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RTO Gurgaon is part of the Haryana Transport Department, established under Section 213 of the 1988, Motor Vehicles Act. Its major goal is to ensure that the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988's laws and regulations are followed. Many Regional Transport Offices (Gurgaon RTOs) are located around Gurgaon to provide various services, including car registration, driver's licence issuing, and road tax collection.

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Functions of RTO Office in Gurgaon

While it ensures that all rules and regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act are followed, Gurgaon RTO's primary responsibility is to guarantee that the State's Transportation System is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

The following are some of the functions of the Gurgaon RTO:

  • Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act's requirements.
  • Promotion of road safety.
  • Fees and taxes collection, as revised by the Motor Vehicles Act.
  • Check for pollution.
  • The issuance of driving licences to driving schools.
  • Issuing conductor's licence.
  • Issuing driver's licence.
  • Registration of motor vehicles.
  • Permits to carry automobiles are renewed or issued.
  • Issuing a certificate of fitness for transport vehicles.

How to Get Motor Insurance in Gurgaon?

The Haryana Transport Department comes under the legislation of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Under this act all the vehicle owners or the commercial drivers are mandated to have either third party or comprehensive insurance. Take a look below to know how to get vehicle insurance in Gurgaon.

How to Get Car Insurance in Gurgaon?

Availability of car insurance can be possible either online or offline. You should evaluate a variety of insurance providers and insurance rates and other aspects before buying the insurance. A comprehensive vehicle insurance policy and a third-party car insurance policy are the two types of automotive insurance policies available. Take a look below to know how you can buy insurance for your car.

You may purchase car insurance in Gurgaon, online or offline using the method provided below:

  • Call, visit or go online to your auto insurance company.
  • Submit an online application.
  • Carefully select the vehicle insurance that you wish to avail.
  • Duly complete all the paperwork including submit all the required and supporting documents.
  • Insurers give you an option to the mode in which you want to pay your premiums.
  • Gather all the necessary information about the policy and the insurer before you make any commitment. You can either write to the insurer or visit the office in order to sort your queries.

How to Get Two Wheeler Vehicle Insurance in Gurgaon?

To ride the two-wheeler on the streets of Gurgaon you need to avail third-party insurance, as per the rules. RTO in your locality gives you complete autonomy to choose your insurer. While choosing the insurer and policy, you should look at the policy terms carefully along with the claim settlement ratio of the insurer. The process of availing a two-wheeler insurance is mentioned above. 

 How Does RTO Affect Your Insurance Premium in Gurgaon?

Every Transport Office in India has its insurance zones. These zones are determined by the type of city or village and the population of the said place, under the jurisdiction of which the RTO comes. If the RTO comes under the jurisdiction of the village where population is low and the threat of the accident or violence to the vehicle and you are relatively lower than the metropolitan area, then your premium will be significantly lower. In the commercial hub like Gurgaon, the insurance premium will be slightly higher.

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

List of other RTO offices in Haryana

RTO office RTO Code
Adampur HR-53
Ambala HR-37
Ambala HR-01
Ambala Cantonment HR-85
Assandh HR-40
Badhra HR-88
Badkhal HR-87
Badli HR-89
Bahadurgarh HR-13
Ballabgarh HR-29
Barara HR-54
Barwala HR-80
Bawal HR-81
Beri HR-77
Bhiwani HR-61
Bhiwani HR-16
Chandigarh HR-70
Charkhi Dadri HR-84
Charkhi Dadri HR-19
Dabwali HR-25
Ellenabad HR-44
Faridabad HR-51
Faridabad HR-38
Fatehabad HR-62
Fatehabad HR-22
Ferozepur Zirkha HR-28
Ganaur HR-42
Gharaunda HR-91
Gohana HR-11
Guhla HR-09
Hansi HR-21
Hathin HR-52
Hisar HR-39
Hisar HR-20
Hodal HR-50
Indri HR-75
Jagadhari HR-02
Jhajjar HR-14
Jhajjar at Bahadurgarh HR-63
Jind HR-56
Jind HR-31
Kaithal HR-64
Kaithal HR-08
Kalanwali HR-94
Kalayat HR-83
Kalka HR-49
Kanina HR-82
Karnal HR-45
Karnal HR-05
Kharkhoda HR-79
Kosli HR-43
Kurukshetra HR-65
Ladwa HR-97
Loharu HR-18
Mahendargarh at Narnaul HR-66
Mahendergarh HR-34
Meham HR-15
Naraingarh HR-04
Narnaul HR-35
Narnaund HR-86
Narwana HR-32
Nuh HR-74
Nuh HR-27
Palwal HR-73
Palwal HR-30
Panchkula HR-68
Panchkula HR-03
Panipat HR-67
Panipat HR-06
Pehowa HR-41
Punhana HR-93
Radaur HR-92
Ratia HR-59
Rewari HR-47
Rewari HR-36
Rohtak HR-46
Rohtak HR-12
Safidon HR-33
Samalkha HR-60
Sampla HR-95
Shahabad HR-78
Sirsa HR-57
Sirsa HR-24
Siwani HR-17
Sonepat HR-69
Sonipat HR-10
Tauru HR-96
Temporary numbers for new vehicles HR-99
Thanesar HR-07
Tohana HR-23
Tosham HR-48
Uchana HR-90
Yamunanagar HR-58

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Gurgaon

If you do not have valid vehicle registration papers, you may attract a penalty under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. All the RTOs that come under the Haryana Transport Department deem it illegal to drive unregistered vehicles on the road. If you get caught doing so, you will be fined, and if this becomes a habitual offence, the consequences of it can be severe. 

All the vehicle owners that reside in the jurisdiction of the Gurgaon RTO, must get their vehicles registered with registration officials at the RTO. This process should be completed within the 7 days of the vehicle’s delivery. The period of temporary registration is excluded from this.

What are the Types of Vehicle Registration in Gurgaon? 

  • Temporary Vehicle Registration: Getting permanent registration for your vehicle can take days. To avoid any inconveniences, you can immediately get the temporary vehicle registration for your vehicle. When you purchase the brand-new vehicle, the vehicle owner issues this temporary registration certificate, which is valid till one month.
  • Permanent Vehicle Registration: After the expiry of the temporary registration, vehicle owners must initiate the procedure for the permanent registration certificate. This procedure should be done at the local RTO under which jurisdiction you reside.

Required documents:

  • Vehicle sales certificate in Form 21 given by the vehicle dealer
  • Vehicle road safety certificate in Form 22, 22 A submitted by the vehicle manufacturer (for vehicles attracting lifetime road tax)
  • Certificate of insurance for a two-wheeler (if any)
  • Proof of the applicant's address
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) (required for imported vehicles)
  • Receipt of Payment (for registration of the vehicle within municipal limits)
  • A copy of the Transport Commissioner's design approval
  • A certificate of customs clearance (in the event of imported cars) (in case of trailer vehicles)
  • Payment of the applicable fee if the car was purchased in a state other than Haryana.

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership at Gurgaon RTO

If there are any changes in the ownership of the vehicle then you must inform the registration officials at the local RTO. This includes, selling of the vehicle, transfer of the ownership, or any modifications done to the vehicles, all of this must be informed to the registration admin. This procedure should be completed within the 14 days of the change occurring with the same RTO, the process must be completed. Vehicle transfers in another RTO's jurisdiction are limited to 30 days. 

Required documents:

  • Form 28 in triplicate (if the buyer resides in some other RTO/jurisdiction)
  • Form 30, 29
  • Tax Certificate
  • PUC  - Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Certificate of Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance Document

Renewal of Vehicle Registration at Gurgaon RTO

The Gurgaon RTO is where you must apply to renew your registration certificate. To avoid any inconvenience, it is advised to submit the application of vehicle registration at least 60 days before the expiry date of the registration. You can easily make the changes in your registration certificate simply by visiting Gurgaon RTO office in person or Gurgaon RTO website. The renewal procedure will be completed after you submit all the details regarding Gurgaon vehicle registration to the concerned authority and make the payment. 


  • Vehicle
  • R.C. Book
  • Pollution Control Certificate
  • Form 25

Duplicate R.C. at Gurgaon RTO

An application for a duplicate registration certificate at the Gurgaon RTO must be made to the Registration Authority, according to the Motor Vehicle Rules, 1988. The charge for registering a car in Gurgaon shall be paid in accordance with Central Bank Rule 81.


  • Police Clearance
  • Pollution Control Certificate
  • Form 26

Gurgaon RTO FAQs

  • 1. How long does a permanent registration certificate last in Gurgaon?

    Permanent registration certificate is valid for the 15 years from the date of registration.

  • 2. Is it possible to register a vehicle online at Gurgaon RTO?

    Yes, through the Gurgaon RTO online platform, Gurgaon RTOs offer online registration.

  • 3. What is the address of the Gurgaon RTO's official website?

    Gurgaon RTO's official website can be reach at

  • 4. Is there a charge for interim car registration at the Gurgaon RTO if done by a vehicle dealer?

    A vehicle dealer would charge a small cost for provisional registration at the Gurgaon RTO, which can be done online or in person.

  • 5. Does the Gurgaon RTO charge a fee for a new certificate of registration?

    The Gurgaon RTO does not charge for a new certificate of registration.

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