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Renewing your health insurance policy is very important as it allows you to continue your health insurance coverage and make use of its features and advantages. Hence, renewing your Digit health insurance policy is necessary, as it will never make you vulnerable under the circumstances such as the need for medical treatment caused by sudden health complications, emergency hospitalisation, etc. By doing your Digit health insurance renewal, you can be eligible for several additional benefits towards your overall plan.

You can renew the Digit health insurance policy through its simple and easy-to-understand procedure. It is advised to get your health insurance renewed on time to avoid missing out on various additional bonuses and benefits. The Digit health insurance renewal procedure is explained vividly in this article below, and you can get adequate help for your queries. 

Digit Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Process

The steps associated with the Digit health insurance renewal online process are explained briefly below: 

  1. Go to the official website of Digit health insurance.
  2. Click on the ‘renewals’ option on the website.
  3. Now enter the details of your existing Digit health insurance plan. You can either sign in with your registered mobile number or by providing your policy details.
  4. Move forward by pressing ‘continue’, and it will redirect you to the policy details page.
  5. Carefully check the plan details and pay for the renewal through the preferred online payment mode.
  6. You will get an email regarding the online Digit health insurance renewal payment and the renewed policy details.

Following these steps, you can complete your renewal process of Digit health insurance from the company website. 

Digit Health Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

The company also offers an offline insurance renewal method you can avail yourself of by visiting any of the Go Digit health insurance branches near you. If you have more queries related to the Digit health insurance renewal procedure, you can get in touch with the highly trained professional at Go Digit by dialing its toll-free number - 1800-258-5956 or by emailing at  hello@godigit.com

Benefits of Renewing Digit Health Insurance Policy

You can get access to numerous benefits by completing your Digit health insurance renewal on time. Some of these renewal Digit health policy benefits are:

1. Improving an Existing Plan

If you want to make adjustments to your existing plan, you can get it done at the time of the Digit health renewal procedure. There are various reasons why this is an important benefit, as often the needs can change in a person’s life, and the same goes for their health coverage plan. If you want to make certain changes and adjustments to your existing plan, you can do so at the time of Digit health policy renewal. For example, you can upgrade to a better coverage plan for you and your family if the existing one is no longer meeting your requirements.

2. Tax Benefits

A health insurance policy not only covers you financially in terms of medical bills but also offers certain tax breaks on your annual taxable income. This tax break is applicable as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, where you, as the policyholder, are eligible for a tax deduction of up to INR 1,00,000 annually for premiums paid on your health insurance policies. This is a major benefit of renewing your Digit health insurance plan in the stipulated time, as not renewing it can disqualify you for this kind of tax liftoff.

3. No Claim Bonus

If you pass through a policy year without claiming insurance, you are eligible for a reward from Digit - called the no-claim bonus. It is a bonus for staying healthy and fit every year in which no claims have been filed. This no-claim bonus or NCB value increases with each claimless year and allows you to get wider coverage with no extra money being charged or the same coverage plan at a lower price. The sum insured or SI is the fixed monetary value your insurer will pay you in case of health emergencies. With the NCB, the increased sum insured value for the first claimless year is up to 10% with the smart option plan and goes up to a maximum increment of 50%. Do note that these sum insured increment values differ for every insurance plan of Go Digit. You can get this benefit only upon timely Digit health insurance policy renewal, and you can lose out on this if you fail to renew your plan on time. Here time means either the renewal due date or within 15-30 days of the due date.

4. Avoid Waiting Period

One of the common aspects of a health insurance policy is its waiting period, which you will need to wait for before getting covered. Once you get the Digit health insurance coverage, you just need to renew it on time before its expiry period so you can enjoy the health care plan benefits and facilities without any hindrance. Not renewing your plan on time will cause your policy to lapse, meaning you will have to go through the health insurance purchase procedure again, along with the initial waiting period. But with the timely Digit health insurance renewal, you can skip out on the waiting time and never be vulnerable to financial problems during a medical emergency.

Things to Keep in Mind During Digit Health Renewal

  1. If you forget to renew your health plan within the stipulated period, your policy will expire. However, Digit health insurance offers a grace period of up to 30 days, which is the time period where you can renew your health plan after its expiration and avoid policy lapse or losing out on the continued benefits. This is why we recommend users get their Digit health policy renewal done within the given time.
  2. The Digit health insurance renewal is a crucial time to add or remove family members from the existing health coverage plan. It is very helpful in case you want to add your spouse, children or other family members.
  3. At the time of Digit health insurance renewal, you can check and verify the plan details and make changes that fit your new requirements. If you feel that the existing coverage is no longer sufficient, you can always look into upgrading your coverage. The renewal is also when you can select riders with your coverage if necessary.

The Bottom Line

Renewing your Digit health insurance policy on time is important for you. Getting your Digit health insurance renewal without pause allows you to stay covered at all times without being vulnerable. If your policy expires, you are no longer under the company’s health coverage, and any insurance claims made after the policy expiration will be rejected. You can also lose out on crucial benefits and bonuses that you can generally maintain by renewing the coverage plan on time.

Digit Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. What will happen if I miss out on renewing my Digit health insurance plan on time?

    If you fail to renew your Digit health insurance policy on time, your plan will lapse, forfeiting all your cumulative bonuses. If you want health coverage, you will need to go through a new policy purchase procedure all over again.

  • 2. When should I renew my Digit health insurance policy?

    You should check with your coverage plan and renew your policy before the end of its respective term year or expiry period. You can get it done online, where you will get many Digit health insurance online payment options.

  • 3. Will I have to pay more premium at the time of Digit health insurance renewal with my increasing age?

    Yes, your age does affect the premium value, and you will be required to pay more premiums for the health care coverage plan as you get older. This is because older people are more prone to medical complications than younger individuals. Maybe not every year. But the premium will rise after a gap of nearly five years, depending on the Digit health insurance plan variant you choose.

  • 4. What documents do I need to renew my expired Digit health insurance policy?

    The documents required to renew an expired policy vary from plan to plan. Here are some general document details that you might need to produce for the renewal process:

    • Medical history 
    • Details of the previous health insurance policy.
    • Valid ID, address and age proof
    • Passport-sized photos.
  • 5. Will the waiting period clause apply afresh If I don’t renew my Digit health insurance policy on time?

    Yes, if you don’t renew your Digit health insurance on time (even during the grace period), the waiting period norms will apply afresh. The policy will lapse, requiring you to buy a fresh plan and contend with all those waiting period norms from the date of new purchase.

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