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When you buy a vehicle in India, it is absolutely crucial to register it in the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get a registration certificate. Driving a car or riding a two-wheeler without a valid RC is against the law and a punishable offence. So if you live in Agra city, registering your vehicle at Agra RTO is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Talking about UP-80 RTO, it performs many vital functions and duties on a daily basis.

Conducting driving tests for LL & DL, issuing new DL & RC, transferring vehicle ownership, issuing fitness certificate & special permit, and collecting road tax are some of the main functions of the Agra RTO. Every city has its own RTO office, which maintains the database of all the vehicles and drivers. So if you want to find an RTO office in your nearby location, you can easily do so below.

Agra RTO (Regional Transport Office) falls under the Uttar Pradesh Transport Department. It functions under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The Act makes it mandatory for all motor-operated vehicles in India to be registered at the concerned RTO. Relevant provisions of the Act also stipulate the compulsory registration for all motor vehicles to be considered roadworthy.

Agra RTO provides multiple services for the residents within its jurisdiction. The RTO offers many of its services online on its official website to construct a more user-friendly environment.

Find RTO Details by Registration Number

UP-80 Registration - Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Number UP-80
Office Timing 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
State Uttar Pradesh
City Agra
Address RTO Agra, District Agra, Uttar Pradesh - 282001

Functions of the Agra RTO Office

Different functions performed by the Agra RTO are mentioned below:

  • Issuance of Driving Licences

Agra RTO conducts driving tests and issues both permanent and learners’ licences. It also deals with the renewal and issuance of duplicate driving licences and national and international driving permits.

  • Registration of Motor Vehicles

The Agra RTO Office issues vehicle registration certificates, which can be temporary or permanent depending upon the vehicle status. It is also responsible for issuing certificates like trade certificates, hypothecation endorsement, and hypothecation terminations. 

  • Transfer of Ownership

Agra RTO offers the facility of transferring ownership of the registered vehicle from the previous owner to the next.

  • NOC Certification

NOC refers to the mandatory No Objection Certificate required from the relevant RTO. The applicant must submit required documents, like insurance details of the registered vehicle, registration certificate, pollution control proof, and the proof of payment of motor vehicle tax along with their application. Only then does the Agra RTO Office issue a NOC Certificate.

  • Online Permit Applications 

Agra RTO also offers several types of special permits through online mode.

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

How to Get Motor Insurance in Agra RTO?

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it compulsory for an individual to register his vehicle with the respective RTO. The most crucial document here is the insurance of the vehicle. Once the insurance and registration process is done, only then can the owner take the vehicle out on the roads.

How to Get Car Insurance in Agra RTO?

Availing motor vehicle insurance at the Agra RTO office is quite simple. The application can be submitted in either online or offline mode. The insurance usually offered is of two types – comprehensive car insurance and third-party car insurance. There is also a range of insurance service providers available to the owners. 

The owner can follow the following steps to get insurance for his motor vehicle:

1. The first step is to contact the insurance service provider. The customer can reach out to the insurance company by visiting the office or visiting their website and filling in the application form.

2. The form will require basic details like the name and vehicle type and the kind of insurance cover sought.

3. The owner will also be required to attach all the required documents as mentioned on the website or as informed by the company representative. 

4. The next step requires payment of the first premium, which can be done in offline or online mode as per convenience.

5. The details of the insurance will be mailed to the owner on their registered email id or can be collected from the insurer’s office.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Agra RTO?

For a two-wheeler, third-party insurance is mandatory. Vehicle owners can buy it online or offline at their convenience. The owner must start by choosing an insurance service provider that caters to their needs and requirements as a customer. They need to read the policy terms in detail and also inquire about the claim settlement ratio. A good claim settlement ratio ensures the settlement of a hassle-free claim in case of any mishap. The insurance premium depends on a number of factors like the make and model of the two-wheeler, its condition, etc.

How does RTO Impact Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Agra RTO?

The country is divided into several insurance zones by insurance companies. These insurance zones are based on the level of risk the vehicle will face once on the road, the chance of theft, and the potential for vandalism. As such, this requires different amounts of premiums to be paid by the customer. Hence, the place of registration and the location of the RTO has a great impact on the insurance premium of the motor vehicle.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Agra?

Any new motor vehicle purchase must be followed with registration at an appropriate RTO. The registration must also be done if the motor vehicle has been transferred from another state.

Vehicle Registration Types in Agra RTO

Under the Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989, the RTOs can offer two types of registration:

1. Temporary 

2. Permanent

The basic application procedure for obtaining both types of registration is the same. Form 20 can be used to initiate registration applications at any RTO. A temporary registration can be increased for a specified period by the owner. In the case of permanent registration, the application process must be completed within seven days of the delivery of the vehicle.

Ownership Transfer in Agra RTO

Transfer of ownership can be done online as well as offline. Online, the ownership can be transferred through the national portal. The transfer can also be done in person. After making sure that the applicant is eligible and has submitted all the documents required for ownership transfer, the RTO grants the relevant permission. 

Vehicle owners can also download Forms 28, 30, and 29 from the website of the national portal, fill and submit them along with the requisite fees. The ownership can be transferred under three scenarios – normal transfer, vehicles bought at auction, or in case of death of the owner.

Renewal of Registration in Agra RTO

The renewal of the registration certificate requires Form 25. The application form can be submitted at any RTO, 60 days before the date of expiry. The main documents required for the renewal of the registration certificate are pollution under control details, insurance details, and the previous Registration Certificate.

Duplicate RC in Agra RTO

In case the registration certificate is misplaced or lost, a duplicate copy of it can be obtained from the registration authority. A police certificate is to be submitted mandatorily with the application form along with all the other required documents.


  • 1. What is the minimum age for registration of a driving licence at Agra RTO?

    According to the rules in India, a 16-year-old is eligible to apply for a learner’s licence. While at the same time, you need to be 18 years of age to hold a permanent licence.

  • 2. What is the fee charged by Agra RTO for issuing registration, if any?

    Registration of a new vehicle is done free of cost at all RTOs across India.

  • 3. What are the documents required for vehicle registration?

    Duly filled Form 20 and Form 21, insurance certificate and address proof along with any other documents mentioned by the RTO.

  • 4. What documents are required to support address change at Agra RTO?

    • Duly filled Form 33
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Address proof (any one of Ration Card, Aadhaar card, Life Insurance Policy)
    • NOC
    • Pollution Control Certificate
    • Roadworthiness Certificate
  • 5. What are Agra RTO timings?

    Agra RTO is open from Monday to Saturday (10 AM to 5 PM)

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