Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance FAQs

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  • 1. What are the discounts that can be availed in the premium amount of two-wheeler insurance policy?

    You can avail the following discounts in the premium amount of the Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy: 

    • Discount for the anti-theft device- 
      If you install an anti-theft device in your vehicle, then you can avail a premium discount as the amount of premium will be lower if your vehicle is safe. 
    • Voluntary deductible- 
      A deductible is an amount that you are required to pay at the time of claiming the two-wheeler policy. Voluntary Deductible reduces the amount of premium of your policy. Higher the voluntary deductible, lower will be your premium. 
    • No-claim bonus
      If you have not made any claim in the previous year or years in the existing policy, then you can avail no-claim bonus on the amount of premium of the new policy. 
    • Automobile Association Discount- You will be granted a discount if you are a member of the Automobile Association of India.
  • 2. What are Oriental two wheeler insurance add-ons?

    Oriental two-wheeler insurance offers the following add-ons to be brought at an additional premium cost. You can buy one or more than one of the following two-wheeler add ons: 

    • Return to invoice cover
    • Nil depreciation cover
    • Consumable cover
    • Accessories cover
    • Engine protection
    • Loss of personal items
  • 3. How can I renew Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy online?

    You can renew the Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy by visiting the website (https://orientalinsurance.org.in/web/guest/renew?isSelected=renew&isRefresh=true ) of the insurance company and entering your existing policy number along with other policy details. After you fill in the details of your existing policy, it will calculate the premium amount. If you find the amount of premium reasonable, you can proceed by entering the customer portal information for renewal of the policy and pay the premium. Your policy will be renewed instantly.

  • 4. What is the Incurred Claim Ratio of The Oriental two-wheeler insurance?

    Incurred Claim Ratio refers to the ratio of net insurance claim settled by the insurance company to the net premiums collected in any given financial year. The incurred claim ratio of The Oriental Motor Insurance for the financial year 2018-19 was 112.62%. (Source: https://www.irdai.gov.in/ADMINCMS/cms/frmGeneral_NoYearLayout.aspx?page=PageNo3976 )

  • 5. What documents are required for the Oriental Two-wheeler Insurance claim settlement?

    You are required to submit the following documents at the time of settlement of Oriental two-wheeler insurance plan: 

    • Filled & signed claim application form
    • A copy of the policy document
    • Copy of registration certificate (self-attested)
    • Driving licence of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
    • Original repair invoice along with repair estimate and the payment received in case of non-cashless claims
    • Original repair invoice in case of cashless settlement of the claim
    • Copy of FIR (in case of accident, theft)


  • 1. Is it possible to alter my contact information at the time of Oriental bike insurance renewal?

    Yes, you may alter your contact information upon renewal under the area for policyholder personal information.

  • 2. Can I transfer my former insurer's no claim bonus to Oriental bike insurance?

    Yes, you may transfer your former insurer's no claim bonus to your Oriental bike insurance coverage to save money on your renewal price.

  • 3. Is it possible to extend my coverage from one year to 2 or 3 years at the time of renewal?

    Yes, at the time of renewal, you can modify your insurance length from one year to 2 or 3 years.

  • 4. How can I get the paper copy details of Oriental renewal insurance documents by selecting the offline approach method?

    Within a few days of purchasing your bike insurance through the offline method, you will get a hard copy at your home address via courier.

  • 5. Where can I learn more about the Oriental bike insurance renewal process?

    More information regarding the Oriental bike insurance renewal procedure may be found on the company's official website or by calling 1800 118485 or 011-33208485. (chargeable).


  • 1. Can I file a claim under the Oriental bike insurance coverage if I suffer a consequential loss?

    You cannot file a claim under Oriental insurance for the insured's bike's resultant loss or damage.

  • 2. What is the circumstantial evidence that might aid in Oriental bike settlement of the case?

    • Eyewitness accounts (you can collect the contact numbers of the eyewitnesses)
    • Images from the scene of the event (accident or theft) 
    • Pictures of the insured's bike after the collision, clearly demonstrating the degree of the damage.
  • 3. In a roadside emergency, how should I contact Oriental Insurance?

    Oriental Insurance's helpline lines are 1800-118-485 and 011-33208485, and they may be reached in a roadside emergency (chargeable).

  • 4. In the event of theft, how much coverage would I get from Oriental?

    If the insured's bike is stolen, the insurer gives the calculated Insured Declared Value (IDV) after deducting depreciation and deductible.

  • 5. What is the insurance period in Oriental insurance policy?

    The coverage length is one year; however, for first time bike owners, the policy tenure is 5 years. 

Policy Download

  • 1. How to contact the Oriental Insurance team for the two-wheeler policy download support?

    You can reach out to the Oriental two-wheeler Insurance team by email at csd@orientalinsurance.co.in, or you can call the toll-free number 1800-118-485.

  • 2. What is the best way to get a duplicate Oriental two-wheeler insurance copy online?

    You can contact your insurance agent, or you can write to the email id of Oriental Insurance to get the duplicate insurance copy online, or even you can download the soft copy from the website.

  • 3. What are the primary advantages of having the Oriental Insurance policy download option?

    The users can download and can go through all the details of the insurance policy, and in case of any modifications or misunderstandings, they can sort them out.

  • 4. What are the crucial points in Oriental bike insurance policy document?

    1. Type of policy
    2. Duration of policy
    3. Premiums, inclusions & exclusions, IDV, etc
  • 5. What is the motor claim form in the Oriental insurance policy?

    The motor claim form is a document that can be downloaded from the official website of Oriental Insurance. It contains all the information about the user and the type of the policy he opted for, etc.

Add On Covers

  • 1. Do I need to pay additional premium for Oriental bike insurance add-on covers?

    Yes, you have to pay additional premium to buy these add-on covers.  

  • 2. How to contact the Oriental support team for the add-ons in the Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy?

    You can contact the customer service representative by getting in touch with the toll-free number at 1800-118-485. You can also contact them at the email address portal.support@orientalinsurance.com.

  • 3. What are the ways to opt for Oriental add-on covers?

    The options are available with both Oriental comprehensive and standalone own damage automobile insurance policies.

  • 4. What should I know before purchasing an Oriental bike insurance supplement?

    Before purchasing it, you should understand the coverage, features, and premium amount of a bike insurance add-on.


  • 1. Is having an Oriental comprehensive bike insurance policy required?

    No, comprehensive vehicle insurance is not required by law; nonetheless, it is recommended for all bike owners since it covers third-party liabilities and damages to the insured's automobile in the event of a road accident or other disaster.

  • 2. Is it feasible to move an Oriental comprehensive auto insurance policy from one vehicle to another?

    Yes, in case of ownership transfer, you can move the policy from one vehicle to another.

  • 3. Which add-on covers should I get to supplement my Oriental vehicle insurance coverage?

    The type of add-on cover you choose is determined by your needs. However, the following are the add-on coverings that automobile owners frequently choose: - Roadside assistance coverage, invoice-price protection, zero depreciation coverage, coverage for consumables, cover for the engine, NCB protection cover, etc.

  • 4. What is the procedure for canceling an Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy?

    You can drop off your policy documentation at your local branch. After deducting any applicable cancellation costs, reimbursements will be issued straight to your bank account. 

  • 5. Will Oriental comprehensive bike insurance policy cover a tyre or tube puncture?

    If the covered bike is damaged at the time of accident, the insurer will cover half of the cost of repair or replacement. However, there is no coverage for tyre or tube puncture damage alone.


  • 1. What are the benefits of Oriental two-wheeler insurance?

    • Keeps you financially and legally protected against third-party liabilities.
    • Affordable premiums.
    • Easy to buy online.
    • Quick cashless claim settlement.
  • 2. What is the insurance period of the Oriental two-wheeler insurance?

    The coverage length is one year. However, if you are a new bike owner, the policy tenure of your liability-only insurance must be 5 years.

  • 3. Where can anyone avail an Oriental third-party bike insurance?

    The policy may be purchased online or offline (visiting the nearest branch location).

  • 4. Is it necessary to get Oriental third-party bike insurance?

    The Indian Motor Vehicles Act mandates third-party bike insurance. If the owner of a two-wheeler is discovered without third-party bike insurance, legal action or a penalty may be taken. Customers can select Oriental third-party bike insurance according to their needs.

Zero Depreciation

  • 1. Is it true that insurance companies only cover new automobiles with zero depreciation?

    Most insurance firms prefer to offer 0% depreciation coverage solely to new or less than five-year-old vehicles. Varied insurance providers, on the other hand, have different automobile age restrictions for zero depreciation coverage.

  • 2. Who should purchase Oriental zero-depreciation insurance policy?

    A zero-depreciation policy is recommended for all automobile owners. However, it is especially recommended for the following: 

    • Owners of new automobiles. 
    • People who drive in high-accident zones.
    • Those who are disturbed by little scrapes.
    • Two-wheeler owners who have pricey components.
  • 3. What variables influence my Oriental zero-depreciation auto insurance policy?

    It is mostly determined by the bike's age, manufacture, and type, as well as its geographical location.

  • 4. In a nil-depreciation automobile insurance policy, what is the insured declared value?

    IDV is a guaranteed sum that the policyholder receives in case of theft or total loss of the protected vehicle. 

    Bike's original/invoice value - Bike’s registration fee and depreciation value = Insured Declared Value (IDV)

  • 5. Can I still receive Oriental zero depreciation automobile insurance for my vehicle after 5 years?

    No, this add-on coverage is only available if your automobile is less than 5 years old.

Own Damage

  • 1. Is it necessary to get Oriental 5-year insurance from the bike dealer?

    All new two-wheelers must have a 5-year insurance policy, according to the IRDAI. This was done to guarantee that the greatest number of two-wheelers are insured, as well as to reduce the number of lapsed, expired, and uninsured vehicles.

  • 2. What is the concept of Oriental standalone two-wheeler policy?

    A standalone own damage bike insurance policy protects the policyholder's own covered bike against any losses or damages caused as a result of an accident or incident.

  • 3. What is the procedure for claiming Oriental bike insurance online?

    For claiming the Oriental bike insurance online, you can navigate to the main website and you can register a claim.

  • 4. Is Oriental Insurance owned by the government?

    Yes, Oriental Insurance is owned by the government. 

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