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Established under section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the Transport Department of Haryana, RTO Haryana is responsible for regulating vehicle acts and provisions in the state of Haryana. The task of issuing licenses, databases of vehicles, etc. is under the Haryana RTO (Regional Transport Office). Every vehicle is granted a registration certificate post-registration of the vehicle.

Almost every year, the number of vehicle registration surpasses the preceding year in Haryana. This is, however, the case of almost every Indian state. Haryana RTO, being a part of the Haryana Government makes sure that all the vehicles are registered and the rules are being followed properly.

Functions of Haryana State Regional Transport Office

As RTO is a part of the Haryana Government, it is headed by the government officer, commissioner of the Haryana Transport Department. HR RTO Office is located in Chandigarh. This department is assigned a number of duties. These include:

  • It does the job of registering new motor vehicles and renewing the Registration Certificate
  • Updating the address in the Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Transferring the Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Issuing the learner’s license and the Driving Licence to the owners of the vehicle
  • Haryana RTO issues the Haryana vehicle registration details.
  • Haryana RTO issues the conductor’s license.
  • The non-transport vehicles are issued the Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Haryana RTO is also responsible to issue fancy registration numbers at the will of the owner
  • NOC to the vehicles is also issued by Haryana RTO
  • The fitness certificate is also issued by RTO Haryana to the vehicles
  • Haryana RTO Online is also authorized to permit and object vehicles online
  • Haryana RTO offline can also issue a Registration Certificate to transport vehicles

Haryana RTO Codes

RTO CodeRTO Office
HR 01Ambala North
HR 03Panchkula
HR 04Naraingarh
HR 05Karnal
HR 06Panipat
HR 07Thanesar
HR 08Kaithal
HR 09Guhla
HR 10Sonipat
HR 11Gohana
HR 12Rohtak
HR 13Bahadurgarh
HR 14Jhajjar
HR 15Meham
HR 16Bhiwani
HR 17Siwani
HR 18Loharu
HR 19Charkhi Dadri
HR 20Hisar
HR 21Hansi
HR 22Fatehabad
HR 23Tohana, Jakhal Mandi
HR 24Sirsa
HR 25Mandi Dabwali
HR 26Gurugram
HR 27Nuh
HR 28Ferozepur Jhirka
HR 29Ballabgarh (Faridabad South)
HR 30Palwal
HR 31Jind
HR 32Narwana
HR 33Safidon
HR 34Mahendragarh
HR 35Narnaul
HR 36Rewari
HR 37Ambala
HR 38Faridabad
HR 39Hisar
HR 40Assandh
HR 41Pehowa
HR 42Ganaur
HR 43Kosli
HR 44Ellenabad
HR 45Karnal
HR 46Rohtak
HR 47Rewari
HR 48Tosham
HR 49Kalka
HR 50Hodal
HR 51Faridabad (Faridabad North)
HR 52Hathin
HR 53Adampur
HR 54Barara
HR 55Gurugram
HR 56Jind
HR 57Sirsa
HR 58Yamunanagar
HR 59Ratia
HR 60Samalkha
HR 61Bhiwani
HR 62Fatehabad
HR 63Jhajjar
HR 64Kaithal
HR 65Kurukshetra
HR 66Narnaul
HR 67Panipat
HR 68Panchkula
HR 69Sonipat
HR 70Chandigarh
HR 71Bilaspur
HR 72Gurugram
HR 73Palwal
HR 74Nuh
HR 75Indri
HR 76Pataudi
HR 77Beri
HR 78Shahabad Markanda
HR 79Kharkhoda
HR 80Barwala
HR 81Bawal
HR 83Kalayat
HR 84Charkhi Dadri
HR 85Ambala CANTT South
HR 86Narnaund
HR 87Badhkal (Faridabad West)
HR 88Badhra
HR 89Badli
HR 90Uchana
HR 91Gharaunda
HR 92Radaur
HR 93Punhana
HR 94Kalanwali
HR 95Sampla
HR 96Tauru
HR 97Ladwa
HR 98Badshahpur

How Does RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Haryana (HR)?

Haryana Regional Transport Office is a deciding factor of the premium that you pay for your vehicle insurance. The location of your RTO is an important factor in increased or decreased premium amount. This is because certain cities can be more prone to risks than others due to

  • More risk of vehicle theft
  • If the area has high chances of natural or man-made disasters
  • Metro cities with a high number of vehicles.

In these cases, you might have to pay a somewhat higher amount of vehicle insurance premium. Another factor of consideration is the city zone. For instance, vehicles of Zone A cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. are having higher premiums as compared to the cities of Zone B.

How to Get Motor Insurance in Haryana?

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for every motor vehicle in India to have a motor insurance plan. So, four-wheelers and two-wheelers in Haryana are also required to have an insurance plan. It has also been mandated by the GoI to have a third-party insurance plan. In such a case, a comprehensive insurance plan could be beneficial. However, you have various insurance plan options that you can research about and then get the best one possible for your vehicle. Either through online or offline mode. With the online option, you can compare different plans and purchase the best one easily. 

How to Get Four Wheeler Motor Insurance in Haryana (HR)?

You can avail Four Wheeler Car Insurance Plans in Haryana (HR) both online as well as offline. Since the law mandates you to have a valid third party only car insurance plan, you can opt for the same. However, if you need enhanced coverage to ensure that damages to your vehicle are also covered, then you can opt for comprehensive car insurance plans as well.

How to Get Two-Wheeler Motor Insurance in Haryana (HR)?

Bike Insurance plans in Haryana(HR) can be availed online or offline. You need to compare and then choose the one which best suits your needs from the options available such as third party, comprehensive, etc. You can customize your comprehensive plans by adding riders.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Haryana?

Temporary Registration
When a new vehicle is bought the dealer registers it for the time being, till the permanent registration number arrives from the Haryana RTO.

Permanent Registration
Permanent Registration Number is appointed by the Haryana RTO as it is the bounded duty of this organisation. For this process, a form needs to be filled after which the registration number is allotted.

Ownership Transfer
Ownership Transfer is the process of transferring the name from the previous owner to the new owner by filling Form 30. If you are opting for a vehicle through finance then a NOC and Form 35 should be secured before the name transfer process takes place.

Duplicate Registration
If the registration certificate (RC) is lost then an application needs to be presented to either the Motor vehicle inspector or the Regional Transport Officer, Haryana attached with the existing FIR of the nearby police station.

Renewal of Registration
For the renewal of the registration, the mentioned documents are needed at the RTO 60 days prior to the expiry date of the vehicle registration number. The documents are:

  • Form 25
  • Vehicle's PUC
  • Fitness and registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Road tax payment receipt
  • Valid car insurance policy
  • Form 60 and 61 or the PAN card copy of the owner

Transfer of RC in case of death
In case of the addition of a new nominee, Form 30 and 31, with the KYC document of the new owner will satisfy the vehicle ownership transfer. The death certificate along with identity and address proof of the original owner has to be presented for KYC documents. All the documents should be submitted at the Haryana RTO to transfer the vehicle in the nominee's name.

If the nominee's name is not registered, the legal successor can provide the succession certificate for claiming the vehicle along with the required forms and certificates at the Haryana RTO.

Ownership transfer to another state
For changing the state registration of any vehicle from any other state to Haryana, an NOC (No Objection Certificate) and Form 29 along with other required documents from the current state of the vehicle has to be submitted.

Contact Details of Haryana (HR) RTO

Address: Transport Commissioner, Haryana, 30 Bays Building, 2nd Floor, Sector 17C, Chandigarh- 160017 Haryana (India)

Phone: 1800-180-2407

Fax: 0172-2700029

Haryana RTO Office Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Haryana RTO Website:  https://haryanatransport.gov.in/

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