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You anticipate that the health insurance policy you get will consistently offer the best possible coverage. Also crucial to remember would be that health insurance coverage only offers ongoing benefits upon Reliance health insurance renewal. When a health insurance plan is not renewed by the deadline, it expires, leaving the policyholder without coverage.

Renewal of health insurance coverage at Reliance is an easy process. What's even great is that renewing a policy does not take a lot of time. Additionally, Reliance health insurance offers its customers the option to renew their health insurance policies both online and offline. You can use its official online renewal Reliance health portal to finish the process in a hassle-free and easy way or you can visit its branch to complete the process. This is all you need to know about Reliance health insurance renewal.

Reliance Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Process

The following are the steps you need to take to complete the online renewal Reliance health process: 

  1. Visit the official website of Reliance General Insurance.
  2. On Reliance General's home page, there are many choices.
  3. Click on ‘renew’ and then on to ‘renew health insurance’.
  4. You can renew either by your mobile number or policy number.
  5. If you choose to do so by mobile number, type mobile number and click on ‘Send OTP’.
  6. In case you renew with your policy number, input the same and the policy expiry date, and click on ‘go’.
  7. Verify the specifics of your coverage and pay the renewal premium.
  8. You will get a confirmation email after your Reliance health insurance renewal online payment has been received and your insurance has been renewed.

Reliance Health Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

It is simple to process the online renewal Reliance health through the process shown above. However, if you run into a problem, Reliance also offers offline renewal to give policyholders the greatest convenience. You can call Reliance General Insurance's toll-free number, 1800-3009, and provide details about your unique needs if you prefer to proceed with the offline renewal of your health insurance policy. You can contact the company through its official email provided on its official website at

An insured can also visit any of the branches nearest to them to get the process done. If you are not familiar with the location nearest to you, you can call them to ask or you can use the Branch Locator provided on the Self-help section of the official website to find the branch nearest you just by putting in your Pincode, State or City. 

Benefits of Renewing Reliance Health Insurance Policy

The prime benefits of the Reliance health insurance renewal policy are as follows :

  • No Claim Bonus 

Reliance health insurance renewal ensures you the NCB benefit. Reliance health insurance offers policyholders a "no-claim bonus (NCB)" at renewal time for each year they have gone without filing a claim. This bonus (often around 5% of the total insured) could be a reduction on the insurance premium or an increase to the current sum covered for the identical premium amount. According to the length of the "in-force" insurance, cumulative NCB, which is frequently a sizable sum, is lost if the policy lapses. It follows that policyholders must always have active policies to continue receiving this advantage.

  • Auto-refill of Sum Insured Amount 

Reliance health insurance renewal ensures that you continue to receive the benefits you acquired at the time of purchase while providing you with bonus ones. Renewing your Reliance health insurance on time will ensure that you keep on receiving the auto recharge of your total sum insured. 

  • AYUSH Treatment

Reliance's health insurance renewal policy also takes care of your well-being through their AYUSH continuous coverage because of the timely renewal. AYUSH treatment includes the traditional and ancient health and wellness coverage named Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and homoeopathy, which provides care beyond the Allopathy treatments.

  • Tax Benefit 

Reliance health insurance renewal policy ensures that you continue to enjoy the tax benefit. The policyholder becomes eligible for large tax benefits or income tax rebates under Section 80D when they purchase health insurance or a mediclaim policy. Hence you should be sure to renew your health insurance on schedule if you want to keep receiving the tax benefits.

  • Annual Health Check-up 

For each year without a claim, Reliance health insurance provides free yearly physicals. You may continue to benefit from this and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you complete your Reliance health insurance renewal on time. It can thus assist you in avoiding illnesses and disorders that, if unchecked, could get worse.

  • Portability Benefit

A policy that is already in effect may be permitted to be transferred by another insurer. So, if you don't process your Reliance health insurance renewal on time, the policy may expire and lose its eligibility for such consideration.

Some Essential Points to Consider During Reliance Health Policy Renewal

  1. Reliance health insurance firm will send a renewal reminder to policyholders 45 days before the renewal date. The policy information included in the reminder email will include the insured amount, the number and different types of claims, and the no-claim bonus in the event that none were filed.
  2. Before the Reliance health policy renewal of the existing health plan, it's critical to evaluate one's insurance requirements. A maternity benefits policy could be added to the base insurance at the renewal time if a couple intends to have a child.
  3. You can raise the sum covered at the time of Reliance health policy renewal. Medical tests will be necessary, and the claim history will need to be updated. If the current sum has already reached the policy's maximum sum insured, it cannot be increased further. Then you can opt for super top-up plans.
  4. Reliance health policy renewal is the time you should make your health insurance company aware if there are any recently discovered illnesses so that they can adjust your sum amount accordingly.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is crucial to submit your Reliance health insurance renewal on time because doing so can help you in the long term. Remember that you can renew your plan online at any time and from any location if time is a barrier or if you are not able to visit a branch. You can process your Reliance Health policy renewal online. To completely escape the difficulties of periodic renewals, you can also choose long-term subscriptions.

Reliance QBE Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. What is the Reliance health insurance cumulative bonus?

    When you do file a claim during any particular Reliance health insurance policy period, you will receive this incentive at the end of each claim-free policy period. A cumulative bonus of 33.33% on your baseline sum insured is given to you for free if you go a year without filing any claims under your Reliance health insurance policy. However, the total bonus that can be earned is limited to the base sum insured.

    If you do file a claim during any particular mediclaim coverage period, the bonus you receive the next year will be reduced by 33.33% of the baseline sum insured. However, this won't affect the original base sum insured, and the most your cumulative bonus will be reduced would be zero.

  • 2. How do I include my family members in my current policy?

    Only when you renew your individual policy or floater mediclaim insurance policy, subject to applicable underwriting guidelines and our permission, may you add family members to your existing policy.

    Except for a newborn baby (from 91 days) or a newlywed spouse, you cannot add dependents during the life of a policy. Check out the product booklets for any conditions unique to that product.

  • 3. What is the Reliance health insurance renewal waiting period?

    The amount of time you, the policyholder, must wait before using the health insurance policy's benefits is known as a waiting period. In this context, it refers to the time Reliance Health Insurance will make you wait before you can use the advantages of the policy you intend to purchase already present, and a waiting time for certain conditions or therapies.

  • 4. How many days do I have as the Reliance health insurance renewal grace period?

    You have 30 days from the initial premium due date of your policy as the Reliance health insurance renewal grace period. 

  • 5. What is the customer care contact if I have any queries regarding Reliance Health Insurance renewal online?

    The process of Reliance Health Insurance online payment is fairly easy to do by following the aforementioned steps but if you do happen to run into any issues, you can always call the Reliance health insurance customer care toll-free number at 1800 3009 or their paid number at +91 22 48903009. You can also reach the customer care by sending it an email explaining your queries at

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