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A third-party vehicle insurance coverage is the most basic type of insurance that is necessary to run a car in India. Navi third-party car insurance assists you with meeting legal obligations and covering your financial commitments to a third party as a result of an accident involving the insured vehicle.

Every automobile owner should have a three-year third-party car insurance policy when acquiring a new vehicle as a legal requirement. Navi third-party four-wheeler insurance offers this third-party insurance at a reasonable price that may be purchased by visiting the insurer's website or its local branch.

How does Navi Third-Party Insurance Work?

Navi third-party car insurance protects a third party against harm caused by the covered vehicle. Physical injuries, car damage, property damage, and death are all covered. Exclusions - third-party insurance will not cover you if the accident was caused by breaking traffic rules while driving or when driving without a valid license.

Navi Third Party Car Insurance vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

BasisThird-party Car InsuranceComprehensive Car Insurance
CoverageNavi four-wheeler third-party Insurance solely covers the third party's legal and financial obligations.Navi four-wheeler comprehensive insurance covers damage to a third party's property as well as damage to the insured's vehicle.
Requirement According to the Motor Vehicles Act,  Navi third-party car insurance is mandatory.Navi comprehensive car insurance is optional protection that policyholders can choose according to their requirements.
Availability of add-OnsNavi four-wheeler third-party insurance does not include any add-ons.A comprehensive automobile insurance policy allows you to add a wide range of optional add-ons.
CostNavi third-party car insurance has the lowest premiums due to its restricted coverage.Because of the comprehensive coverage, the premium of Navi comprehensive car insurance policy is greater.

How to Buy Navi Third-Party Car Insurance?

Customers may apply for Navi third-party four-wheeler insurance online using the process outlined below.

  • You can quickly purchase a third-party four-wheeler insurance coverage on the Navi General Insurance website.
  • To purchase the coverage, simply provide your vehicle's registration number and other pertinent information.
  • Following that, you will be presented with many policy quotations to compare and select from. Then all you have to do is choose a policy, fill out your basic information, and pay the premium for it.
  • Following the payment, the insurance company will send you the policy copy. It will save you time and money by allowing you to choose the best plan for your budget and needs.

What All is Covered Under Navi Third-Party Car Insurance Plan?

Policyholders of Navi third-party car insurance are covered as follows:

  • Any third-party property damage resulting from an accident involving the insured vehicle will be covered under this policy. The amount of compensation available for third-party property damage is capped at Rs. 7.5 lakh.
  • In the event of an accident or incident, the insurance company covers third-party physical injury or death up to an amount as directed by the court.

What All is not Covered Under Navi Third-Party Car Insurance Plan?

Navi General Insurance Company is not responsible for claims arising from the following circumstances: 

  • If the insured vehicle covered is not utilized in accordance with the usage regulations.
  • For a claim-free year, policyholders receive no NCB benefit.
  • Any lawsuit resulting from contractual obligation claims involving war, hostilities, invasion, civil conflict, and foreign enemy action usurped authority, insurrection, nuclear weapons, etc.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Navi Third Party Car Insurance

Following are some of the advantages of getting Navi third party four-wheeler insurance:

  • Cost-effective

A Navi third-party car insurance policy is the most basic four-wheeler insurance coverage. It comes at a lower price compared to other four-wheeler insurance plans. The reason is simple - its limited coverage. 

  • Legal and Financial Assistance

A Navi third-party four-wheeler insurance policy protects the policyholder against financial and legal responsibilities that may arise as a result of property or personal damage, or bodily harm to a third party of any sort. Third-party insurance coverage also offers financial and legal support in the event of a disability, bodily injury or death of a third-party by your insured vehicle in an accident.

Navi Third-party Car Insurance Review

  • Ease of plan purchase.
  • The portal is well managed and user-friendly.
  • Chatbox feature, which assists the user buy or renew Navi third-party car insurance.
  • Affordable prices.

Navi Third-party Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. If I have Navi third-party car insurance, what may I claim for?

    You can claim for a third-party death or physical injury, damage to third-party property or vehicles  

  • 2. To get the Navi third party car insurance policy, what papers do I need?

    • Certificate of registration. 
    • Driving licence copy.
    • Your vehicle's registration number.
    • Address proof along with any photo id.
  • 3. Where can I learn more about Navi third-party car insurance?

    You can learn more about Navi third-party auto insurance by visiting the user-friendly website of the insurance company or dialing its toll-free number 1800-123-0004. Remember, the toll-free can be changed, so you need to check the same on the website before dialing.

  • 4. What are the benefits of buying Navi third-party vehicle insurance?

    • Easy purchase.
    •  Simple claim procedure.
    • Excellent customer services set to enhance your insurance buying experience.
  • 5. Will my Navi third-party car insurance cover me if my car is destroyed by flood?

    No, Navi third-party auto insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle caused by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and storms. This insurance coverage is solely intended to cover damage caused to a third party by your insured car.

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