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Puducherry is a union territory bordering the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Puducherry RTO was established and governed by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, for building a safe and effective transport system within its jurisdiction. A transport commissioner heads the department and implements the MV Act provisions, and provides the citizens with seamless services. The goal is to ensure that cars assigned to specific series in a specific state perform properly. The RTO of Puducherry identifies automobiles that are not taxed. The job also entails recognizing vehicles entering various Indian states. Vehicles exceeding the prescribed speed limit on the roadways, as detected by speed cameras, are also recorded by the RTO Office.

Functions of Puducherry Regional Transport Department

Puducherry’s motor vehicles department functions under Section 213 (1) of the MV Act. Accordingly, the Puducherry transport department is aligned with the national “Parivahan” grid rolling out comprehensive services. The various services are detailed below:

  • Driving Licence: The RTO provides the entire gamut of services from conducting driving tests, issuing new driving licences, duplicate licences, and renewing them before expiry. Like every other state RTOs, you get a learner’s licence first, followed by the proper licence after passing the driving test successfully.
  • Conductor Licence: The RTO also issues conductor licences as accepted norms under the central act. 
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle: Every vehicle sold and running must be registered at the local RTO. Accordingly, Puducherry RTO Office provides services related to registration, including renewal, transfer, and issue of duplicate RCs. 
  • Fitness/NOC: A fitness certificate is essential for the renewal of registration and NOC for transfer.  You get both the services at the Puducherry RTO. 
  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for Vehicles: One of the critical services at the Puducherry transport department is the issue of various permits required for transport and commercial vehicles operating within its boundaries and beyond.

Puducherry (PY) RTO Codes

RTO Location 

RTO Code









How to Get Motor Insurance in Puducherry (PY)?

Puducherry is a popular tourist destination in southern India where car owners can breathe easy with every insurer worth the name delivering customized motor insurance plans to comply with the MV Act. Whether it is compulsory third-party or comprehensive insurance, insured vehicles are assured of expert services in several cashless garages located in Puducherry. 

How to Get Car Insurance in Puducherry?

The first insurance policy for a new car is usually bundled during sales by the dealer. However, you have several choices while selecting the insurer and the plan. When renewing after a year, the best option is to go online at the insurer portal or an aggregator’s site and compare car insurance plans and premium charges. 

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Puducherry?

Two-wheeler insurance is similar to car insurance in all respects other than the choice for longer 2 or 3-year tenure, which helps avoid the hassle of annual renewal. In addition, most owners prefer comprehensive policy to third-party for the extensive coverage and facility to choose add-on. 

Compare and Renew Your Two-wheeler / Car Insurance Online:

  1. Enter the Puducherry vehicle registration details and your contact information.
  2. The quotes from insurers serving your area pop-up applying no-claim bonus by default. 
  3. Change if claimed, and apply add-ons if needed and get new quotes.
  4. Choose the most suitable insurance plan and pay the premium online to seal the deal for a policy for another year or milti-year. 

How Does the RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Puducherry?

The codes are allotted based on the PY RTO location, which may be urban, suburban, or rural. Insurers use the thumb rule of quoting the premium, assuming that driving hazards in the countryside are lower than in urban centers due to the difference in traffic volume. Accordingly, vehicles registered under Puducherry RTO Code, signifying other than urban centers, are quoted lower premium rates. Therefore, the owner benefits financially while enjoying identical coverage as the city-dwelling vehicle owner.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Puducherry?

Vehicle registration is among the primary functions of the Puducherry RTO Office as the MV Act, 1988 prohibits driving a vehicle on the road without a registration certificate. Accordingly, your dealer does not hand over an unregistered vehicle to the owner. 

Registration Types in Puducherry RTO

  • Temporary Registration: A unique number allotted by the RTO to enable the vehicle buyer to take it home. It is valid for 30 days, during which the vehicle must be registered at the PY RTO Office in your locality. 
  • Permanent Registration: The dealer facilitates vehicle registration as a component of the sale process on the owner’s behalf. 

Ownership Transfer in Puducherry RTO

In the case of a normal transfer, the transferor has to report the change in ownership to the Puducherry RTO in which both the transferor and transferee reside or have a place of business.

In case of death, the possession's successor can use the vehicle for three months as if the asset has already been transferred to them after informing the authorities. 

If you buy a vehicle at a public auction conducted on behalf of the State or Central Government, you must register the car under your name within 30 days of taking possession.

RC Renewal in Puducherry RTO

Private or non-transport vehicle registration is initially valid for 15 years. You can renew subsequently in 5-year blocks after its expiry. The requisite documents to submit are:

  • Form 25 application
  • RC, valid insurance certificate, and up to date tax token
  • Specimen signature
  • Chassis pencil print
  • Produce the vehicle for inspection
  • Pay fees from INR 100 to INR 600 depending on the vehicle category.

Duplicate RC in Puducherry RTO

You can apply for a duplicate RC if the original is damaged, lost, or stolen. The documents to submit at the PY RTO Office are:

  • Apply in Form 26
  • The mutilated or damaged RC
  • A police report copy if the RC is stolen or lost
  • Evidence of Tax paid up to date
  • Copy of valid insurance policy
  • Pay fees from INR 30 to INR 300 depending on the vehicle category. 
  • The turn-around time for issuing the duplicate RC is seven days.

Puducherry RTO Contact Details

Puducherry RTO Pondicherry RTO (PY01)

Address: 100 Feet Road, Olandaikeerapalayam, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry, 605004

Phone: +91 413 2280170

Website: https://transport.py.gov.in/

Puducherry RTO Karaikal RTO (PY02)

Address: Perunthalaivar, Kamarajar Valagam, Administrative Complex, Madagadi, Karaikal, 609602

Phone: +91 4368 222729

Website: https://transport.py.gov.in/

Puducherry RTO Mahe RTO (PY03)

Address: Ground Floor, Civil Station, Mahe, 673310

Phone: +91 490 2332560

Website: https://transport.py.gov.in/

Puducherry RTO Yanam RTO (PY04)

Address: Government Road, Mini Civil Station, Yanam, 533464

Phone: +91 884 2325168

Website: https://transport.py.gov.in/

Puducherry RTO FAQS

  • 1. What is the procedure to obtain a Learner’s Licence at Puducherry RTO?

    Apply for the Learner’s Licence at the Puducherry RTO Online and download the application form after paying the prescribed fees. Submit the form at the Puducherry RTO Online along with the supporting documents to appear at the online test. On passing, you can download the licence from https://parivahan.gov.in.

  • 2. Is it essential for commercial vehicles to obtain a fitness certificate under Puducherry RTO?

    All commercial vehicles must possess a valid fitness certificate without which the registration is deemed invalid. In addition, the fitness certificate must be renewed every year.

  • 3. Is it necessary to register the alterations made in the vehicle at the Puducherry RTO?

    Any alterations made in the vehicle must be endorsed at the Puducherry RTO after application with Form NAMV and paying fees of INR 50 for each alteration.

  • 4. How do you apply for termination of hire purchase and hypothecation at Puducherry RTO?

    Submit the Form 25 application in duplicate and a fee of INR 100 and other supporting documents for the termination to take effect in 7 days.

  • 5. What is the fine for driving a vehicle without registration in Puducherry?

    The fine for driving a vehicle without registration in Puducherry is INR 2000.

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