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The Motor Vehicles Tariff of India mandates that every bike owner should compulsorily have bike insurance. The bike insurance majorly consists of three types- third party bike insurance, standalone own damage bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. However, comprehensive bike insurance is a better option as it provides widespread coverage to the policyholders. 

DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance insures against third-party liabilities involving the insured bike while also covering the insured bike's own damages like heavy repair and replacement expenses.

How does DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy Work?

Suppose you meet an accident that causes some damage to third-party property and to an insured bike. In that case, the comprehensive policy of DHFL two-wheeler insurance will cover you financially for third-party liabilities and the damages caused to the insured two-wheeler. Third-party liabilities include third-party property damage, bodily injuries, and the death of third persons. In addition, this policy will also cover the cost of repairing the damaged parts of the insured bike and also the charges for replacing spare parts.

DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance Vs Third Party Bike Insurance 

Basis of ComparisonThird Party Bike InsuranceComprehensive Bike Insurance
Coverage Only financial and legal liabilities faced by third parties are compensated under the third-party bike insurance policy. Two-wheeler comprehensive insurance provides protection against both third-party liabilities and the damages caused to the insured bike.
RequirementIt is mandatory to have a third-party bike insurance policy according to the Indian Motor Tariff Act (1988).Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is not a mandatory policy. Bike owners can purchase it depending on their preferences.
Add-ons No add-on covers are available under third-party insurance.A variety of add-on covers are available.
Premium costPolicyholders need to pay a relatively cheaper amount as a premium.It is costlier in comparison to third-party insurance because of its extensive coverage.

What All is Covered Under DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

  • Third-party liabilities like property damage, bodily injuries, and death caused by an accident come under the coverage of DHFL General Insurance Limited two-wheeler comprehensive insurance.
  • Damage incurred by the insured bike in an accident or any other causes except for general dereliction of duty is covered under DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance.
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion, etc.
  • Damage incurred due to theft, burglary, malicious acts. 
  • Damages caused due to natural as well as man-made calamities such as riots, strikes, terror attacks, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami, etc. 
  • Damage incurred amidst transit on either waterways, roadways, airways, or railways. 

What All is not Covered Under DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

  • DHFL General Insurance Limited's two-wheeler comprehensive insurance policy does not provide cover for normal wear and tear of the bike.
  • Engineering problems in bikes or mechanical breakdown.
  • Damage incurred by contractual liability.
  • Damage incurred while driving without a valid licence or policy. 
  • Damage incurred while the driver was intoxicated.
  • Damage or loss resulting from nuclear, war, and similar anti-humanist causes. 
  • Damage due to willful negligence.  

DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy Benefits

  • Financial support to handle third-party litigations as well as damage incurred to the insured bike too.
  • It is absolutely easy and quick to purchase this policy online.
  • There are various add-on options available to stretch the coverage of DHFL General Insurance Limited  comprehensive bike insurance policy.
  • Easy process and active helpdesk for claim settlement.
  • Cashless claim settlement facility
  • Huge network of authorised garages in India

DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance Review

DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance policy is an extraordinarily suitable and affordable choice for bike owners. The buying procedure is hassle-free and also a quick one. The transaction is made transparently. The company's customer service is very responsive and guides the policyholders at every step.

DHFL Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance FAQs

  • 1. In what ways can the DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance be customised?

    To customise your insurance policy, you can:

    • Purchase add-on covers as per your preference.
    • Opt for the suitable tenure of policy.
  • 2. Are discounts offered on the premium by DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive two-wheeler insurance?

    Yes, one can avail following discounts under the policy:

    • Voluntary deductible
    • The anti-theft device has a discount
    • No-claim bonus when no claim is made during the policy period
    • Automobile association discount

    If you opt for a long-term policy, you can get a discount on the premium 


  • 3. Is a bike in transit also covered completely under DHFL comprehensive bike insurance?

    Yes, the policy covers damage received on transit by air, waterway, elevator, lift, and road.  

  • 4. Is cashless claim available for users of DHFL comprehensive bike insurance policy?

    The insurer will directly pay the repairing cost to the garage when the insured vehicle is repaired in any garages registered with DHFL General Insurance. Hence, cashless claim is available for bikes insured with DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance.

  • 5. What factors go into deciding the premium amount of DHFL comprehensive bike insurance?

    The various factors that go into deciding the premium amount of the insurance policy depend on the vehicle's IDV, engine capacity, driving transit location, add-on opted, policy type and RTO zone. 

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