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Passenger cover is a type of insurance add-on that ensures that the passengers on your bike are financially covered. A passenger cover gives financial protection to the pillion rider of the bike in case any mishap occurs. The cover helps you financially in such cases. 

Consider this example: 

A particular question has been bothering Karthik’s mind while he was purchasing his bike, ‘If Yashna and I go to work together every day using this bike, how can I secure her safety through an insurance policy?’ 

On enquiring with his insurance company and doing some research on his own, Karthik found out that he can opt-in for the passenger cover to his comprehensive bike insurance policy, which will take care of the financial liabilities arising out of the death, temporary or permanent disabilities of co-passengers on the bike. Relieved, he decided to purchase this new cover. 

Wish to learn more about this cover? Read on to find out!

Features & Benefits of Passenger Cover Add-on

  • A passenger cover add-on can only be availed for a comprehensive policy and not a third-party liability insurance plan.
  • This add-on safeguards the interests of the passengers in the vehicle by providing for –
    • cost of medical treatment,
    • disability liability,  
    • financial assistance in case of death during an accident. 
  • The scale of compensation depends on the nature of the injury. For example, death and permanent disability would get the insurer to pay 100% compensation, whereas, loss of one eye or limb will result in 50% compensation.

The bike insurance company will pay the compensation as stated below:

Types of InjuryCompensation (%)
Loss of sight of two eyes or two limbs/sight of one eye and one limb100
Loss of sight of one eye or one limb50
Permanent disability from injuries other than mentioned above100

What is Covered?

The following is included in the policy – 

  • The coverage of disability liability to passengers of the insured vehicle.
  • The cost of medical treatment for passengers in case of an accident.
  • Financial assistance in case of the death of passengers.

What is Not Covered?

The following is not included in the passenger cover policy – 

  • Damages caused to the bike by virtue of it being driven under the influence of alcohol.
  • Damages caused to the bike by virtue of self-injury.
  • Damages caused to the bike by virtue of contributory negligence of the insured.
  • Damages caused to the bike when it was being driven by a person who lacked a valid driver’s license.
  • If the damages or losses were incurred when the passenger was no longer on the bike.

Who Should Buy a Passenger Cover?

Such a policy cover is usually recommended for those who frequently travel with a co-passenger on the bike and for those who use the bikes for commercial purposes.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Passenger Cover 

  • It is better to choose an online insurance policy to make the process shorter and simpler.
  • The compensation that is provided by the insurance company in case of the death of the passenger is fixed.
  • Having this add-on in one’s bike insurance policy will help avoid legal liabilities in case of a mishap.
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