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The state of Punjab is a very prominent part of India, located in the northern region of the country. The state is surrounded by Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. According to its total geographical terrain, Punjab is the 19th largest state in India. And, as of population count, Punjab is the 16th most populated state in all of the country. The state is one of the most fertile regions of the country with huge agricultural growth, as it is popularly called the “Granary of India.” The Punjab Transport Department or the Punjab RTO handles and administers various RTO related duties within the state, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Functions of Punjab Regional Transport Department

The Punjab RTO has many functions and responsibilities that it handles on a daily basis. Some of these include;

  • The procedure of registration of motor vehicles
  • The PB RTO office issues original vehicle RC to the owners
  • The PB RTO is responsible for the issuance of DL and LL
  • It conducts tests for the learner’s licence and permanent driving licence within the state
  • The renewal of DL, LL and RC is handled by the PB RTO
  • Duplicate copies of DL, LL and RC are also issued by the PB RTO office
  • It is responsible for issuing fitness certificates for vehicles within the state
  • It issues commercial vehicle and route permits
  • It collects the MV tax and other types of fees obtained from the RTO procedures

These were just a few examples of the Punjab RTO office’s daily functions. To learn more about this, do check Punjab RTO Online.

How to Register a Vehicle at Punjab RTO?

Vehicle registration in Punjab can be done through the Punjab RTO office, by following the proper process and steps. The two registration types of vehicles are;

  • Temporary Registration- It has a validity period of a month, issued by the dealer.
  • Permanent Registration- Vehicle owners can apply for it at the RTO office on their own, soon after buying a vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Process in Punjab RTO

  • First, visit the designated offices under the Punjab RTO with the vehicle.
  • Submit the registration application, Form 20, with the documents needed.
  • Complete the fee payment for the process at the designated Punjab RTO’s cash counter.
  • As soon as the registration of the vehicle is accomplished, the vehicle RC will be generated and the smart card will be provided through post.

Documents Required for Registration of a Vehicle at Punjab RTO

  • The sale certificate
  • The roadworthiness certificate
  • Copy of the PAN card
  • PUC
  • Road tax
  • Imported vehicle’s clearance certificate from the customs
  • Invoice of the vehicle
  • Legit copy of ID, age and address proof of the owner
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Passport-sized few photos of the owner

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Punjab?

The RC renewal process of vehicles in Punjab, must be applied at the Punjab RTO office, prior to 60 days of its termination. The Punjab vehicle registration details will be needed, along with;

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC
  • Road tax payment paperwork
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Form 25

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Punjab RTO?

Make sure to apply for the ownership transfer of the vehicle at the Punjab RTO office, within 14 days of the sale. These will be required for the process;

  • Loan-bought vehicle’s financier obtained NOC
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Form 29
  • Proof of address
  • Form 30
  • Copy of the PAN card
  • Vehicle insurance certificate

How to Get Duplicate RC in Punjab? 

Individuals can apply for vehicle RC’s duplicate issuance through the Punjab RTO website or the office, attached with these;

  • PUC
  • FIR copy that was registered
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Copy of the PAN card
  • The clearance challan obtained from police
  • Form 26

How to Change the Address in the Existing Registration Certificate in Punjab?

Interested vehicle owners who are willing to change the address on their vehicle’s existing RC can apply for the process at the Punjab RTO, along with;

  • Proof of tax
  • Form 33
  • Loan-bought vehicle’s financier obtained NOC
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • PUC
  • Address proof
  • Vehicle registration certificate

Ownership Transfer to Another State

The documents required for ownership transfer or vehicles to another state at the Punjab RTO office are;

  • Form 20
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Form 27
  • Form 29
  • A No Objection Certificate is necessary from the previously registered state’s RTO
  • Tax proof
  • The clearance challan obtained from police
  • Form 30 and 33
  • PUC
  • The necessary KYC documents and verification of the successor or applicant

And the procedure of RC transfer of a vehicle after the original owner had passed away, will call for some document presented at the Punjab RTO like the certificate of death, Form 30, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, certificate of succession, successor's required KYC documents, Form 31, PUC and the vehicle verification, done through the Form 20.

How to Get Motor Insurance in Punjab (PB)?

Interested vehicle owners who are looking to purchase motor insurance in Punjab can get it done over the internet or through a local agent of insurance. Along with the online and offline modes of motor insurance, the two coverage type options are also offered in Punjab for motor insurance.

How to Get Car Insurance in Punjab (PB)?

To buy car insurance in Punjab, the very first thing to do is look for the policy. After getting it, individuals will be required to fill up a few vital information about the vehicle that is getting insured. Then, they can choose between the coverage options, get pricing on the policy and after that, can finally pay for it to activate the car insurance in Punjab, right there.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Punjab (PB)?

The steps are identical when buying bike insurance in Punjab. After looking for the policy online and offline, individuals will have to give the details of the bike and its cover type preference, to get quotes on the premium price. After then, they can choose to pay for the policy of their liking and the bike insurance in Punjab will be generated, soon after its payment has been done.

How does RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Punjab (PB)?

The location of the RTO is one of the deciding factors behind your vehicle insurance premium in Punjab. The cities, areas or regions which are considered to have more vehicular traffic on the road, a higher frequency of vehicle theft and are more likely to face natural or man-caused disasters, possess a great risk for the insurer. This is why the insurance price of vehicle premiums is impacted by the location of the area or the RTO. Also, Zone B cities have comparatively low premium prices on vehicles than Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. which are Zone A cities.

Contact Details of Punjab (PB) RTO

The contact details and Punjab RTO office timings are mentioned down below.

Punjab RTO Office:

Address: Office of State Transport Commissioner

Designation: State Transport Minister

Phone: 0172-2702575

Fax: 98788-90392 (Assistant PIO)

Email: N/A

Website: punjabtransport.org

Punjab RTO Office Timings: 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Find RTO Details by Registration Number


  • 1. Can I apply for temporary registration in Punjab RTO?

    Yes, individuals can apply for temporary registration at the Punjab RTO.

  • 2. Is driving a car without wearing a seatbelt punishable in Punjab?

    Driving cars in Punjab without wearing a seatbelt is indeed a fineable offence.

  • 3. Does the Punjab RTO issue a duplicate RC copy?

    Yes, the Punjab RTO issues a duplicate copy of the vehicle RC.

  • 4. Can I get a conductor’s licence in Punjab?

    Yes, you can get a conductor’s licence in Punjab.

  • 5. Can I apply online for DL in Punjab?

    Yes, you can apply for DL in Punjab through the online website.

List of RTO offices in Punjab

RTO office RTO Code
Abohar PB-15
Ahmedgarh PB-82
Ajnala PB-14
Amloh PB-48
Amritsar PB-02
Amritsar 2 PB-89
Anandpur Sahib PB-16
Baba Bakala PB-17
Bagha Purana PB-69
Balachaur PB-20
Banga PB-78
Barnala PB-19
Bassi Pathana PB-52
Batala PB-18
Bathinda PB-03
Bhawanigarh PB-84
Bhikhiwind PB-88
Bholath PB-57
Budhlada PB-50
Chamkaur Sahib PB-71
Dasuya PB-21
Dera Baba Nanak PB-58
Dera Bassi PB-70
Dhar Kalan PB-68
Dharamkot PB-76
Dhuri PB-59
Dinanagar PB-99
Dirba PB-86
Dudhan Sadhan PB-83
Faridkot PB-04
Fatehgarh Sahib PB-23
Fazilka PB-22
Ferozepur PB-05
Garhshankar PB-24
Giddarbaha PB-60
Gurdaspur PB-06
Guru Har Sahai PB-77
Hoshiarpur PB-07
Jagraon PB-25
Jaitu PB-62
Jalalabad PB-61
Jalandhar PB-08
Jalandhar 11 PB-90
Kalanaur PB-85
Kapurthala PB-09
Khadur Sahib PB-63
Khamano PB-49
Khanna PB-26
Kharar PB-27
Kotkapura PB-79
Lehragaga PB-75
Ludhiana PB-10
Ludhiana East PB-91
Majitha PB-81
Malerkotla PB-28
Malout PB-53
Mansa PB-31
Maur Mandi PB-80
Moga PB-29
Mohali PB-65
Moonak PB-64
Morinda PB-87
Mukerian PB-54
Muktsar PB-30
Nabha PB-34
Nakodar PB-33
Nangal PB-74
Nawanshahr PB-32
Nihal Singh Wala PB-66
Pathankot PB-35
Patiala PB-11
Patran PB-72
Patti PB-38
Payal PB-55
Phagwara PB-36
Phillaur PB-37
Raikot PB-56
Rajpura PB-39
Rampura Phul PB-40
Rented cars in Chandigarh and taxi vehicles from Punjab PB-01
Ropar PB-12
Samana PB-42
Samrala PB-43
Sangrur PB-13
Sardulgarh PB-51
Shahkot PB-67
Sultanpur Lodhi PB-41
Sunam PB-44
Talwandi Sabo PB-45
Tapa Mandi PB-73
Tarn Taran PB-46
Zira PB-47

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

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