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Alipore is located in the southern region of Kolkata within the Indian state of West Bengal (WB). It is well-known for various reasons, including its costly home cost which ranges around 5 million pounds. Other than that, Alipore is also very well-known for the Alipore Zoo attraction and its famous Bengali handicraft and handwork. 

The Alipore RTO is a part of the West Bengal Transport Department and follows all the specified regulations laid by it. It was established in accordance with the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, under which it has many functions and responsibilities to carry out on a daily basis.

Find RTO Details by Registration Number

Functions of Alipore Regional Transport Department (R.T.O)

The few of the important functions of the Alipore RTO, under the supervision of the West Bengal Transport Department, are;

  • Conducting driving tests for learner’s licence and driving licence
  • Renewing and issuing DL and LL
  • Registering vehicles
  • Renewing and issuing RC
  • Adding a new class of vehicles to permanent DL
  • Change of address on the existing RC of vehicle
  • Issuing special permit
  • Issuing All India permit
  • Collection of road tax and various permit fees
  • Issue of fitness certificate or NOC of vehicles
  • Issue of online permit applications and objection system
  • Implementation and regulations of traffic rules

These were some of the important functions of the Alipore RTO office. To know more about it, you can check Alipore RTO online. 

How to Register a Vehicle at Alipore RTO?

Individuals will need to produce a few documents, fill up the required application and pay the processing fee in order to register their vehicles at the Alipore RTO. Before that, let’s talk about the two registration types;

  • Temporary Registration- Issued at the time of purchase of a new vehicle, provided by the dealership and has a month of validity.
  • Permanent Registration- Can be applied for after purchasing a vehicle at the designated RTO office.

Vehicle Registration Process in Alipore RTO

  • Applicants will need to visit the Alipore RTO along with the vehicle
  • Submit the duly filled Form 20, with the required documents
  • The submitted documents will be inspected and verified by an RTO official
  • Make the payment of the procedure fee
  • The Alipore RTO will handle the later part of the process
  • Once everything is verified and the registration request is approved, the smart card will be sent through post to the applicant’s address

Documents Required for Registration of a Vehicle at Alipore RTO

  • Roadworthiness certificate (Form 22)
  • Sales Certificate (Form 21)
  • PUC certificate
  • Identification proof of the applicant
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Road tax paperwork
  • A customs clearance certificate for imported vehicle
  • Valid insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Invoice of the vehicle

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Alipore?

The application process for a vehicle’s registration certificate must be done before 60 days of its expiry date. Applicants will require these documents for the process;

  • Form 25
  • Valid insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • RC
  • PUC certificate

RTO Codes for Different States and Union Territories of India

There are different RTO codes for different States and Union Territories in India for easy identification of the RTO location based on the vehicle's number plate. The different RTO codes for States and Union Territories in India are as follows:

List of other RTO offices in West Bengal

RTO office RTO Code
Alipore WB-20
Alipore WB-19
Alipurduar WB-70
Alipurduar WB-69
Asansol WB-38
Asansol WB-37
Bahrampur WB-58
Bahrampur WB-57
Balurghat WB-62
Balurghat WB-61
Bankura WB-68
Bankura WB-67
Barasat WB-26
Barasat WB-25
Bardhaman WB-42
Bardhaman WB-41
Barrackpore WB-24
Barrackpore WB-23
Baruipur WB-96
Baruipur WB-95
Basirhat WB-21
Basirhat WB-22
Behala WB-10
Behala WB-09
Birbhum WB-54
Birbhum WB-53
Bishnupur WB-87
Bishnupur WB-88
Bolpur WB-48
Bolpur WB-47
Bongaon WB-27
Bongaon WB-28
Chanchal WB-84
Chanchal WB-83
Contai WB-32
Contai WB-31
Cooch Behar WB-64
Cooch Behar WB-63
Darjeeling WB-77
Darjeeling WB-76
Diamond Harbour WB-98
Diamond Harbour WB-97
Durgapur WB-40
Durgapur WB-39
Ghatal WB-50
Hooghly Chinsurah WB-16
Hooghly Chinsurah WB-15
Howrah WB-12
Howrah WB-11
Islampur WB-92
Islampur WB-91
Jalpaiguri WB-72
Jalpaiguri WB-71
Jangipur WB-94
Jangipur WB-93
Jaynagar WB-99
Jhargram WB-49
Kalimpong WB-79
Kalimpong WB-78
Kalna WB-44
Kalna WB-43
Kalyani WB-90
Kalyani WB-89
Kasba WB-06
Kasba WB-05
Katwa WB-75
Kharagpur WB-36
Kharagpur WB-35
Malda WB-66
Malda WB-65
Mathabhanga WB-86
Mathabhanga WB-85
Midnapore WB-34
Midnapore WB-33
Nadia WB-51
PVD Beltala WB-04
PVD Beltala WB-03
PVD Beltala WB-02
PVD Beltala WB-01
Purulia WB-56
Purulia WB-55
Raghunathpur WB-81
Raghunathpur WB-82
Raiganj WB-60
Raiganj WB-59
Rampurhat WB-46
Rampurhat WB-45
Salt Lake WB-08
Salt Lake WB-07
Serampore WB-18
Serampore WB-17
Siliguri WB-74
Siliguri WB-73
Tamluk WB-30
Tamluk WB-29
Tehatta WB-52
Uluberia WB-14
Uluberia WB-13

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Alipore RTO?

The ownership transfer of a vehicle is necessary to transfer all of the vehicle-related liabilities to the new owner of the vehicle. This application for this process must be completed within the duration of 14 days of the vehicle’s sale. Individuals would need Form 16, proof of ID and address, RC details and some other documents for this procedure at the Alipore RTO.

How to Get a Duplicate RC in Alipore?

If the original RC of the vehicle is damaged or lost, vehicle owners can apply for a new duplicate copy of the RC at the Alipore RTO. The registration authority at the Alipore RTO office will require the Alipore vehicle registration details and these documents;

  • The vehicle’s PUC certificate
  • Copy of the official FIR
  • Clearance challan from the police
  • Form 26
  • Valid insurance certificate of the vehicle

How to Change the Address on the Existing Registration Certificate at Alipore RTO?

For the process of changing the address on your permanent registration certificate at the Alipore RTO website or office, applicants will require;

  • Form 33 with chassis print number
  • PUC certificate
  • Registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Valid insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • A NOC from the vehicle’s financier if it was bought on loan
  • Valid address proof
  • Required fee payment for the process

How to Get Motor Insurance in Alipore?

In Alipore, vehicle owners can easily purchase motor insurance for their vehicles online or through a local insurance agent. Both of these methods allow individuals to select the preferred coverage type they want for their car and bike insurance.

How to Get Car Insurance in Alipore?

To get car insurance online in Alipore, individuals need to search for the policy at the insurance company’s website, and then provide the details about the car and the type of coverage they would like. They can then pay the premium amount and after that, the policy-related documentation will be delivered via e-mail. The process of buying a third-party or comprehensive type car insurance policy in Alipore through a local agent is the same.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Alipore?

To buy a bike insurance policy through an agent in Alipore, individuals will need to provide certain paperwork and vehicle details, After that, they can get quotes on the policy prices and go with either a third-party or a comprehensive type of bike insurance policy of their liking. Finally, after the premium payment is made, the policy papers will be provided to you. The online process of buying bike insurance in Alipore is the same and provides a more convenient experience.

Alipore RTO FAQs

  • 1. What is the RC renewal duration for transport vehicles in Alipore?

    For transport vehicles in Alipore, their registration is required to be renewed every year.

  • 2. How much time does the Alipore RTO take to issue the registration of a vehicle?

    After applying for vehicle registration at the Alipore RTO, the process can take up to 14 to 30 days. 

  • 3. Can I drive a car from a different state within Alipore, West Bengal?

    A car belonging to a different state can be driven in Alipore, West Bengal for up to 60 days, without needing to pay for local road taxes and such.

  • 4. Is driving with an invalid fitness certificate against the law in Alipore?

    Driving a vehicle with an invalid fitness certificate in Alipore is indeed against the law.

  • 5. What is the fine for overspeeding in Alipore?

    The fine for overspeeding in Alipore is INR 400 for the first offence and INR 1000 for subsequent offences.

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