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A variety of health insurance plans are available from MS Cholamandalam General Insurance Company Limited, and customers may customise their policies based on the term and amounts insured. In addition, after choosing a policy, policyholders may quickly and easily calculate the premium for the individual or family floater health insurance plans. The usage of the Cholamandalam MS health insurance calculator makes the consumer aware of the cost of any plan they choose to purchase in advance. Hence Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium calculator helps shield individuals from both financial strain in the event of a medical emergency and a policy lapse brought on by unreasonably high rates. 

Key Features of the Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Calculator

Here are the Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance calculator features:

1. Facilitates Financial Planning

The premium for a health insurance policy you want to buy may be accurately estimated with the Cholamandalam MS health mediclaim premium calculator. This enables you to use the Cholamandalam MS health calculator to efficiently manage your money for the future.

2. Risk Reduction

By choosing a policy that you can afford, keeping yourself informed in advance about the cost of health insurance reduces your chance of defaulting on payments. You may purchase health insurance coverage using the Cholamandalam MS health mediclaim premium calculator. The Cholamandalam MS health insurance calculator may assist you in selecting a health insurance plan after tailoring it to your individual requirements in order to make it inexpensive and offer sufficient coverage.

3. Facilitates the Selection of Add-on Covers

The Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium calculator will provide you with the best health insurance rates as you enter your personal information. Along with quotations, it also provides the cost of any pertinent add-on coverage you may want to purchase in addition to your health insurance policy.

4. Flexibility

The  Cholamandalam MS health insurance calculator is quite adaptable. They let you select plans and then evaluate the premium quotes in accordance with your requirements in order to discover the perfect total insured and premium combination that best suits your demands. In accordance with the preferences you indicated in the earlier phases in the Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium calculator, it also makes recommendations for purchasing specific health insurance policies.

5. Assures Informed Decisions without the Need for an Advisor

With the help of the Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium calculator, you can assess, evaluate, and decide between numerous health insurance plans while also learning about their many advantages. Keeping you updated about everything, enables you to make the greatest purchasing decision. You may do away with the need for an insurance counsellor with Cholamandalam MS health insurance calculator. When it's convenient for you, you may easily look for coverage features under various health insurance policies. Agents or anybody else are not under any compulsion to include certain coverage features. You have the power to choose your own premium by modifying the advantages of your coverage because you are the only one who makes decisions with the help of Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium calculator online.

Things to Remember While Using a Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Premium Calculator

A policyholder must pay Cholamandalam MS a predetermined amount of money known as a healthcare premium in order to be covered by the plan and get its benefits. A policyholder must enter the required data in order to utilise the  Cholamandalam MS health mediclaim premium calculator and have it determine the premium amount that must be paid. The data comprises the amount insured, age, the number of individuals who must be covered by the plan, the existence of any pre-existing conditions, etc. 

The policyholder's information serves as a parameter on the basis of which the premium amount is determined, which you shouldn't always take as the last word, because the premium amount may differ at times depending on many factors. According to the terms and circumstances described in your health plan, Cholamandalam MS will pay all benefits and coverage specified in the insurance plan in the event of an unanticipated medical emergency or the diagnosis of a specific sickness. Always remember that the Cholamandalam MS health mediclaim premium calculator is just a tool online. Cholamandalam MS health policy calculator provides you with the estimated premium which you may have to pay rather than the amount you will have to pay, the premium often changes depending on your age, fitness, illness, habits, etc.

How to Calculate Online Health Insurance Premiums for Cholamandalam MS?

You may figure out the cost of your health insurance policy’s premium by entering a little personal information such as your medical background and the names of any family members who will be covered using the Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium calculator. Based on the data supplied to the Cholamandalam MS health insurance calculator, you will be able to obtain an estimate of the health insurance premium you may anticipate paying for your health insurance policy. Here is the basic information that you will need to provide:

  • Age
  • Amount insured
  • Plan period
  • Medical background
  • Discounts which apply, etc.

You can then customize and alter different aspects of coverage, like insured amount or the members insured, and the coverages, to find the one that meets your requirements the best.

Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Premium Chart

The Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium rate is the chart given to you while choosing the health coverage plans best fit for you. The Cholamandalam MS insurance premium chart rates of different coverage are explained in detail with their benefits, add-ons and features on the pamphlet. The best process to be knowledgeable about premium amounts is through the Cholamandalam MS medical insurance premium chart. The Cholamandalam MS medical insurance premium chart will help you be knowledgeable about your length of insurance, amount insured, medical history and additional information provided by you. 

How is Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Premium Determined?

The premium amount of your insured plan depends on a few factors regarding your health and life. Knowing these variables and options will give you the advantage to choose the plan that best fits you. The following are the main factors affecting your Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium:

  • Age 

A Cholamandalam MS health insurance policy should be purchased when you are young and for a lengthy period of time if you want to acquire a small premium with the finest features. However, this is shifting due to the way of living nowadays. However, compared to younger individuals, elderly adults are more prone to sickness. As a result, the cost of insurance coverage increases with age. 

  • Location

How sensitive you are to illnesses may also depend on where you live. People are more likely to need medical help in some regions because of factors like a lack of good food alternatives or the local climate. As a result of the increased danger to their health, the premium for Cholamandalam MS medical insurance for residents of certain regions is maintained higher.

  • Medical History

Your medical history will let Chola MS General Insurance, your healthcare insurance provider, know whether you have any chronic illnesses or if your body is especially susceptible to any diseases. The data will assist in analysing the risk and calculating your premium. Your premium will be greater than someone who is not if the underwriter judges depending on the medical records that you are more probable to require medical treatment while the policy is in effect.

  • Insurance Background

People who were previously uninsured typically pay greater premiums than those who were not. The two premium amounts, nevertheless, are not very large and may be disregarded.

  • Lifestyle Choices

The premium for your Cholamandalam MS health insurance coverage can be impacted by your lifestyle decisions, such as how often you consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes, just as they can have an impact on your health. The more frequently you engage in such behaviours, the more probable it is that you will require medical attention and, as a result, the greater your Cholamandalam MS insurance premium must be to account for that likelihood.

  • BMI (Body-Mass-Index)

A person's weight and height are used to calculate their body mass index, which establishes how healthy they should be regarded. It has been shown that those with higher BMIs are more susceptible to illness. Additionally, they are more prone than those with lower BMIs to require complex or sophisticated therapies for the same condition.

  • Policy Duration

The length of your coverage will also play a significant role in deciding the premium cost. The cost of the premium varies as the policy's term lengthens. Cholamandalam MS health insurance contracts might last one, two, or three years. You can get premium reductions over the long run by selecting an insurance with a longer term.

  • Coverage Type

Yes, of course, the kind of Cholamandalam MS health insurance plans you choose will have a significant impact on the cost of your premium. The amount of the premium to be paid greatly depends on factors such as if the coverage is for a person or a group if critical sickness is covered or not, and whether the plan includes regular benefits.

  • Coinsurance

Coinsurance refers to the fact that you and Cholamandalam MS each pay a piece of the claim. Although choosing coinsurance would greatly increase the premium, the amount that the insurer must pay is obviously much more. For those who choose a coinsurance plan, the payment will be considerably less.

  • Occupation

Your insurance rate amount depends on a number of factors, including your employment and the location of your workplace. You could now assume that it is due to your wage, but that is not the case. The true reason Chola MS needs to know what you do is so they can evaluate the health risks. For instance, the premium will be greater for someone operating at a construction area where there is a larger risk of getting in an accident. Similar to this, your insurance cost will be cheaper if you operate in a business environment and are not exposed to situations that might be dangerous.

Tax Exemption on Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Premium

Medical coverage premiums paid in any particular year are deductible from total income for any person or HUF under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Additionally, top-up healthcare plans and critical sickness insurance are eligible for this deduction. The deductible benefit is accessible when purchasing a health insurance policy for yourself, your spouse, your dependent children, or your parents. In a financial year, a maximum deduction of INR 25,000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act is granted. The maximum deduction permitted for senior citizens is INR 50,000. The quantity of deduction that an individual taxpayer is eligible for under various circumstances is shown in the table below: 


Tax Benefits

<60 years

>60 years

Children, Self,  & Spouse

INR 25,000

INR 50,000

Dependent Parents

INR 25,000

INR 50,000

Overall Deduction

INR 50,000

INR 1,00,000

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. Are Cholamandalam MS health insurance premiums affordable?

    The best way to know whether your premiums for Cholamandalam MS health insurance policies are affordable or not is to use the premium calculator online. This device will help in letting you know the premiums for your health plans. 

  • 2. What are the fundamental components that Cholamandalam MS health insurance plans base their premium value on?

    The following are some of the factors that affect how much Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium costs:

    • Amount insured
    • Gender
    • Policy phrase
    • Medical background
    • The insured's age
    • Members in number
  • 3. Does Cholamandalam MS provide its clients with a reduction in the premium amount?

    Yes, Cholamandalam MS health insurance company offers a variety of discounts to its customers, including:

    • Discounts on long-term policy purchases are available, including 6% for 2-year policies and 12% for 3-year policies.
    • Discount for floater premium dependent on the age of the family member who is the senior-most.
    • Decrease based on location, wherein insured people from cities in Tier 2 are qualified to receive a 10% premium discount.
  • 4. How do I pay the monthly fees for my Cholamandalam MS health-care plans?

    Cholamandalam MS health insurance premium can be paid in a variety of ways, including cash, checks, credit or debit cards, or online payment gateways.

  • 5. What is the benefit of the women's health insurance plan from Cholamandalam MS ?

    Some of the major benefits of the woman's health insurance plan from Cholamandalam MS include:

    • Comprehensive coverage
    • An insured amount of up to INR 25 lakh
    • Lifetime renewability,hassle-free claim processing
    • Long-term plan purchase discounts
    • Cashless payment options at 9,500+ network hospitals
    • 10% premium discounts for insured individuals living in Tier 2 locations
    • Cumulative bonuses
    • Coverage for maternity expenses and newborn baby coverage

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