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West Bengal is a beautiful state located in eastern India. The state is famous for its scenic tea gardens. West Bengal is the second state in terms of the production of tea. It is also famous for its mouthwatering delicacies and famous landmarks that attracts thousands of travellers each year. 

The state is highly concerned about its traffic and transportation system. It is managed by the West Bengal transport department. About 7 million vehicles were registered in West Bengal in the year 2019. The RTO of the state takes care of the rules and regulations of transportation under the provision of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. It is also responsible for ensuring the registration of vehicles in the state. 

Find RTO Details by Registration Number

Functions of West Bengal Regional Transport Department

RTO is responsible for vehicle registration in the state. The West Bengal RTO also performs several other important functions and some of these are:

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle in the state
  • Issuing of Driving Licence
  • Renewal of registration certificate
  • Issuing of Conductor Licence
  • Issuing of learner’s license
  • Change of address of registration certificate
  • Transfer of vehicle ownership
  • Approval of Fitness certificate or NOC for vehicles
  • Issuing of Online Permits Application for transportation and non-transportation vehicles
  • Issuing of Objection System for vehicles
  • Formulation of rules and regulations for transportation in the city
  • Collection of road tax

List of RTO offices in West Bengal

RTO office RTO Code
Alipore WB-20
Alipore WB-19
Alipurduar WB-70
Alipurduar WB-69
Asansol WB-38
Asansol WB-37
Bahrampur WB-58
Bahrampur WB-57
Balurghat WB-62
Balurghat WB-61
Bankura WB-68
Bankura WB-67
Barasat WB-26
Barasat WB-25
Bardhaman WB-42
Bardhaman WB-41
Barrackpore WB-24
Barrackpore WB-23
Baruipur WB-96
Baruipur WB-95
Basirhat WB-21
Basirhat WB-22
Behala WB-10
Behala WB-09
Birbhum WB-54
Birbhum WB-53
Bishnupur WB-87
Bishnupur WB-88
Bolpur WB-48
Bolpur WB-47
Bongaon WB-27
Bongaon WB-28
Chanchal WB-84
Chanchal WB-83
Contai WB-32
Contai WB-31
Cooch Behar WB-64
Cooch Behar WB-63
Darjeeling WB-77
Darjeeling WB-76
Diamond Harbour WB-98
Diamond Harbour WB-97
Durgapur WB-40
Durgapur WB-39
Ghatal WB-50
Hooghly Chinsurah WB-16
Hooghly Chinsurah WB-15
Howrah WB-12
Howrah WB-11
Islampur WB-92
Islampur WB-91
Jalpaiguri WB-72
Jalpaiguri WB-71
Jangipur WB-94
Jangipur WB-93
Jaynagar WB-99
Jhargram WB-49
Kalimpong WB-79
Kalimpong WB-78
Kalna WB-44
Kalna WB-43
Kalyani WB-90
Kalyani WB-89
Kasba WB-06
Kasba WB-05
Katwa WB-75
Kharagpur WB-36
Kharagpur WB-35
Malda WB-66
Malda WB-65
Mathabhanga WB-86
Mathabhanga WB-85
Midnapore WB-34
Midnapore WB-33
Nadia WB-51
PVD Beltala WB-04
PVD Beltala WB-03
PVD Beltala WB-02
PVD Beltala WB-01
Purulia WB-56
Purulia WB-55
Raghunathpur WB-81
Raghunathpur WB-82
Raiganj WB-60
Raiganj WB-59
Rampurhat WB-46
Rampurhat WB-45
Salt Lake WB-08
Salt Lake WB-07
Serampore WB-18
Serampore WB-17
Siliguri WB-74
Siliguri WB-73
Tamluk WB-30
Tamluk WB-29
Tehatta WB-52
Uluberia WB-14
Uluberia WB-13

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

How does RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in West Bengal (WB)? 

As per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, it is necessary for every vehicle to have a valid insurance certificate to run on the roads of West Bengal. One could choose to buy insurance with a third-party insurance provider. Each insurance plan comes with different premiums. One can choose the best and most appropriate plan as per convenience.

The premium of the insurance policy may depend on conditions such as the total number of vehicles in a city, the case of disasters in past years, the cases of vehicle theft in past years. It also depends on the exact location of the city.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in West Bengal (WB)?

For owners to drive their vehicle on the road of West Bengal, it is required to have a valid registration certificate. This can be obtained at the West Bengal RTO Office. Here is the information about obtaining the registration:

Temporary Registration

When a vehicle is purchased, the car dealer provides a temporary registration for the vehicle. This registration is a valid certificate that allows owners to drive their vehicles on the road on a temporary basis. With temporary registration, one can apply for permanent registration in RTO. It can also be done at West Bengal RTO Online. 

Permanent Registration

A temporarily registered vehicle needs to be registered permanently and for this, the owner needs to apply for permanent registration at the RTO office with documents such as Form 20, 21, 22, etc. valid insurance certificate, etc. For every vehicle, permanent registration is essential. 

Duplicate Registration

If the vehicle owner loses the original registration or if it is destroyed or stolen, he can apply for a duplicate registration certificate. He can first file a loss complaint in the nearby police station and then he can visit the (WB) RTO Office to apply for a duplicate registration certificate with documents such as form 26, police complaint copy, insurance certificate, etc

Ownership Transfer

If there is a requirement for ownership transfer of the vehicle, this can be done at the nearest RTO office. For this, one needs to apply for ownership transfer with required documents such as form 29, original registration certificate, valid insurance copy, etc. This can also be done online at the West Bengal RTO Website.

Ownership Transfer to Another State

It is necessary to apply for ownership transfer if someone in another state wishes to buy the vehicle from the owner. For this, the owner needs to visit the nearest RTO to apply for NOC. After getting NOC, it is possible to apply for vehicle ownership transfer in the RTO of the state where the seller resides. One can also apply for NOC by finding the West Bengal RTO Code of the respective state online. 

Transfer of RC in Case of Death

If in case the owner of a vehicle dies, the legal successor can apply for vehicle ownership. He first needs to inform the regulating authority about the demise. After this, he can apply for ownership by applying with documents such as form 20, original registration certificate, death certificate, valid insurance certificate.

Renewal of Registration

It is compulsory for every vehicle to get its registration certification re-register after 15 years. To renew the registration, the owner of the vehicle needs to visit the RTO office to apply for renewal with documents such as Form no. 25, original registration certificate, valid insurance certificate, etc. 

How to Get Motor Insurance in West Bengal (WB)?

Accidents are unpredictable and vehicle insurance helps meet the expenses caused due to accidents, disasters, and theft. Also, as per the act of Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, no vehicle is allowed to ride on roads of West Bengal without a valid motor insurance certificate. It is thus necessary to have vehicle insurance for every vehicle as per (WB) RTO.

There are several companies that offer two-wheeler and four-wheeler insurance plans. One must compare various available insurance plans that are available both online and offline. One can compare this plan by knowing their West Bengal vehicle registration details. Choose the best insurance plan that comes with suitable premium options. 

How to Get Four Wheeler Motor Insurance in West Bengal (WB)? 

Both online, as well as offline options, are available for Car Insurance Plans in West Bengal (WB). You only need to compare and then choose the plan which is best suited to your requirements. You have the option of third party plans as well as comprehensive car insurance plans to choose from. 

How to Get Two Wheeler Motor Insurance in West Bengal (WB)?

Bike insurance plans in West Bengal (WB) can be availed online by comparing them or offline from any branch of the insurance company. You also have a choice between mandatory third party only or comprehensive bike insurance plans with your own damage coverage as well.

Contact Details of West Bengal (WB) RTO

Address:  Public Vehicles Department 38, Beltala Road, West Bengal-700020

Phone: + (91)-33-24751621/24751622

Fax: 2486-0222

Email: aopvdkolkata@gmail.com

West Bengal RTO Office Timings: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

West Bengal RTO Website: https://transport.wb.gov.in/

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