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The S Cross is a premium 5-seater SUV from Maruti Suzuki and is the perfect mix between contemporary design and Maruti Suzuki's connection to the Indian country. The S Cross is a premium mix between a modern hatchback and an all-rounder SUV. The S Cross is the first NEXA car launched under the premium division brand of Maruti Suzuki. Intending to bring a Maruti Suzuki car to each and every Indian household, the S Cross is a total value for money SUV.

The S Cross aims to cater to all, boasting a rugged and sophisticated exterior design with luxurious interiors. A car for the enthusiast and the driver, always searching for a fuel-efficient SUV, the S-Cross brings the best of both worlds.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Features

Maruti Suzuki wanted to deliver their first-ever vehicle under the NEXA brand across all fronts. The all-new S Cross has an assertive posture with solid design lines and sharp edges that are difficult to overlook. The car has all the power you need and more beneath the hood, thanks to a BS-VI certified 1.5 L K15 petrol engine. The S Cross is packed with all of the amenities found in the most up-to-date luxury automobiles, and each time the driver gets behind the wheel, they are in for an experience.

A total of four trims with optional extras are available to prospective purchasers. Automatic gearboxes are standard on the S Cross top-spec models, and hill hold assist. The S Cross costs between INR 8.80 lakhs and INR 12.77 lakhs.

Key Specifications of Maruti Suzuki S-Cross


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm) (with Roof Rail)


Wheelbase (mm)


Turning Radius (m)


Seating Capacity


                                                                      DRIVE & TRANSMISSION

Drive System



5MT, 4AT


Engine Type

K15B Smart Hybrid

Fuel Type


Engine Capacity (cc)


Fuel-Efficiency (km/l)

18.55 (MT) / 18.43 (AT)

Max Power (kW @ rpm)


Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)


Fuel Tank Capacity (L)


Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Car Insurance

Maruti Suzuki S Cross Insurance is necessary and mandatory while driving on Indian roads. Potential buyers and owners have the option to purchase insurance from online car insurance policy brokers. Owners can also visit brick and mortar offices of insurance companies to purchase insurance for their vehicles.

All cars must have appropriate automobile insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Failing to produce valid insurance can incur heavy fines and imprisonment of up to three months for driving an uninsured vehicle on Indian roads.

Types of Car Insurance for the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The Maruti Suzuki car insurance you buy will benefit and save you from the unfortunate and unknown damage. Your Maruti Suzuki S Cross insurance price will vary depending on the type of insurance you purchase, and the add-on features you select. The two most prominent types of car insurance in India are:

1. Third-Party Insurance: As the phrase describes, third-party insurance is a type of motor insurance. The insurance company agrees to offer protection against any damage caused to a third-party person, vehicle or property. Third-party insurance is a statutory requirement for all vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Act. 

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance plans have two main components: third-party cover and own damage cover. This type of insurance is very popular for Maruti Suzuki S Cross car insurance. It is the highest form of coverage an owner can buy for their vehicle. Along with all the benefits of a third-party insurance policy, owners have the added advantage of being covered for various factors not covered under a basic third-party insurance policy.

What is Covered Under Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Insurance Policy?

A total packaged Maruti Suzuki S Cross insurance policy will offer numerous benefits to the insured vehicle owners. Comprehensive automobile insurance covers a wide range of issues and allows policyholders to choose whatever add-ons they want to include in their policy. These add-ons provide an extra layer of financial protection. Factors covered under the basic comprehensive insurance policy include but are not limited to:

  • Damage to third-party vehicles and/or property
  • Damage or injury to a third-party person
  • Damage and losses caused by unforeseen natural circumstances
  • Damage to your vehicle in the event of a fire or any other disaster
  • Comprehensive Maruti Suzuki S Cross car insurance will also cover damage caused due to several different risk factors

What is Not Covered Under the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Insurance Policy?

Even though insurance companies offer numerous add-ons with an insurance policy, several factors are still not covered under an insurance policy. In some cases, your Maruti Suzuki S Cross car insurance policy will be deemed void, and a claim can be rejected. These factors are decided by each company. Generally, the circumstances not covered under a policy include:

  • Damage that arises to the vehicle during a war or under war-like conditions
  • Insurance companies could reject an insurance claim if the vehicle driver were driving under alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • Your Maruti Suzuki S Cross insurance claim can also be rejected if you are driving without a valid or expired licence. In some cases, even if the driver possesses a learner's licence, the claim will be deemed void
  • If an insured entity has not selected the additional add-ons, those instances falling under the specific add-ons will also not be covered

How to Buy/Renew Your Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Car Insurance policy?

In today's world, buying a car insurance policy is as easy as buying an appliance or item from an online store. Insurance companies provide the service of letting you buy your Maruti Suzuki S Cross car insurance online. You can shop whenever convenient for you, without sacrificing your valuable time. The steps involved are also reasonably accessible.

  • Browse the different types of insurance available for your vehicle and understand your needs.
  • Fill in your vehicle details such as the manufacturer, make, model, and variant.
  • You will be provided with different quotes and the option to include add-ons. Browse the quotes and choose one for your vehicle.
  • Once you have selected your tailored policy, you will be prompted to fill in your details and make the necessary payment.
  • Done! You will have successfully purchased your Maruti Suzuki S Cross insurance online.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Review

Since its launch, the Maruti Suzuki has garnered positive reviews from auto enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. The car provides excellent comfort, handling, and stability. The 1.5 L petrol engine offers a decent mileage of around 16 km pl compared to the 18 km pl advertised by the company.

FAQs of Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Car Insurance

  • 1. What is a 'No Claim Bonus' for Maruti Suzuki S Cross?

    A No Claim Bonus, or NCB, refers to the bonus or discount an insured policyholder can avail of if they do not make any claims during their policy tenure. Policyholders are offered a discount that can reach 50% when they renew their policy after the specified claim-free years.

  • 2. How can I renew my Maruti Suzuki S Cross insurance online?

    The process of online car insurance renewal is fairly simple. All that is required of users is a visit to the websites of online insurance businesses or online insurance company brokers. An online insurance broker will offer a wide range of quotes and policies from different companies. In addition, you will be able to make online payments towards your insurance policy without much hassle.

  • 3. Is Maruti car insurance mandatory in India?

    Yes, car or motor insurance is mandatory while driving on Indian roads. This is a statutory requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Comprehensive or third-party car insurance also proves beneficial in unforeseen circumstances.

  • 4. Can I raise a claim if another person is driving my Maruti Suzuki S Cross?

    Yes, even if someone else is driving your vehicle, your Maruti Suzuki S Cross insurance policy is applicable.

  • 5. Is it possible to withdraw or add any add-ons to my current insurance plan?

    Yes, depending on your needs and availability, you can quickly add or delete any add-on. If you remove an add-on, your insurance premium will go down; if you add one, your insurance premium will go up throughout the course of the policy's life.

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