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When you buy a vehicle in India, it is absolutely crucial to register it in the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get a registration certificate. Driving a car or riding a two-wheeler without a valid RC is against the law and a punishable offence. So if you live in Mangalore city, registering your vehicle at Mangalore RTO is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Talking about KA-19 RTO, it performs many vital functions and duties on a daily basis.

Conducting driving tests for LL & DL, issuing new DL & RC, transferring vehicle ownership, issuing fitness certificate & special permit, and collecting road tax are some of the main functions of the Mangalore RTO. Every city has its own RTO office, which maintains the database of all the vehicles and drivers. So if you want to find an RTO office in your nearby location, you can easily do so below.

The city of Mangalore, officially called Mangaluru, is located within the Indian state of Karnataka (KA). It is a major port city within the state and is the only city to have all four modes of transportation, rail, road, water and air, available within Karnataka. As the major port city of India, Mangalore handles about 75 per cent of all of the nation’s coffee and cashew export and is the seventh-largest container port in India. The Mangalore RTO office was established as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and is under the authority of the Karnataka Transport Department (R.T.O) and has several daily functions to fulfil.

Find RTO Details by Registration Number

KA-19 Registration - Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Number KA-19
Phone 0824-2220577
Office Timing 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
State Karnataka
City Mangalore
Address Hampankatta, Nehru Maidan Road, East A.B. Shetty Circle, Mangaluru-575001

Functions of Mangalore Regional Transport Department (R.T.O)

Some of the duties and functions of the Mangalore RTO office, under the Karnataka Transport Department (R.T.O), are; 

  • Conducting and administrating DL and LL tests
  • Learner's licence and driving licence issuance and renewal
  • Duplicate DL issuance
  • Registration certificate of vehicle issuance and renewal
  • Duplicate RC issuance
  • The addition procedure for a new vehicle class to an existing driving licence
  • The procedure for change of address on the existing registration certificate (RC)
  • Objection system and online permit application grant
  • Granting and issuing NOC or fitness certification for vehicles
  • Various road permit grant
  • Gathering IMV fees and road tax of vehicles
  • Carry out the road and vehicle laws and rules

These are a few examples of the Mangalore RTO office’s included functions. Check out Mangalore RTO online to get a more detailed functions list.

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

How to Register a Vehicle at Mangalore RTO?

Registering a vehicle at the Mangalore RTO is easy and includes a few necessary steps. Vehicle owners can immediately apply for permanent registration after buying their vehicle. As the temporary registration issued by the dealership only remains valid for a month, it is better to apply for a permanent one at the Mangalore RTO within that duration.

Vehicle Registration Process in Mangalore RTO

  • Visit the office of the Mangalore RTO along with the vehicle
  • Submit the documents and the duly filled Form 20 to the registration authority
  • The documents will be verified by an official at the Mangalore RTO
  • At the cash counter, make the procedure fee payment
  • Then follow the instructions given by the Mangalore RTO office
  • Applicants should receive the smart card through the post, once the registration is approved

Documents Required for Registration of a Vehicle at Mangalore RTO

  • RTO Form 21
  • RTO Form 22
  • The PUC certificate
  • Vehicle insurance certificate of the active policy
  • The invoice of vehicle purchase
  • Road tax papers
  • Customs clearance certificate for imported vehicles
  • Applicant’s identity and address proof
  • Applicant’s recent passport size photos

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Mangalore?

In Mangalore, vehicle owners must get their RC renewal done from the Mangalore RTO. The application for the vehicle RC renewal should be submitted before 60 days of its validity expiration, along with;

  • RTO Form 25
  • The PUC certificate
  • Vehicle’s original registration certificate (RC)
  • Vehicle insurance certificate of the active policy

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Mangalore RTO?

The ownership of a vehicle must be transferred to its new owner, soon after it has been bought or sold. The process is called transfer of vehicle ownership and can be applied at the Mangalore RTO office. The application should be submitted within 14 days of the sale and these will be required;

  • RTO Form 16
  • Identity and address proof
  • Both the old RC and the new RC of the vehicle
  • Vehicle insurance certificate of the active policy

How to Get a Duplicate RC in Mangalore?

The registration certificate (RC) of a vehicle is an important document that is to be kept carefully. However, if under any circumstances, it gets lost, stolen or damaged, vehicle owners can apply for the issue of a duplicate one at the Mangalore RTO office, by providing the Mangalore vehicle registration details, along with;

  • RTO Form 26
  • The Police Clearance Challan or PCC
  • The PUC certificate
  • Vehicle insurance certificate of the active policy
  • The copy of the police FIR

How to Change the Address on the Existing Registration Certificate at Mangalore RTO?

The changing of address on the permanent RC of a vehicle is a process that can be done by visiting the Mangalore RTO website or its office. The documents needed for the address change process on the permanent vehicle RC are; 

  • RTO Form 33 with chassis print
  • The PUC certificate
  • Identity and address proof of the applicant
  • The No Objection Certificate or NOC, is only required for loan-bought vehicles
  • Vehicle’s original registration certificate (RC)
  • Vehicle insurance certificate of the active policy
  • The address change procedure fee

How to Get Motor Insurance in Mangalore?

In Mangalore, vehicle owners are required to have valid motor insurance coverage for their vehicles, otherwise driving without one is illegal and a punishable offence. Vehicle owners can easily buy motor insurance in Mangalore online, as well as through a local insurance agent.

How to Get Car Insurance in Mangalore?

To buy car insurance online in the city of Mangalore, individuals can search for the policy online, give in the vehicle details and choose the policy cover type. Proceed further to get quotes on the premium prices offered by different companies, which you can pick per your preference and pay its premium. Soon after the premium is paid, the policy will be generated and its documents will be sent to you at the registered email address. The offline procedure requires the same steps, but it is a bit less convenient.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Mangalore?

The process of buying bike insurance, both offline and online, includes the same process as above in Mangalore. Also, the wise choice of insurance coverage to go for is the comprehensive type of bike insurance and car insurance in Mangalore.

Mangalore RTO FAQs

  • 1. Does the Mangalore RTO issue car insurance?

    No, the Mangalore RTO doesn’t issue any type of motor insurance. To get motor insurance in Mangalore, individuals need to buy it from an insurance company’s website or from a local agent.

  • 2. Is vehicle modification without informing RTO illegal in Mangalore?

    Yes, vehicle modification is indeed illegal in Mangalore without infoming RTO. However, some type of minor alterations to the vehicle can be made in accordance with the law by infoming RTO.

  • 3. Do I need both Form 21 and Form 22 for vehicle registration at the Mangalore RTO?

    Yes, both Form 21 and Form 22 are required for vehicle registration at the Mangalore RTO office.

  • 4. Does the Mangalore RTO office remain open 24x7?

    No, the Mangalore RTO office doesn’t remain open 24x7. Individuals need to visit the Mangalore RTO office within its allotted working hours, which is between 10 AM-5:30 PM.

  • 5. What is the fine for riding without wearing a helmet in Mangalore?

    The fine for riding a bike without wearing a helmet is INR 500 in Mangalore.

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