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When you buy a vehicle in India, it is absolutely crucial to register it in the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get a registration certificate. Driving a car or riding a two-wheeler without a valid RC is against the law and a punishable offence. So if you live in Rewa city, registering your vehicle at Rewa RTO is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Talking about MP-17 RTO, it performs many vital functions and duties on a daily basis.

Conducting driving tests for LL & DL, issuing new DL & RC, transferring vehicle ownership, issuing fitness certificate & special permit, and collecting road tax are some of the main functions of the Rewa RTO. Every city has its own RTO office, which maintains the database of all the vehicles and drivers. So if you want to find an RTO office in your nearby location, you can easily do so below.

The city of Rewa is located within the North-Eastern region of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). The city acts as the administrative centre for the district of Rewa and the Rewa Division. It is a very popular site of tourist attraction in the country. The Rewa railway station is connected to Satna with a 50 km long Satna-Rewa branch line. As for roads and highways, NH 7, NH 27, NH 75 and NH 30 cross through the city. The Rewa RTO Office was established under the provisions of the MV Act, 1988 and is a part of the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department (R.T.O).

Find RTO Details by Registration Number

MP-17 Registration - Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Number MP-17
Phone 07662-251077, +918319968416
Office Timing 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
State Madhya Pradesh
City Rewa
Address RTO Rewa, District Rewa, Madhya Pradesh - 486001

Functions of Rewa Regional Transport Department (R.T.O)

The Rewa RTO office, under the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department, has a lot of important things to do daily. This includes;

  • Managing LL and DL applications and conducting tests
  • Driving licence issuance and its renewal
  • Learner’s licence issuance and its renewal
  • Driving licence duplicate copy issuance
  • Managing vehicle registration process
  • Registration certificate of vehicle issuance and its renewal
  • Registration certificate (RC) of vehicle’s duplicate copy issuance
  • Existing registration certificate (RC) of vehicle’s change of address
  • Existing driving licence (DL) inclusion of a new class of vehicle
  • Fitness certificate issuance for vehicles
  • Online permit applications for vehicles
  • The collection of vehicle’s MV tax and permit fees
  • Implementing vehicle rules and regulations

These are some of the important functionalities of the Rewa RTO office and to know about this in details check the Rewa RTO online.

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

How to Register a Vehicle at Rewa RTO?

The registration process at the Rewa RTO office is a simple, user-friendly procedure. Vehicle owners can apply for the process and follow the easy steps to get their vehicles registered and obtain their RC. Here is how you can register your vehicles at the Rewa RTO office.

Vehicle Registration Process in Rewa RTO

  • Visit the Rewa RTO office with your vehicles
  • Take out the RTO Form 20 and fill it up
  • Submit it to the registration authority at the RTO, with the required documents
  • The submitted documentation will go under the verification procedure
  • The registration procedure fee is to be paid at the cash counter
  • The RTO office will guide you through the next steps that you need to take
  • Once the registration is completed, the Rewa RTO office will issue the smart card and send it to the owner’s registered address through post.

Documents Required for Registration of a Vehicle at Rewa RTO

  • Form 21 (Certificate of sale)
  • Form 22 (Certificate of roadworthiness)
  • Invoice of the vehicle
  • PUC
  • Insurance certification of the vehicle
  • Proof of owner’s identity and address
  • Recent photographs of the owner, passport-sized
  • MV tax
  • Clearance certificate by the customs for vehicles that are imported

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Rewa?

One of the many duties of the Rewa RTO office is handling the RC renewal process of the vehicle. The application for a vehicle’s renewal of RC is to apply at the Rewa RTO office, 60 days before its expiry date. This is the paperwork for the process;

  • Form 25
  • PUC
  • Insurance certification of the vehicle
  • Original RC book of the vehicle

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Rewa RTO?

Another important function of the Rewa RTO office is to handle the vehicle’s transfer of ownership procedure. It is to be applied within 14 days of the sale period of the vehicle, at the Rewa RTO office, and its paperwork includes;

  • Form 16
  • Insurance certification of the vehicle
  • Proof of owner’s identity and addresses
  • The new and old RC book of the vehicle

How to Get a Duplicate RC in Rewa?

The Rewa RTO office also manages and administers the process of duplicate RC copy issuance for vehicles, in case the original was lost or damaged. The applicants will require to submit the Rewa vehicle registration details to the authority of registration, alongside these;

  • Form 26
  • Police clearance challan
  • Insurance certification of the vehicle
  • PUC
  • Valid copy of the FIR

How to Change the Address on the existing Registration Certificate at Rewa RTO?

The vehicle RC’s address change procedure can be applied in Rewa by either visiting the Rewa RTO website or the office. The documents that will be needed along with the application are;

  • Form 33 along with the chassis number
  • PUC
  • Proof of owner’s identity and address
  • NOC from financier (only required forlorn-bought vehicles)
  • Insurance certification of the vehicle
  • Original RC book of the vehicle
  • Procedure fee payment

How to Get Motor Insurance in Rewa?

To get motor insurance in Rewa, individuals need to do it through either of the two available methods, that is online or from a local agent. Here’s how you can get online or offline car insurance, as well as bike insurance in Rewa.

How to Get Car Insurance in Rewa?

Look up the car insurance policy for Rewa, then mention the details about the car that it requires, like its make model, year, variant, etc. Then, individuals will get to select between the third-party or the comprehensive types of the insurance policy. After that, they can proceed further to get quotes on the offered prices and pay for the one they find suitable. The car insurance policy will therefore be generated and provided to the individual.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Rewa?

For buying bike insurance in Rewa, follow the identical procedure as involved in the purchase of car insurance. Individuals will get all the same options, including the ability to either go with the third-party or comprehensive type of bike insurance policy in Rewa. The comprehensive type offers a lot of personal damage coverage options, which is why it is a better choice for bike insurance, as well as for car insurance in Rewa.


  • 1. Can I get motor insurance for both bike and car in Rewa?

    Yes, you can purchase motor insurance for both bikes and cars within Rewa.

  • 2. Do I need insurance cover for commercial vehicles in Rewa?

    Yes, even commercial vehicles are required to have motor insurance coverage with at least third-party legal liability.

  • 3. Will my DL be issued by the Rewa RTO office?

    Yes, when you apply for a DL at the Rewa RTO office, it will be issued from there.

  • 4. What is the validity of the LL in Rewa?

    The validity of the LL in Rewa is for 6 months, within this time individuals have to apply for a permanent DL.

  • 5. Can I apply for a vehicle permit at the Rewa RTO office?

    Yes, you can apply for a vehicle permit at the Rewa RTO office.

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