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Tardeo Transport Department, Mumbai (South), under the supervision of the Transport Commissioner, is engrossed in maintaining a faithful and regular database of all the motor vehicles plying on the roads of the city. As per the rules and regulations under Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Tardeo RTO oversees these vehicles are timely registered, and the drivers abide by state traffic laws. Besides, Tardeo RTO Office enforces specific affairs such as issuing driving licences, changing addresses in RC, levying and collecting taxes, monitoring road conditions, and facilitating the development of road transportation and other motor vehicle-related cases.

Functions of Tardeo Regional Transport Department

Tardeo RTO (MH-01) has a set of activities that must be performed to fulfill the functional requirements of this Government body. The functions can be categorized as:

  • Driving Licence: Issuance of various kinds of driving licences such as a learning licence and subsequently a permanent DL, issuance of international DL, duplicate DL, renewal of expired DL, etc.
  • Conductor Licence: Issuing conductor licences that permit conductors to conduct carriages across Tardeo.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle: Motor vehicle registration includes issuing and renewing your vehicle registration certificates, canceling an RC, transfer of RC and ownership, update or any alteration in registration details, etc.
  • NOC/Fitness: Tardeo RTO Office will monitor your vehicle’s fitness, and after the verification, if given the green signal, RTO will issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This is essential for a vehicle to be permitted to ply on the city roads.
  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for Vehicles: This mainly includes an online application facility for tourist permits and international, national, and interstate driving permits for commercial or passenger vehicles. The Regional Transport Authority of Tardeo has the right to permit or object to these applications if they think the applications lack the criteria.

Tardeo RTO Code

Every Regional Transport Office has its unique RTO code. For example, you can guess Tardeo RTO once you trace back the RTO code. Since Tardeo is in Maharashtra, the code begins with "MH", and "01" is the unique code given to the city of Tardeo.  

RTO/Unit Office


Tardeo (South Mumbai)


How to Get Motor Insurance in Tardeo?

The Transport Department made it mandatory to have insurance for your motor vehicle before it gets ready to run on the roads. Everyone knows that an unexpected motor accident can cost your savings enormously. To avoid this situation, you must stay prepared before anything of that sort happens to you. Motor insurance mainly covers your expenses for vehicle repairing or medical costs if an accident occurs. Following are the covers that are provided by the insurers-

  • Protection from natural calamities
  • Own damages
  • Third-party coverage
  • NCB
  • Human-made disasters

How to Get Car Insurance in Tardeo?

Tardeo Transport Department suggests you carefully go through all the details like insurance offers, premium amounts, or claim policies before investing in car insurance from your insurance provider. In India, there are mainly two types of car insurance. They are Liability or Third-party Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance, a kind of full coverage car insurance for the policyholder themself. Car insurance can be availed from both online and offline methods by following some easy steps, which are:

  1. First, visit the website of your insurance provider or contact him in person if it is to be done in an offline process
  2. Collect the application form and fill that in with authentic information
  3. Select the best car insurance plan that goes with your preference
  4. Submit all the supporting documents to him or upload them to the website
  5. Pay the amount of the premium of the insurance online or in-person
  6. Keep the details secure to you for future purpose

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Tardeo?

For two-wheeler insurance, most policyholders choose to get Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance. A motorcycle/ scooter/ moped/ bike owner must have decent insurance to protect them in situations like road accidents, natural calamity disasters, theft, etc. You can get two-wheeler insurance by following these steps:

  1. Collect the insurance form
  2. Fill the form with the correct details of your two-wheeler. Please note this step is crucial because your premium amount depends upon the type or model of your motorcycle.
  3. Select your preferred bike insurance policy
  4. Make the payment of the premium.
  5. Upon completing the payment, you finally have the two-wheeler licence active.

How Does RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Tardeo?

The insurance providers tend to divide the locations into certain "insurance zones" based on the risk factors associated with a motor vehicle. A big city will fall under that "insurance zone" where your premium amount will be higher. The reason behind this, these places would have a higher rate of accidents or theft. On the contrary, a two or three-tier city would be less prone to such calamities. So, the question is, how can your insurance provider identify your location and estimate your premium according to that policy? The answer would be your unique "RTO Code". An "RTO Code" can help him predict every essential information that he needs to know. Tardeo RTO Code places it into the low premium insurance zone, as Tardeo is one of Maharashtra's small-towns.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Tardeo (MH-01)?

Maharashtra Transport Department has appointed the Tardeo RTO office to register all the vehicle details into its database, as prescribed by the Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1988. 

Vehicle Registration Types:

There are mainly two types of Vehicle Registrations done at Tardeo RTO. They are: 

  1. Temporary Registration: This type of registration certificate is issued briefly. It is valid up to the first seven days of the delivery of the vehicle. However, you can apply for an extension of this temporary RC, but this should not exceed 30 days.
  2. Permanent Registration: As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules,1989, each RTO is directed to issue a permanent identification number for your vehicle. You can apply for a Permanent RC by submitting Form 20 at Tardeo RTO within the first seven days.

Ownership Transfer:

When vehicle ownership is transferred to a new owner, the vehicle now would be registered in the new owner's name. As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, there are three types of ownership transfers in our country such as:

  1. In Case of Normal Sale
  2. On the Death of the Owner ( This type of transfer happens when the registered owner is deceased. Though the legal heir of the dead person can use the vehicle for three months, they have to inform the zonal RTO about the occurrence.)
  3. Bought/Sold in a Public Auction

Renewal of Registration:

It would be best if you renew your RC because, after 15 years of registration, it expires. The application in Form 25 for the renewal must be made within two months of your RC expiry date in Tardeo RTO. Tardeo RTO online now allows you to apply for this renewal application at their website. 

Duplicate Registration Certificate

If your original RC is lost or misplaced, you can apply for a duplicate RC in Form 26 in the Tardeo RTO office. But before that you should gather all these documents:

  1. No Objection Certificate from your financer
  2. FIR copy
  3. Address proof
  4. Insurance papers
  5. The fees

Contact Details of Tardeo (MH-01) RTO

The contact details of Tardeo (MH-01) is given below-

Address: Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai (South), Mumbai- 400034, Maharashtra 

Phone no.: +(91)-22-24932337 or 24944601 or +91-22-24944602

Tardeo RTO Office timings: 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM


  • 1. What is PUC, and who does issue this certificate?

    PUC is the acronym for Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. The RTO Office enforces a mechanical inspection for pollution control certification for your vehicle, and once you get clearance for fitness certification, the Authority provides a PUC.

  • 2. Can I change the ownership of my vehicle online?

    Now you have the advantage to apply for ownership transfer online. Before beginning with the application process, make sure that you have all the new owner's details and the unique 11-digit reference no. from your vehicle's V5C.

  • 3. What is the penalty for unauthorized driving of a vehicle without a DL?

    As per Section 180 of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988, if anybody is caught driving without having a valid driving licence, the person can be charged up to INR 5000.

  • 4. What is the official website of Tardeo RTO?

    The official Tardeo RTO website is the same as the RTO website of the Motor Vehicles Department, Maharashtra, i.e. https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in.

  • 5. What forms an applicant needs to apply for a transfer of ownership in the normal sale?

    The applicant needs to apply in Form 29 and Form 30 within fourteen days of the sale.

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