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Launched in India in 2006, Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo was a hatchback car manufactured by Maruti Suzuki. It was manufactured as an upgrade to the Maruti Zen car. The word ‘ZEN’ in the name is an abbreviation for 'Zero Noise Engine.' The car was to be a budget petrol engine car which reportedly became popular in the following years. Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo was also known for its comfort, stylish design, safety, impressive performance, and reliability.

In fact, the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo became the go-to car for learning drivers in the country. However, the manufacturing of the car was discontinued from the year 2014 by Maruti Suzuki. If you wish to renew its insurance policy, take a look at the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo insurance process.

Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Features

Maruti Zen Estilo is an affordable and comfortable car that comes with a few bells and whistles such as electric mirrors, a driver airbag, a cabin light alerting, and a driver window auto-down function. This car is available in CNG and Petrol with manual transmission that delivers a mileage of 19.0 KMPL in petrol fuel type and 26.3 km/kg in CNG fuel type. The engine capacity of the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo is 1061 cc for petrol and 998 cc for CNG. This is a 5-seater car and currently is available in 7 different colors.

With performance and handling, the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo is well-suited for city driving. This car, in fact, is an ideal car for the first-time car buyers.

Key Specifications of Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo


LX BSIII (Petrol 

VXI BSIV (Petrol)

LX Green (CNG)



Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Boot space (l)


Kerb weight (kg) 



Engine Specifications


Displacement (cc)




Power (bhp @ rpm)




Torque (Nm @ rpm)




Power/Weight (bhp/ton)


Torque/weight (Nm/ton)


Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Car Insurance

Knowing that your car is your most-valued possession, you must protect it against any financial risk in case of any unfortunate event such as accidents, burglary, theft, or any other calamity.

The Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo insurance policy is normally included in the on-road price for the first year. As the policy's expiration date approaches, one can choose to renew or acquire a new Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo vehicle insurance coverage.

Car Insurance Types of Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo

  • In an accident involving the covered vehicle, third-party insurance protects the insured against any expenses incurred by providing compensation for vehicle damage or physical injuries inflicted to a third party. In India, third-party insurance is mandated by law. This is because the insured may or may not have the financial means to cover these costs.
  • A comprehensive insurance policy protects the insured from third-party compensation costs as well as damage or loss to the covered vehicle caused by accidents, theft, fire, or other natural catastrophes.
  • There are a variety of add-ons to pick from:
  • Engine protection
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Invoice cover
  • No claim bonus

What is Covered Under Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Insurance Policy? 

A Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Insurance policy would typically cover the following:

  • Own Accidents
  • Third-party liabilities
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Natural calamities like earthquakes, landslides, floods, cyclones, etc.
  • Man-Made adversities like riots, arson, etc.

Coverages not Provided Under Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Car Insurance Policy

Below mentioned are generally not covered under a Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Insurance policy:

  • Car’s wear and tear
  • Electrical or mechanical failure of the car
  • Damage that is thought to have been done on purpose
  • Damaged tyres
  • Driving the car without a legal driving licence
  • Driving under the effect of intoxicants like alcohol or drugs
  • The vehicle when being used for some illegal purpose
  • Use of the car outside the country
  • The vehicle that is utilized for Hire or Reward, Organized Racing, Goods Carriage, Pacing, Reliability Trials, or Speed Testing
  • Nuclear warfare and its risks
  • Loss incurred after the insurance policy has expired

How to Buy/Renew Your Car Insurance Policy for Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo?

Buyers frequently renew their Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo insurance policies online. Renewals can be done directly through an insurance company's web portal or an integrator service. They can use the following approach to compare Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo car insurance costs, terms, and related perks given by several insurers before selecting the one that is best for them:

1. Enter your personal information as well as the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo model, variant, and registration number.

2. Enter the information from the prior insurance policy.

3. Select the sort of insurance you need and then click get quotes.'

4. Pick your desired quote.

5. Complete the premium payment and get the insurance policy

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Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Review

Engine performance is good. Ride quality is very good without AC, with AC on, in the city at low speed is troublesome, and engine performance lacks. The fuel economy is fantastic with or without AC. Average gearbox. Maintenance cost is very low, which Maruti is known for.

Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What is a 'no claim bonus?’

    A ‘no claim bonus’ is a benefit offered by the insurer when no insurance claims are made throughout the policy validity period.

  • 2. What is the standard rate of depreciation for a Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo?

    If your car is damage-free and well-maintained, the thumb rule is roughly 20% depreciation after the first year and 10% depreciation every year after that.

  • 3. Can I drive a Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo without insurance in India?

    According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every vehicle on an Indian road needs to be insured.

  • 4. Can one raise an insurance claim for Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo online?

    Yes, you can file an insurance claim for your car online. You can go to your insurance provider's website and gather more information about raising claims.

  • 5. What are the key factors determining the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo insurance policy premium?

    The key factors that determine the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo insurance policy premium are the age and the condition of your vehicle.

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