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The Kalyan RTO runs under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Section 213. The main aim of Kalyan RTO is to ensure swift working of the transport department in the Kalyan City of Thane. Kalyan RTO has the authority and responsibility of maintaining law and order in terms of traffic laws. The department focuses on the proper functioning of all the law related to driving licences and vehicle registrations in the area. Apart from all this, the Kalyan RTO also has several other duties and functions. This page would be talking about all those functions and the processes of acquiring the right paperwork to drive vehicles legally in the area.

Functions of Kalyan Transport Department

  • Driving Licence: The department issues driving licences of different kinds to different types of vehicle owners in the area. Driving without a valid DL is illegal in India.
  • Conductor Licence: The Kalyan RTO issues carriage conductor licences, after administering required tests for drivers and conductors prescribed by law.
  • Vehicle Registration: The department issues vehicle registrations to vehicle owners in the area. It also performs other functions of issuing documents such as registration renewal, duplication, Trade Certificate, HP Endorsement, temporary or permanent registration, and HP Termination.
  • Tax Collection of Motor Vehicles: Kalyan Regional Transport Office is responsible for collection of taxes or Road tax as mentioned under the provision of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • Fitness/NOC: Issuing a no-objection certificate provided you submit specified documents with the application like insurance, certificate of registration, PUC certificates, etc.
  • Issuing Online Permits: The Kalyan RTO department issues online temporary and permanent permits including certificates such as duplicate, pucca, renewal, CNG, transfer, vehicle replacement, and LPG retro fitment.
  • Inspection of Motor Vehicles: Kalyan RTO is entrusted with the responsibility of vehicle inspections to issue fitness certificates. It also gives clearance to accidental vehicles and conducts validity checks for pollution and insurance under Control (PUC) certificate.

Kalyan RTO Code


How to Get Motor Insurance in Kalyan?

In order to drive a vehicle legally in India, every vehicle owner needs to own a valid insurance. If caught without one, the driver or owner can be subjected to time in prison and a hefty fine. Vehicle insurance is mandatory as it safeguards the life of the driver as well as other people driving on the road. You can buy a comprehensive or a third-party insurance policy for your car or bike in Kalyan.

How to Get Car Insurance in Kalyan?

In Kalyan, the process of buying car insurance is extremely easy. You can buy an insurance policy for your car online or offline, whichever process suits you the best. The process of availing the same is as follows:

  1. Get in touch with your insurance provider through their online portal or in person by visiting their office.
  2. Collect the application form or download it from the website.
  3. Fill in all the details in the application form and submit it to the insurance provider’s office or online portal.
  4. Select the insurance policy of your preference and submit the required documentation.
  5. Make the payments through a cheque or digital transactions.
  6. Collect all the policy-related information in person or via email.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Kalyan?

Like buying car insurance, two-wheeler insurance is also extremely easy to purchase. The process is similar and it can also be done through online and offline modes. The premium for the insurance policy would be determined depending upon the model, make and area of the vehicle registration. You can follow the process mentioned above to purchase two-wheeler insurance online or offline.

How Does RTO Impact the Vehicle Insurance Premium in Kalyan? 

The premium for your car and two-wheeler insurance would differ depending upon the city where you have registered your vehicle. the RTO and its location would decide whether you have to pay high premiums or low. This happens due to the phenomenon called insurance zones, maintained by the insurance companies to decide whether a vehicle is registered in a risky city or not. If your car or two-wheeler is registered in a city where there are a lot of accidents and the population density is high, the company would charge a high premium to secure its investment, and vice versa. 

Kalyan, being a high density area in the city, would fall under Tier 1 of the insurance zones. You would have to pay a large sum as insurance premium for getting your vehicle registered in Kalyan.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Kalyan?

as per the guidelines and regulation of the Motor Vehiclse Act, 1988, every vehicle owner must have a valid registration certificate or RC. Kalyan RTO also follows the RC rules and enforces every vehicle owner to follow it as well.

Vehicle Registration Type in Kalyan RTO

The two main types of vehicle registration available in Kalyan RTO are:

  • Temporary registration: It is issued for a limited period and Form 20 must be submitted for it. Once the temporary registration has expired, you need to apply for a permanent RC within the stipulated time period.
  • Permanent registration: You have to complete the permanent registration application process within one week starting from the delivery date of the vehicle.

Ownership Transfer in Kalyan RTO

You can transfer the ownership of your vehicle under three circumstances as per the rules of the Kalyan RTO. They are as follows:

  1. Under the normal transfer, both the parties involved must inform the concerned RTO about the ownership transfer.
  2. Under the circumstance where the owner has died and the vehicle has been transferred to another person, the new owner must inform the authorities before permanently keeping the vehicle for themselves. They can however use the vehicle as their own for the first 90 days.
  3. In case where the vehicle has been bought in a state auction organized by the Central or State Governments, the owner has to inform the authorities within 30 days of taking possession of the new vehicle.

Renewal of Registration in Kalyan RTO

To renew your certificate of registration at Kalyan RTO, Form 25 shall be used to submit the application. The application must be made two months before the date of expiry. You can pay the registration fee to the Kalyan RTO within the stipulated time period. 

You also have to produce the following documents: 

  • Vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • R.C. Book

Duplicate R.C. in Kalyan RTO

For getting a duplicate certificate of registration at Kalyan RTO, Form 26 shall be submitted. The prescribed fee for the same must be paid within the stipulated time period to the Kalyan RTO. You must also submit the following documents:

  • Police Certificate
  • PUC Certificate

Kalyan RTO Contact Details

RTO code: MH-05

Address: Sahyadri Nagar, Chikanghar, Near Birla School, Kalyan West, Thane-421301

Phone: 0251 2230505

Email: dyrto.05-mh@gov.in

Website: https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home


Kalyan RTO FAQs

  • 1. What is the minimum age required to apply for a driving licence in Kalyan RTO?

    At Kalyan RTO, you must be 16 years of age to apply for a learner's driving licence, provided you have your parents or guardian’s consent. For people who are legally adults, an application for a permanent driving licence can be submitted.

  • 2. How much fee would I have to pay for a new RC under Kalyan RTO?

    A fresh certificate of registration under Kalyan RTO is issued free of charge.

  • 3. What are the Kalyan RTO office timings?

    The usual timings for Kalyan RTO offices are 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

  • 4. What documents are required to support an address change in the certificate of registration from Kalyan RTO?

    The documents required for a successful address change application at Kalyan RTO are:

    • Residency proof
    • Registration certification
    • NOC
    • Pollution under control certificate
    • Insurance
    • Tax payment proof
  • 5. Does Kalyan RTO provide conductor licence?

    Yes, you can get a conductor licence at Kalyan RTO.

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