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The first-generation Hyundai Santro launched in 1998. This model of Hyundai shines in the interior specifications and provides a modern feel to the customers. Furthermore, the overall quality of all the materials, including the plastic, is also richer for Hyundai Santro. This car is also compatible with a 4-cylinder engine and a newer AMT to match its relaxed character well.

Overall, the Hyundai Santro has several fascinating features and specifications to draw the customers towards it and enhance comfort during the journey. It is a mixed bag that surprises the users with the interior quality and finely sorted mechanicals. The newer version of the model also offers a premium experience with a slightly lower price than its competitors.

Key Specifications of Hyundai Santro 

Hyundai Santro comes with petrol and a CNG engine variant for the customers' varying needs and likings. It has a 1086 cc Petrol engine and a 1086 cc CNG engine as well. Hyundai Santro is available with both automatic and manual transmission. And according to the variants and the fuel type, Santro provides a 20.3 kmpl mileage for 30.48 km/kg. It is a five-seater car model with 3610 mm length, 1645 mm width, and a 2400mm wheelbase. This car has a 35-liter(petrol),60-liter(CNG) fuel tank capacity, and a hatchback body type. Its engine has a four-cylinder availability with three valves per cylinder.

Other Key Features of Hyundai Santro:

  • Multi functioning and powered steering wheel present
  • Touch screen available
  • Power windows front
  • Power adjustable exterior mirror of rear view functioning
  • Anti-lock braking system available
  • Driver airbags present
  • Log light available in front
  • Five-speed gearbox available
  • Disk and drum brakes at front and rear end respectively

What is Covered Under Hyundai Santro Car Insurance Policy

Third-Party Losses: In the unfortunate event of third-party loss, your policy will take care of the legal and financial liabilities.

Damages Due to Accidents: If your car is damaged due to an accident, nothing to worry as your car insurance policy got you covered.

Car Thefts: In case your car is stolen, your Hyundai car insurance policy will look after the same.

Damages Caused in Fire: If your car catches fire, your car policy will pay for the damages.

Damages Due to Natural/Man-made Disaster: When flood, hurricane, hail storm, tornado, riots, etc attack your car, your insurance policy comes in handy. 

Personal Accident: In case you meet with an accident that leads to injuries or unfortunately death, your policy will offer compensation of up to INR 15 lakh.

Note: You will have to buy PA Cover separately. 

What is not Covered Under Hyundai Santro Car Insurance Policy

Drunken Driving: No insurance company will accept your claim if you were drunk or under an intoxicant when the accident happened.

Unauthorised Driving: Your claim will be rejected if the driver is without a valid Driver’s License.

Deliberate Accident: If the accident has been caused purposely, the claim will be rejected.

Consequential Damages: Consequential damages that are caused after the accident are not covered under insurance.

Negligence: An accident occurs because of your own negligence, you won’t be able to claim the damages.

Depreciation: Damages that are caused because of normal wear and tear, mechanical or electric failure due to travelling.

Expired policy: If the policy has lapsed, your damages will not be covered.

Excluded Add-Ons: You will not be able to claim the benefits that you do not have in your plan.

How to Renew Your Hyundai Santro Car Insurance Policy

You can renew your Hyundai Santro car insurance policy in 5 easy and quick steps. 

Step 1 - Fill in your Name, Address, Mobile Number, Vehicle’s Make, Model, Variant, Registration Date & the city you drive in. 

Step 2- Press ‘Get Quote’ and choose your choice of Plan (third-party liability car insurance, comprehensive add on car insurance, standalone own damage car insurance) or add-ons

Step 3 - Enter details of your previous insurance policy- Date of expiry, Claim made in the last year, No Claim Bonus earned

Step 4 - You will get a quote for your premium

Step 5- Make the final payment to renew your policy

Hyundai Santro Review

Hyundai Santro is the perfect choice for the people craving for an outright value from the purchased car at slightly extra charges. Hyundai Santro comes in as a mature package with more comfortable handling and riding access. The car model's steering also weighs up during higher speeds to ensure a more confident riding. The steering automatically gets lighter to make the riding comfortable during the parking and city speeds. Hyundai Santro's cabin is spacious for seating two six-footers, one behind the other in a comfortable position. Furthermore, there is also no lacking in the front and rear headroom.

Hyundai Santro Insurance FAQs

  • 1. If my Hyundai Santro is equipped with anti-theft security devices, how much discount am I eligible for?

     If the Hyundai Santro has the ARAI approved anti-theft devices fitted to it, you can avail of a discount of up to 2.5% on the own damage premiums.

  • 2. What is roadside assistance? How many times can I claim it during the entire policy period?

    Roadside assistance refers to the service that assures the required help when the car is stranded on the road and suffers some damages. Breakdown coverage might include jump-starting the automobile, towing the vehicle, helping with a tire change, and others. For a single policy period, roadside assistance services are allowed five times for the insured. This insured is then entitled to only claim the benefits they opt for when taking the policy insurance.

  • 3. When do we have to carry out the pre-inspections?

    Here are the situation, you need to carry out the pre-inspections

    1. If there is a situation for break-in insurance.
    2. During the conversion of the TP cover to the OD cover and for covering the imported vehicles.
  • 4. What is the endorsement, and when do we need it?

    An endorsement refers to a written agreement of an agreed change for a particular policy. This document is necessary for incorporating the changes in the policy terms. Suppose there is any need for alterations on the policy terms. In that case, the customer must approach the Motor Insurance Company to effect the policy changes, which is done using endorsement. 

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