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Tyres are like the backbones of your bike - an indispensable support system that has been with you through thick and thin. But the repair costs of the tyre and tube is not a claimable event under a basic bike insurance policy which is why a tyre protection cover under a comprehensive or an own damage policy must be opted in for. 

The tyres of your bike are the most used, yet least cared for a component in your bike – it has to repeatedly brave through the dangers that the road presents. Whether it is you rushing to your workplace, or enjoying a long ride with your loved one, or rushing homeward after an exhausting shopping spree, a flat tyre is something that you don’t want to face. 

This is why your attention is to be focused on not just keeping the tyres in a good working condition but also getting a tyre protection cover for your bike to help you deal with such situations better. 

Features and Benefits of Tyre Protection Add-on

  • The tyre damage may have been caused due to either –
    • burst or impact, 
    • flattening due to rough braking,
    • damage due to sidewall bulging.
  • The policy covers both replacement and repair costs as well as labour costs.
  • The premium amount may vary as per the terms and conditions of the insurance policies of different companies. The premium amount can be calculated with the help of an online calculator.

What is Covered

The main inclusions under this policy are – 

  • The cost of replacing the damaged tyre with a new tyre.
  • The labour cost incurred for removing, replacing and rebalancing the tyre.
  • The cost incurred due to accidental loss or damage to tyre and tubes due to bulge in the tyre.
  • The cost incurred due to bursting of tyres.
  • The cost incurred due to cutting the tyre.

What is Not Covered

The following standard exclusions apply to a tyre protection cover - 

  • Damages sustained while the bike was driven by an individual who does not have a valid driver’s license.
  • Damages sustained while the bike was driven under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
  • Damages sustained by the bike due to contributory negligence or a voluntary act of the insured.

The exclusions specific to this cover are - 

  • Damages caused due to racing or a rally.
  • Damage arising due to theft of a tyre.
  • Damages caused due to vandalism of the tyre or tube.
  • Cost of puncture and tyre repair.
  • Damages caused due to manufacturing defects.
  • Damages caused due to a defect in the service provided by an unauthorised service centre.
  • Damages caused due to improper storage or transportation of the vehicle is not covered.

Who Should Buy This Cover?

It is advisable to opt-in for a tyre protection cover for your bike - 

  • If you are residing in a hilly area.
  • If you prefer travelling on your bike to hilly areas.
  • If you travel on a regular basis on your bike.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing this Cover 

  • Take proper care of the bike tyres by regular servicing. Maintain optimal tyre pressure, find the right tyre and wash regularly for longer life.
  • Opt-in for an online policy to ensure that you avail discounts on premium and have a simpler process to undergo.
  • Slashed tyres are not covered under the tyre protection cover as they are usually a product of vandalism. But certain measures can be taken on your end to prevent such vandalism from happening, such as parking the bike in a place where there is enough security available, install motor sensor lighting in the parking area, etc.
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