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Formerly known as Calcutta, Kolkata is the capital city of the West Bengal State of India. It is known for its grand colonial architecture and was also the former capital of India. Given its vast geographical area, the RTO offices in Kolkata are spread across the city. These RTOs are strategically located across the metro city of Kolkata and have different RTO codes. The RTO codes in Kolkata and across West Bengal are based on the type of vehicle. The codes WB-01 and WB-07 are for two-wheelers, WB-02 and WB-06 are for four-wheelers, WB-03 and WB-04 are for goods and passenger vehicles, and WB-05 are reserved for others. On this page, we will go through the different functions of the Kolkata RTOs and the contact details of different RTO offices in Kolkata.

Functions of Kolkata Transport Department

The following functions and duties are carried out by the Kolkata RTO office:

  • Registration of Motor Vehicles:

The Kolkata RTO undertakes the function of the temporary and permanent registration of any new vehicle that you buy in the city. It also takes the responsibility of transferring the ownership certificate of the vehicle or approving alteration of a vehicle.

  • Driving Licence:

The Kolkata RTO office is responsible for issuing all types of driving licences including a learner’s driving licence, permanent driving licence and international driving licence. The RTO office in Kolkata is also responsible for issuing duplicate driving licences in case you lose or misplace the original one.

  • Conductor Licence:

The RTO office in Kolkata issues and renews the conductor licences. It also undertakes the functions of issuing duplicate conductor licences or making any changes in the already issued conductor licence.

  • Fitness Certificate or NOC

The Kolkata RTO issues fitness certificates for the vehicles and also issues NOC for trading in the form of trade certificates. The RTO is also responsible for issuing permits for goods carriage and tourist vehicle permits.

  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for Vehicles

The Kolkata RTO website is an online portal that lets you carry out various activities like making applications for driving licence, issuing trade permits, and other public transport permits for autos, cabs, taxis, etc. The portal can also issue permits like transportation permits, tourist permits, commercial vehicle permits, permits for school buses, and many more.

How to Get Motor Insurance in Kolkata RTO?

Whenever a motor vehicle is purchased for either commercial or personal purposes, it needs to be registered with the local RTO office. One of the important procedures in the whole registration process is to obtain motor insurance for your vehicle. The motor insurance for commercial and personal vehicles is different from each other. The most common types of insurance bought for two-wheelers or four-wheelers are third-party covers, own damage covers, and comprehensive covers. 

How to Get Car Insurance in Kolkata?

  • The three types of car insurance that you can buy for your car in Kolkata are third-party insurance, own-damage insurance, and comprehensive insurance.
  • When obtaining insurance covers you need to provide some details like your city name and the RTO zone— in the case of Kolkata and West Bengal these RTO zones for four-wheelers would be WB-02 and EB-06, details regarding the vehicle like the model, manufacturer, variant, and the year of manufacture. You can apply for it either online or offline mode.

How to Get Two Wheeler Insurance in Kolkata?

  • Similar to car insurance, two-wheeler insurance in Kolkata can also be obtained through both offline and online modes. However, the online method is the most preferred as the owner gets to compare different insurance policies before choosing the most suitable one.
  • You can visit the insurance company’s website and fill out the application form with all the necessary details and provide the documents like registration certificate, address proof, identification proof, and others.

How RTO Impacts Your Vehicle Insurance Premium in Kolkata?

The RTO area is one of the important factors that impact the insurance premium of your vehicle in Meerut. You can check the Kolkata vehicle registration details on the RTO office Kolkata website. You will get all the important information about the vehicle laws and vehicle insurance premiums on Kolkata RTO online.

How to Get Vehicle Registration in Kolkata?

The RTO office in Kolkata takes care of both temporary as well as permanent registration of the vehicles. Let us see what each of these registrations implies.

Temporary registration: Temporary registration of a vehicle is done when the vehicle is purchased by a dealer and used for a limited period of time of up to one month within the original 7 days from the delivery of the vehicle.

Permanent registration: The permanent registration of the vehicle is to be done by the rightful owner of the vehicle by providing all the necessary details regarding the vehicle, and other important details like address proof, insurance proof, and fees.

  • Once you have registered your vehicle through the Kolkata RTO office, any renewal of this registration can take place through the same office by simply providing a copy of the original certificate along with other documents like the pollution under control certificate and a valid insurance certificate.
  • All the vehicles registered under the Kolkata RTO will be indicated by the registration plate displaying different RTO codes based on the vehicle type. Two wheelers will have the code WB-01 or WB-07, four wheelers will have the code WB-02 or WB-06, passenger and goods vehicles will have the code WB-04 and WB-03, and other types of vehicles will have the code WB-05.

You can check the details about vehicle registration and renewal of registration on the RTO office Kolkata website.

Contact Details of Kolkata RTOs

Kolkata RTO Details
Kolkata RTO codeWB-01, WB-02, WB-03, WB-04
RTO office address KolkataBeltala road, Garcha, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700020 
Email IDpvd.kolkata20@gmail.com 
RTO Kolkata Contact number033-2475-1621
Kolkata RTO Websitehttps://transport.wb.gov.in/
Kolkata RTO Details
Kolkata RTO codeWB-05, WB-06
RTO office address Kolkata Sector C, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal-700107
Email IDartopvdkasba@gmail.com 
RTO Kolkata Contact numberNil
Kolkata RTO Details
Kolkata RTO codeWB-07, WB-08
RTO office address KolkataCM Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal-700020
Email IDartosaltlake@gmail.com 
RTO Kolkata Contact number033-2367-6722

It is important to note that the RTO office Kolkata phone number is only reachable within the RTO office Kolkata timings.

Kolkata RTO FAQS

  • 1. Who is the licensing authority in Kolkata?

    The Licensing authority in Kolkata is the Director of PVD or any other officer that has been authorised by him.

  • 2. How many RTO offices are there in Kolkata?

    The RTO offices are strategically located across the city of Kolkata, with the main three offices being the Beltala Office with RTO code WB-01, WB-02, WB-03 and WB-04, the Kasaba office with RTO codes WB-05 and WB-06, and the Saltlake office with RTO codes WB-07 and WB-08.

  • 3. What is the Validity of a vehicle registration certificate procured from Kolkata RTO?

    The RC or registration certificate for private two wheeler or four wheeler vehicles is 15 years, whereas for transport vehicles it is 2 years.

  • 4. What do different RTO codes in Kolkata imply?

    The different RTO codes in Kolkata are based on the type of the vehicle. The codes WB-01 and WB-07 are for two wheelers, WB-02 and WB-06 are for four wheelers, and WB-05 is for other vehicles.

  • 5. Is it necessary that a vehicle owner get his or her permanent driving licence from the same Kolkata RTO that they got their learning licence from?

    Yes. It is important that you get your permanent driving licence from the same RTO that you got your learning licence from. 

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