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The Motor Vehicles Act and Rules require Regional Transport Offices to be designated in states to carry out the function of promoting road safety, providing relief to the victims of road accidents, and controlling pollution from vehicles. These bodies have been vested with sufficient powers under the Act and Rules to help them fulfill their mandated role in Meghalaya.

Functions of Meghalaya Regional Transport Department

The Meghalaya RTO Offices have to fulfil the following functions and duties - 

  • Driving Licence: The Meghalaya RTO is entrusted with the responsibility of issuing, modifying, and renewing a learner’s licence, driving licence, international driving licence permit etc.
  • Conductor Licence: The RTO has to take up the responsibility of issuing, renewing, issuing duplicate and changing address in the conductor licence.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle: The RTO is the sole authority that deals with the matters concerning ownership, registration (whether temporary or permanent), endorsement, alteration etc. of a vehicle.
  • Fitness Certificate/ NOC: The RTO is to issue the fitness certificate, provide for a temporary fitness certificate, revoke the CFX etc.
  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for vehicles: The RTO is responsible for issuing contract carriage permits for auto-rickshaws, taxis, maxi cabs etc. through its online portals.

Meghalaya RTO Codes










Jaintia Hills




West Khasi Hills


East Garo Hills


West Garo Hills


South Garo Hills



How to Get Motor Insurance in Meghalaya?

In a mountainous region such as Meghalaya traveling around can be quite difficult as one can easily get a flat  tyre or get into accidents in dangerous terrains. A good insurance cover becomes important in such an area. Third-party liability insurance, own damages insurance and comprehensive insurance can be bought for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Different insurances for private vehicles and commercial vehicles are to be bought.

How to Get Car Insurance in Meghalaya?

  • Third Party Insurance, Own Damages Car Insurance, and Comprehensive Insurance covers are the three main kinds of insurance covers that can be availed. Third party liability insurances would protect the owner of the car from financial liabilities incurred against a third party during an accident; an Own Damage Policy offers financial protection to damages caused to the vehicle and the owner himself, and a Comprehensive Policy is a hybrid of a Third Party Liability Car Insurance and an Own Damage Policy.
  • The policy can be purchased offline or online – if bought online, details of the city, the RTO zone and details regarding the vehicle such as manufacturer, model, variant, year of manufacture etc. must be provided to the insurance provider.
  • The vehicle owner has the option of seeing the premium quotes from different insurers, choose an insurance plan that is suitable and then choose the add-ons accordingly, if the policy is purchased online. The premium payment must be made thereafter.
  • The vehicle owner will receive the policy document at his or her registered email id within the stipulated period of time.

How to get Two Wheeler Insurance in Meghalaya?

  • The process of getting two-wheeler insurance involves purchasing the policy through an insurance provider’s website or through an intermediary’s website. There is enough of a chance to compare all the policies and plans available online.
  • An application form must be filled in and documents are to be submitted alongside such as Registration Certificate, Address Proof etc.

How the RTO Impacts Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Meghalaya?

While calculating the insurance premium the following factors must be accounted for – the age of the vehicle, Engine Cubic Capacity of the vehicle, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle, and zone of registration (i.e. the RTO area).

The RTO will impact the quantum of premium to be paid directly – the more risk that the insurer has to undertake to secure the vehicle, the higher the premium. 

Please remember that the Meghalaya vehicle registration details will be available on the Meghalaya Transport Department website or the Meghalaya RTO website. The Meghalaya RTO website also provides requisite information regarding one’s own vehicle and the laws and rules applicable.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Meghalaya?

  • The vehicle registration in Meghalaya can be temporary registration or permanent registration.

The registration process is as follows – 

  1. Approval is to be obtained from the Registering Authority (DTO) for new registration of a vehicle by producing Form 20, 21, 22, 34, address proof, valid insurance certificate and temporary registration from the car dealer. Allotment Letter of permit from RTA/ STA is to be produced, in case of commercial vehicles.
  2. Fees and Tax is to be paid at the cash counter of the DTO. High Security Registration Plate Fee is also to be paid at the office.
  3. Vehicle has to be produced for inspection by the Motor Vehicle Inspector.
  4. Thereafter, the applicant is to approach the Head Assistant with the receipt for assignment of vehicle number.
  5. The H.S.R.P. will be fixed to the vehicle at Commissioner's office, after which the applicant can collect the Registration Certificate and Fitness Certificate (in case of commercial vehicle) from the dealing assistant
  • The registration may be renewed by providing the following documents to the RTO – Form 25 application, valid tax receipts, Registration Certificate, valid Insurance Certificate, Pollution under Control Certificate.
  • The owner also has the option of getting a duplicate registration certificate by submitting Form 26, Police report, Registration Certificate and Valid Tax.
  • Transfer of ownership in Meghalaya can be done by submitting the following documents - Form 29 duly filled up, Form 30 duly filled up, Registration Certificate, Valid insurance Certificate, Address proof, N.O.C. from the financer if the vehicle is under HPA, Form 28 which is the N.O.C. for vehicles coming from other states. The transfer Fee must also be paid.

Meghalaya RTO FAQS

  • 1. What are the documents that are to be paid for change of address in the RC in Meghalaya?

    Form 33, RC, Valid insurance, address proof, NOC from the financer, valid tax payment proof and a fee of INR 50 ought to be paid by the applicant.

  • 2. What are the documents required to convert a vehicle from a private to a passenger vehicle in Meghalaya?

    The allotment order, application written in plain paper, conversion fees and inspection fees are to be given for conversion of the vehicle from a private to a passenger vehicle.

  • 3. Is NOC required for registering vehicles brought from outside Meghalaya?

    Yes, indeed.  A registration fee, road tax payment and fitness validity must be given alongside such an NOC.

  • 4. Where is the HSRP fixed in Meghalaya?

    The HSRP is affixed at the Commissioner's Office, Salwad.

  • 5. How to locate your Meghalaya RTO?

    The two initial letters on the number plate indicate state and the next two number points, the nearest RTO. 

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