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The Yamaha RXZ was released in April 1985 by Yamaha Motor Corporation. The motorcycle is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an attractive commuter motorcycle that delivers on the value for money promise. The RXZ was very popular in Malaysia and Singapore and was sold wildly for two decades before its production ended in 2011. The Yamaha RXZ135 is a traditional Indian legend that delivered exceptional performance when it was first sold. It is fairly comfortable to drive thanks to its lightweight design and low ride height. Despite its poor mileage, this commuter bike was fairly popular. The Suzuki Shogun was its sole rival at the time because there weren't many options in the Indian marketplaces for this price range. However, the Suzuki was utterly outperformed by the RXZ 135 in terms of performance. The RX135 was a legend and is still one of the motorcycles that people seek even though it lacked many amenities that we have, even on the most basic bikes now.

Yamaha RXZ Features

In terms of variants, Yamaha offered the RXZ in a single option, which was the Yamaha RXZ STD. At that time, the Yamaha RXZ 135 was the only bike with a 2-stroke engine that was being sold. One of the key features of this bike is its ability to hit the 120 kmph speed mark with the help of a finely tuned 5-speed gearbox. The RXZ135 is a bike that is on the lighter side of the spectrum, weighing only 115 kg and comes with a sufficient fuel tank of 10.5 litres. The bike had no direct competition or rival during its active production era and was the king of the 135cc displacement category. Its power can only be compared to the current generation Pulsar 135 NS, of which the Yamaha RXZ135 is more powerful. Yamaha SZ RR's popular colour options include Blue, Red and Purple. As for its features, The Yamaha RXZ is propelled by a 132cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that produces 12.0Nm at 6000 rpm and 14bhp at 7500 rpm and it has a 5-speed transmission. In the front, the disc brakes and in the rear, with a drum brake, ABS is not available. 

Yamaha RXZ Specifications

Mileage25-35 km/l
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Displacement132 cc
Total Cylinders1
Maximum Power Output (bhp@rpm)14bhp@7500rpm
Maximum Torque Output (Nm@rpm)12.0Nm@6000rpm
Cooling SystemAir-cooled
Gear Box5-Speed
Fuel Tank Capacity10.5 litres
Available Ground Clearance145 mm
Class TypeSports Bike
Wheelbase1245 mm
Seat Height770 mm

Yamaha RXZ Bike Insurance

You must have bike insurance to ride a motorcycle on public roads. All autos must be protected by motor insurance, as per the country's Motor Vehicles Act. As a result, in order to operate it, Yamaha RXZ insurance is also required. You should begin the Yamaha RXZ bike insurance renewal process immediately, if your insurance is about to expire. If you're considering purchasing a new Yamaha RXZ bike insurance, you can also do it swiftly. For more information on what to look out for while buying Yamaha bike insurance of RXZ model, see the page below.

Types of Yamaha RXZ Bike Insurance

The two coverage choices that are now accessible when renewing or acquiring new Yamaha RXZ bike insurance are as follows:

  • A motorbike insurance coverage that just provides the necessary third-party legal responsibility is the first choice.
  • The second preference is a comprehensive bike insurance plan that provides third-party and individual loss and damage coverage.

A comprehensive type of coverage will cost more to insure a Yamaha RXZ bike insurance price than a third-party-only policy will. It's because it offers the individual greater advantages as well.

What is Covered Under Yamaha RXZ Insurance Policy? 

The Yamaha RXZ insurance policy will pay for the following damages to the motorcycle:

  • Own damage cover
  • Third-party cover
  • Accidental fire
  • Bike theft or total loss
  • Damages caused by natural/man-made disasters

What is not Covered Under Yamaha RXZ Insurance Policy? 

The Yamaha RXZ bike insurance does not give coverage for the following damages:

  • Damages due to the bike's unusual riding style
  • Damages after consuming alcohol and operating a vehicle
  • Harm caused by careless driving
  • Mechanical or electrical problems
  • Damages caused by a driver whose licence was inactive
  • Deterioration through usage and time
  • Occurred by criminal conduct

The scope of coverage provided by the complete Yamaha RXZ bike insurance policy surpasses that of the third-party only option. For the Yamaha RXZ insurance price, a third-party-only policy might be less expensive than a comprehensive one, but it is not advised.

How to Renew/Buy Your Yamaha RXZ Bike Insurance Policy? 

You must follow these steps if you are considering purchasing new Yamaha RXZ bike insurance online or updating your Yamaha RXZ bike insurance renewal:

Procedure for buying Yamaha RXZ bike insurance online:

  1. Search  Yamaha RXZ bike insurance online.
  2. Include the details about the Yamaha RXZ motorcycle that the policy requires.
  3. Next, select the cover types.
  4. You can then proceed to compare prices for Yamaha RXZ insurance.
  5. Review and confirm the precise Yamaha RXZ bike insurance cost and coverage details before paying.

As soon as you complete the needed payment and it is verified, your Yamaha RZX bike insurance policy will be activated. The two types of coverage differ not only in terms of the amount of money required to purchase Yamaha RZX insurance price but also in terms of the features they offer. While the third-party bike insurance policy only offers third-party legal liability, the comprehensive policy provides total coverage for both you and your motorcycle.

Yamaha RXZ Review

One of the best options for a commuter bike in this price range now offered in India is the Yamaha RXZ. It offers every feature a motorbike in its class could possibly need, including an excellent engine, a comfortable ride, amazing speed, and excellent mileage. You receive damage reimbursement in the event of an accident, make sure to insure it with a Yamaha RXZ bike insurance policy coverage.

Yamaha RXZ Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What options are available for my Yamaha RXZ bike insurance?

    Both third-party only and comprehensive forms of protection are available for Yamaha RXZ bike insurance. People are free to select the kind of insurance coverage they desire. The third party only avails legal responsibility while the comprehensive bike insurance plan provides coverage for both third-party and individual loss and harm.

  • 2. Is third-party-only insurance for the Yamaha RXZ insurance preferable to comprehensive insurance?

    The finest choice for offering both third-party legal liability and own damage coverage is the comprehensive version of Yamaha RXZ insurance. Hence, it is always recommended over third-party-only insurance.

  • 3. Will my NCB bonus be forfeited if I do not renew my Yamaha RXZ bike insurance?

    Yes, the NCB benefit will lapse and become idle if the Yamaha RXZ insurance is not rebuilt within 90 days of its expiration date.

  • 4. Will my current Yamaha RXZ bike insurance coverage be transferred to the purchaser when I sell my motorcycle?

    Yes, if you sell the bike, the new owner can submit that the insurance is transferred to their name.

  • 5. How many zero depreciation claims am I entitled to make under the aspects of my Yamaha RXZ motorcycle insurance policy?

    Yamaha RXZ insurance policyholders frequently file 2 zero depreciation claims per policy year.

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