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Rajasthan is a famous state in northern India. The state belongs to royal princes and still portrays the image of royalty in its culture and tradition. Destination of many famous forts and palaces, Rajasthan offers a rich heritage to India. It is the largest state of India that is famous for various flavoursome cuisines. This state is highly concerned about its transport facilities.

The vehicles of the state are managed by the Rajasthan Transport Department. The RTO department strictly enforces the law on vehicles with the provision of the Motor Vehicle Act. This act applies to the general functions of Rajasthan RTO. This includes registration of vehicles, motor vehicle tax and driving license, and permits. At the end of 2019, there were about 17.7 million vehicles registered in Rajasthan. Rajasthan's RTO Code is RJ.

Find RTO Details by Registration Number

Functions of Rajasthan Regional Transport Department

Rajasthan RTO is responsible for various functions and duties and some of its functions are:

  • Issuing of Driving License
  • Issuing of Conductor License
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle
  • Providing temporary registration
  • Issuing of permits for transport vehicles
  • Issuing of permits for non-transport vehicles
  • Providing Fitness and NOC certificates for vehicles
  • Providing Online Permits Application to vehicles
  • Issuing of Objection System for vehicles
  • Issuing of a duplicate license
  • Collection of road tax

List of RTO offices in Rajasthan

RTO office RTO Code
Abu Road RJ-38
Ajmer RJ-01
Alwar RJ-02
Balotra RJ-39
Banswara RJ-03
Baran RJ-28
Barmer RJ-04
Beawar RJ-36
Bharatpur RJ-05
Bhilwara RJ-06
Bhinmal RJ-46
Bhiwadi RJ-40
Bikaner RJ-07
Bundi RJ-08
Chittorgarh RJ-09
Chomu RJ-41
Churu RJ-10
Dausa RJ-29
Dholpur RJ-11
Didwana RJ-37
Dudu RJ-47
Dungarpur RJ-12
Hanumangarh RJ-31
Jaipur Jhalana RJ-14
Jaipur North RJ-45
Jaisalmer RJ-15
Jalore RJ-16
Jhalawar RJ-17
Jhunjhunu RJ-18
Jodhpur RJ-19
Karauli RJ-34
Kekri RJ-48
Khetri RJ-53
Kishangarh RJ-42
Kota RJ-20
Kotputli RJ-32
Nagaur RJ-21
Nohar RJ-49
Nokha RJ-50
Pali RJ-22
Phalodi RJ-43
Pipar city RJ-54
Pokhran RJ-55
Pratapgarh RJ-35
Rajsamand RJ-30
Ramganjmandi RJ-33
Sadulshahar RJ-56
Sawai Madhopur RJ-25
Shahpura RJ-52
Shahpura RJ-51
Sikar RJ-23
Sirohi RJ-24
Sri Ganganagar RJ-13
Sujangarh RJ-44
Sumerpur RJ-57
Tonk RJ-26
Udaipur RJ-27

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

How to Get Motor Insurance in Rajasthan?

It is compulsory for every vehicle running on the roads of Rajasthan to have valid motor insurance as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. There are many companies that offer suitable insurance for bikes and cars. One can buy insurance from any third party.

Different vehicle insurance is available with different premiums. One must carefully compare all these plans to evaluate the best suitable plan. You may buy a third-party four-wheeler insurance plan in Rajasthan both online and offline. One can choose the best plan as per one's need.

How to Get Four-wheeler Motor Insurance in Rajasthan?

You can always opt for a car insurance plan in Rajasthan simply by comparing all the plans available online and then selecting the one that meets your requirements the best. 

How to Get Two Wheeler Motor Insurance in Rajasthan?

A Two-wheeler bike insurance plan is available as a mandatory third-party-only as well as comprehensive. You need to select the one according to your needs simply by comparing and then selecting the coverage benefits, add-ons, etc. to make it comprehensive.

How does RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Rajasthan (RJ)?

It is compulsory for every vehicle running on the roads of Rajasthan to have valid car insurance. There are several factors that can affect the premium of insurance and one can know about this at Rajasthan RTO Online.

Factors such as the rate of vehicles in a city, disasters that may happen in the city, or the volume of vehicles in the city may affect the overall premium to be paid on a car or motorbike insurance. To calculate the approximate premium for vehicle insurance, you must check Rajasthan vehicle registration details because it may also vary from the location of the city.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Rajasthan (RJ)?

RTO Rajasthan is responsible for issuing registration to vehicles in the state. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, no vehicle is allowed on the road without registration and hence the vehicle owner needs to visit Rajasthan RTO Office to get registration.

Temporary Registration

Until the permanent registration of the vehicle is provided, it is essential to get temporary registration. To get a temporary vehicle register, vehicle owners can visit the RTO office. Here he can apply with the application form and Form 21 within seven days of vehicle purchase.

Permanent Registration

One can apply for permanent registration at the RTO office. For this one needs to apply for registration, then get approval from the financier and finally take the vehicle to the RTO office for inspection. One can also apply for permanent registration at the Rajasthan RTO Website.

Ownership Transfer

There are three conditions in which vehicle ownership transfer is required and this can be at the time of death of the owner or during the sale of the vehicle or at the time of public auction of the vehicle. In such cases, one needs to apply for transfer at the RTO office or on an online portal with necessary documents that include NOC, Form 29 and Form 30.

Transfer of RC in case of death

For transfer of registration certificate at time of death of the owner, one needs to report the demise to the registration authority within 30 days to be the legal heir of the vehicle. He can then apply for transfer of RC with necessary documents such as the original registration certificate of the vehicle, Form 30, and Form along with the NOC.

Duplicate Registration

It is essential for every vehicle owner to carry a valid RC to ride a vehicle on the road of Rajasthan. It is thus allowed to apply for a duplicate copy of the registration. One can apply for this at the RTO office. For this, one can apply with necessary documents including Form 26, Valid insurance policy, PAN card attested copy, etc.

Renewal of Registration

For the renewal of registration certificates in Rajasthan, one needs to visit the RTO office. Reaching here, apply for registration with all necessary documents that include Form 25, pollution control certificate, etc.

Ownership transfer to another state

In case if the vehicle is to be sold to someone in another state or if the owner wishes to settle in a new state and wishes to obtain vehicle registration in the new state, he needs to apply for ownership transfer. So to transfer ownership of a vehicle from one state to another, one needs to obtain NOC from the home state. Now with a valid NOC, one can apply for transfer to a new state.

Contact Details of Rajasthan (RJ) RTO

Address:  Transport Commissioner, Parivahan Bhawan, Sahkar Marg, Jaipur Rajasthan.

Phone: 0141 274 0042

Fax: 0141-2740177

Email: transport@rajasthan.gov.in

Rajasthan RTO Office Timings: 10.30 am – 5.00 p.m

Rajasthan RTO Website:  https://transport.rajasthan.gov.in/

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