claim bonus is a discount or saving that the bike owner can avail of for having had a claim-free year. The discount increases with every successive claim-free year. The rates that are offered by insurers are as follows – 

YearNo Claim Bonus Discount
For the first claim free year20%
For the second claim free year (continuous)25%
For the third claim free year (continuous)35%
For the fourth claim free year (continuous)45%
For the fifth claim free year (continuous)50%

Features & Benefits of NCB Protection Add-on

  • Depending on the policy, you can file 1-2 claims in a single policy year when you have this add-on. This means that even if you happen to be in an accident, your bonus will still be protected.
  • You can, therefore, continue to save money on your premiums in the coming years, making the insurance itself more affordable.

How NCB Protection Cover Works 

Rahul purchased comprehensive bike insurance along with the NCB protection cover add-on. During this policy tenure, he got into a minor accident and made a claim. Since he had an NCB protection add-on, he was still able to get his NCB bonus for that year. Whereas, Shiva also purchased a comprehensive bike insurance policy without NCB protection cover. He also met with an accident and raised a claim. So let’s see the status of his NCB in the table below.   

Calculation byRahul (with NCB Cover)Shiva (without NCB Cover)
First-year premiumINR  22,000INR  22,000
Premium for the second yearINR 20,000INR 20,000
Premium After the NCB discount despite raising a claimINR 16,000 (NCB 20%)INR. 20,000 (NCB 0% )

Who Should Buy NCB Protection Cover?

This cover can be availed by any bike owner who has a valid own damage or comprehensive bike insurance policy. It is an add-on worth considering if one has purchased a new vehicle and wishes to save on as many premium payments as possible.

Moreover, if you are someone who owns a superbike or an expensive bike, owning the NCB Protection Cover is recommended. Also, if you live in an accident-prone/flood-prone area, availing NCB Protection Add-on would be helpful for you.

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