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The state of Uttarakhand has 12 different areas with Regional Transport Offices of its own created with the purpose of fulfilling its mandate under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The Haldwani RTO Office ensures that road safety is maintained in this metropolis. This page seeks to explore the functions of the Haldwani RTO and also highlight the different facets of motor vehicle insurance in Haldwani.

Functions of Haldwani Regional Transport Department

The Haldwani RTO Office, like all other RTO offices of the state of Uttarakhand, has to fulfill the following functions and duties, in addition to collecting vehicle taxes for registered and other state vehicles visiting Uttarakhand – 

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle:

The Haldwani RTO Office allows the owner of a motor vehicle to register his or her vehicle in accordance with the mandate of law. The RTO Office Haldwani in addition to registering a motor vehicle, also provides an endorsement, transfers ownership of the vehicle, approves the alteration of a vehicle, etc.

  • Driving Licence:

The issuance of learner’s licence, driving licence, international driving licence permit, Temporary permits, State Carriage permits, Private Service permit etc. which is mandated as per law for the owner of the vehicle to possess at the time of driving the motor vehicle around in the city is to be done by the RTO Office Haldwani.

  • Conductor Licence:

A conductor’s licence is one which is issued by a competent authority under Section 2 (6) of the Motor Vehicles Act authorising an individual to behave as conductor. The Haldwani RTO is responsible for issuing, renewing, issuing duplicate and changing addresses in the conductor licence. An application for grant of conductor’s licence is to be made in Form L. Con. A accompanied by a medical certificate by a registered practitioner along with the prescribed fees. 

  • Fitness Certificate/ NOC:

The Haldwani RTO office issues the fitness certificate, provides for temporary fitness certificate, revokes the CFX, issues trade certificate, and does hypothecation related work too. 

  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for vehicles:

The Haldwani RTO online issues various tourist and transportation permits such as International Driving Permit, inter-state and national permits for commercial vehicles, permits for passenger carrying vehicles and school buses, and All India Tourist Vehicle Authorisation and Permit on its online portal. The collection of penalties is also done through this online portal of the Haldwani RTO Office.

How to Get Motor Insurance in Haldwani?

The owner of the vehicle has the option of purchasing a private vehicle insurance or a commercial vehicle insurance, or to choose between a third party insurance, own damages insurance and comprehensive insurance cover. The application for the same can be done in the form of an offline application or an online application for both two wheelers and four wheelers. 

How to Get Car Insurance in Haldwani?

Insurance covers for cars can be purchased online or offline, where the former process is easier and faster. In order to ensure that one receives the car insurance papers without any hassles, all material information must be properly disclosed. This would include details such as the name of the owner, his or her address, the details regarding the car, the RTO zone, etc. that must be disclosed accurately to the insurer. Premium payments will have to be made as predetermined.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Haldwani?

  • Two-wheeler insurance can be purchased online through two modes – either through intermediary websites or through the insurance provider’s site by filling in the application form. This process too will be completed once the premium payment is made.
  • The additional advantage of completing this process online is that one has the option of comparing various insurance policies and premium rates. Online application for insurance also allows for quick and hassle-free completion of the process.

How the RTO Impacts your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Haldwani?

Factors that must be accounted for while making calculations for premium amounts are the age of the vehicle, Engine Cubic Capacity (cc) of the vehicle, RTO area and the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle. Hence, the registration area i.e. the place where RTO comes will be an important determinant of the premium rate that the insurer will charge. The greater the risk associated with the RTO area, the higher the premiums expected by the insurer.

Please note

  • The Haldwani vehicle registration details will be available on the Haldwani Transport Department website or the RTO Haldwani website.
  • The Haldwani RTO online also provides requisite information regarding one’s own vehicle and the laws and rules applicable.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Haldwani?

  • The vehicle registration process in the RTO office in Haldwani can be temporary registration or permanent registration. In case of Temporary registration, which is valid for a period of 7 days with a chance to extend the validity for a period of 30 days, the application must be done in Form CR Tem A to the RTO. In case of Permanent registration, the owner is expected to submit Application Form 20 along with Sales Certificate Form 21, Vehicle Roadworthiness Form 22, 22A, address proof, receipt of octroi, customs clearance certificate (in case of an imported vehicle) etc.
  • The registration may be renewed by the owner of the vehicle. The status of the renewal can be checked from the RTO Haldwani office website. The manner of doing so is the submission of the application form along with the original Registration Certificate, valid Insurance Certificate and Pollution under Control Certificate.
  • The Haldwani RTO Office will also provide a duplicate registration certificate to the vehicle owner when he or she submits the application form, fees and documents.
  • The RTO office Haldwani allows for transfer of ownership of vehicle by submitting the following documents–
  1. Form 28 in triplicates
  2. Form 30 declaration
  3. Form 29 declaration
  4. Pollution under control certificate
  5. Vehicle insurance document
  6. Vehicle registration certificate
  7. Tax certificate

Contact Details of Haldwani RTO

Haldwani RTO


Haldwani RTO Code

UK 04

RTO Office Address Haldwani

RTO Haldwani, Kusumkhera, Haldwani, Nainital District – 263 139

RTO Haldwani Contact Number

05946 - 260207

Please note: the RTO office Haldwani number works only during the RTO office Haldwani timings i.e 10 am to 5 pm.

Haldwani RTO FAQS

  • 1. What is the process associated with cancellation of No Objection Certificate (NOC at the Haldwani RTO)?

    The application for cancellation must be given to the issuing authority i.e. the relevant RTO office along with an original copy of the NOC, certificate of non-utilisation of NOC, an affidavit stating that the NOC was not misused and other vehicle related documents.

  • 2. What are the different types of licences issued in Haldwani RTO?

    The different types of licences issued by the RTO Haldwani Office are for Motorcycles with 50cc engine capacity; Two wheelers with no gears; Two wheelers with gears; Light Motor Vehicle Licence; and Medium or Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Licence.

  • 3. What are the documents to be submitted to get a driving licence at the RTO Haldwani?

    The process of obtaining a driving licence involves the submission of following documents – age and address proof, Form No. 2/ 4 for learning and driving licence, and medical certificate under Form No. 1(A).

  • 4. What is the email id that can be used to reach out to the Uttarakhand Transport department?

    One can contact the Uttarakhand Transport Department through transportdeptuk@gmail.com or tc-trans-uk@nic.in.

  • 5. How to locate your RTO Haldwani?

    The two initial letters on the number plate indicate state and the next two number points, the nearest RTO. 

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