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KTM Duke 200cc is the first model from KTM to launch in the Indian market on 24th January 2012. This is one of the most prominent bikes among motorcycle enthusiasts. Bajaj KTM Duke 200cc comes with a 200cc engine with a single cylinder and four strokes per cylinder. There are many more specifications to attract and fascinate the consumers in enormous ways.

The motorcycle's updated model also has the same design as the earlier one with exposed trellis frames. The updated version of the Bajaj KTM Duke 200cc also has a BS-IV compliant engine that keeps the torque and power figures the same. 

Key Specifications of Bajaj KTM Duke 200cc 

KTM Duke 200cc has an electric starter spark ignition engine with liquid cooling technique, capable of producing 26hp raw power and torque of 19.5Nm. The motorcycle is also power-packed and mated to 6 speeds with claw shifting capability and can also attain a maximum speed of up to 135kmph. The engine of KTM Duke 200cc also produces swifter power and acceleration and is thus among the most aggressive motorcycles in the Indian market.

The more impressive and fascinating capability of the KTM Duke 200cc is its three-chambered underbelly exhaust located closer to the machine's gravity center, making the motorcycle the more powerful bike for riding and handling all the speeds. KTM Duke 200cc is a petrol-based motorcycle.

Other Key Features of Bajaj KTM Duke 200cc:

There are other features of KTM Duke 200cc, which are as follows:

  1. Multi-disc clutch that actuates mechanically
  2. Possibility of electronic fuel injection
  3. The headlamp has a type of multi-reflector
  4. The tail lamp is LED-based
  5. Disc brake with the four-pot brake caliper and one-pot brake caliper at the front end and rear end, respectively

What is Covered Under Bajaj Auto Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • Third-Party Losses: In the unfortunate event of third party loss, your policy will take care of the legal and financial liabilities.
  • Damages Due to Accidents: If your two-wheeler is damaged due to an accident, nothing to worry about as your two-wheeler insurance policy got you covered.
  • Vehicle Thefts: In case your two-wheeler is stolen, your two-wheeler insurance policy will look after the same.
  • Damages Caused in Fire: If your two-wheeler catches fire, your two-wheeler policy will pay for the damages.
  • Damages Due to Natural/Man-made Disaster:  When flood, hurricane, hail storm, tornado, riots, etc. attack your two-wheeler, your insurance policy comes in handy.
  • Personal Accident: In case you meet with an accident that leads to injuries or unfortunately death, your policy will offer compensation of up to INR 15 lakh.

Note: You will have to buy PA Cover separately. 

What is not Covered Under Bajaj Auto Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • Drunken Driving: No insurance company will accept your claim if you were drunk or under an intoxicant when the accident happened.
  • Unauthorised Driving: Your claim will be rejected if the rider is without a valid Driver’s License.
  • Deliberate Accident: If the accident has been caused purposely, the claim will be rejected.
  • Consequential Damages: Consequential damages that are caused after the accident are not covered under insurance.
  • Negligence: An accident occurs because of your own negligence; you won’t be able to claim the damages.
  • Depreciation: Damages that are caused because of normal wear and tear, mechanical or electric failure due to travelling.
  • Expired policy: If the policy has lapsed, your damages will not be covered.
  • Excluded Add-Ons: You will not be able to claim the benefits that you do not have in your plan

How to Renew Your Bajaj Auto Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

You can renew your Bajaj Bike insurance policy in 5 easy and quick steps. 

Step 1 - Fill in your Name, Address, Mobile Number, Vehicle’s Make, Model, Variant, Registration Date & the city you ride in. 

Step 2- Press ‘Get Quote’ and choose your choice of Plan (Third-party liability, comprehensive, standalone own damage) or add-ons

Step 3 - Enter details of your previous insurance policy- Date of expiry, Claim made in the last year, No Claim Bonus earned

Step 4 - You will get a quote for your premium

Step 5- Make the final payment to renew your policy

Bajaj KTM Duke 200cc Review

KTM Duke 200cc comes with a two-piece seat, making it highly comfortable while riding in the cities or the regions with heavier traffic. The bike's body appearance is also highly attractive, and it manages to fascinate the riders and the pillion in different ways. This motorcycle began a revolution in the Indian automobile sector and is also one of the best sports bikes. It is a fantastic bike that is preferable as a commuting machine and a city bike, but not for the longer rides. However, it satisfies the needs of the riders, whether considered on-road or off-road.

Bajaj KTM Duke 200cc Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What are cashless claims and reimbursement claims?

    A cashless claim is when the claimed amount directly gets paid to the network garage where the repair is carried on. It is only availed if the vehicle gets repaired at the network garages of the insurer. 

    On the other hand, a reimbursement claim can also be registered if the vehicle owner gets the vehicle repaired at a garage that is not a part of the approved list of garages of the insurer. In this case, the insured person must pay the repair expenses and later file for reimbursement with the insurer.

  • 2. What is the IDV for two-wheeler insurance?

    In two-wheeler insurance, IDV is the maximum amount that the insurance provider can give if the vehicle gets totally damaged or stolen. This value goes hand in hand with the two-wheeler insurance premium, thus are directly proportional. Also, during the selling of the bike, the higher IDV ensures a higher selling price for it.


  • 3. Is it possible to replace a new vehicle in the current insurance policy?

    No, this is not possible because the two-wheeler insurance policy attaches to the registration number of the vehicle under consideration. It is not usable for the new vehicle. For a new vehicle, one must get a new insurance policy. 

  • 4. Is it necessary to go for a vehicle inspection if the two-wheeler insurance policy of my KTM Duke 200 has expired?

    No, in this case, it is not mandatory to go for the inspection if the vehicle insurance has already expired. However, sometimes it is done at the insurer's discretion. The latter situation only comes if the insurance has lapsed for more than six months.


  • 5. Do I need to report the accident to the police for claiming the settlement purpose?

    Yes, for any accident involving the insured vehicle, including accident, burglary or theft, one must report it to the police. Insurance agencies often ask for a copy of FIR (First Information Report) for passing the claims. 

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