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Digit health insurance has got you covered holistically against health emergencies. Whether vector-borne diseases, COVID, heart-related ailments or any other - Digit health insurance ensures your financial safety while you or any of your insured family members undergo treatment at a hospital. Health insurance policies often say one must have at least 24 hours of hospitalisation for coverage. But Digit health insurance plans will cover you even if you are admitted for less than that. However, it may not apply to all, but a significantly large number of treatment procedures. If these were any less, how about the pre- and post-hospitalisation cover available under Digit health insurance? That might prompt you to consider buying Digit health insurance.

Digit health insurance plans help you financially in times of need and protect you and your household from unforeseen health concerns that may otherwise devastate your financial condition. Digit medical insurance policies will assist you in your medical treatments without worry and will spare you from racing from one place to another at the last minute. They make this possible through a large number of network hospitals you can find near you. So, you can apply for Digit health insurance to safeguard your loved ones' health and happiness.

This page will go over the details of Digit Health Insurance.

Digit Health Insurance Key Highlights

Network Hospitals6400+
CoverageIn-patient hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization, donor expenses, day-care procedures, etc.
Claims Settlement99.65% in less than three months and 0.24% in more than three months in 2021.

Why Should You Buy a Digit Health Insurance Policy?

A healthy life is a dream for everyone, but with rising medical inflation, it’s getting harder and harder to achieve the same. The only way to make it possible is by taking preventive measures and enjoying the perks of a healthy lifestyle. Digit offers comprehensive health insurance plans in India that allow you to do just that…be healthy.

Digit is one of India's leading health insurance companies with a vast network of hospitals and service providers. The company understands that a few minutes of delay in your treatment can have serious consequences, which is why they always work to get your treatment done right on time to save your life or those of your dependents.

Here is a list of the features offered under Digit health insurance plans:

  • Digital insurance solutions
  • COVID coverage
  • No limit on room rent
  • Affordable premiums
  • 6400+ network hospitals
  • Comprehensive coverage

Choose from a Wide Range of Multiple Digit Health Insurance Plans

Digit Health Insurance Policy Details

Choosing the right health insurance is important. You want to ensure it meets your needs and your family's needs. When we look at what we need in a plan, it's usually based on how much coverage we need. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium, but it can cost you more in the long run if the treatment does get costlier than your estimates.

1. Digit Health Insurance Plans

If you want a plan that can help cover your health-related expenses in the future, Digit Health Insurance might be just what you need. This plan gives you access to immediate care, 24/7 assistance and multiple coverage variants.


1. Digit Health Plus Policy

This policy offers the fundamental personal health insurance coverage that every policyholder needs throughout their life. You get covered for hospitalization, 

Coverages & Sum Insured Limits

The best part about this Digit health insurance plan is the different sum insured options you get against the above-mentioned coverages.

CoveragesMinimum Sum Insured (In INR)Maximum Sum Insured (In INR)
Accidental hospitalisation cover10,0003 Crore
Accidental and illness hospitalisation cover10,0003 Crore
Domiciliary hospitalization cover10,0003 Crore
Daycare treatment cover5,000`1.5 Crore
Organ donor expenses10,0003 Crore
AYUSH cover10,0003 Crore
Infertility treatment cover10,0003 Crore
Emergency ambulance cover10,0003 Crore
Maternity benefit and newborn baby cover10,0005 Lakh
Sum insured refill benefit10,0003 Crore
OPD benefit cover (including dental treatment)2,50050,000
Daily hospital cash cover100 per day5,000 per day
Long hospitalization cash benefit cover5,000`10,000
Critical illness benefit cover10,0003 Crore
Critical illness hospitalization cover10,0003 Crore
Psychiatric illness cover-1 Lakh
Bariatric surgery cover-3 Crore
Pre-hospitalisation coverAs specified under the policyAs specified under the policy
Post-hospitalisation coverAs specified under the policyAs specified under the policy

2. Digit Complete Care Policy

This policy offers fundamental accidental health insurance coverage.


  • Accidental hospitalisation cover
  • Accidental death
  • Disability
  • Daycare treatment
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Daily hospital cash benefit
  • Outpatient benefit
  • Ancillary expense cover

3. Health Care Plus Policy

This policy provides the most basic health insurance coverage available, ensuring that policyholders have access to the care they need throughout their life.


  • Accidental hospitalisation cover
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Daycare treatment
  • Dental treatment
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Second medical  opinion
  • Accidental hospitalisation cover
  • Illness hospitalisation cover
  • Bariatric surgery cover
  • Psychiatric illness cover
  • Complimentary health check-up
  • Infertility treatment
  • Organ donor expenses
  • AYUSH treatment
  • Emergency air ambulance expenses
  • Maternity benefit
  • Newborn baby cover
  • Long hospitalisation cash benefit
  • Outpatient benefit
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation
  • Refill of sum insured
  • Daily hospital cash benefit
  • Critical illness benefit
  • Critical illness hospitalisation

4. Digit Total Protect Policy

This plan offers comprehensive coverage against accidental injury and personal health issues. Let's check out the coverages and the sum insured limits defined under each of them.

Coverages & Sum Insured Limits

CoveragesMinimum Sum Insured (In INR)Maximum Sum Insured (In INR)
Accidental death coverage5,00020 Crore
Permanent total disability5,00020 Crore
Permanent partial disability5,00020 Crore
Accidental hospitalisation5,0002 Crore
Domiciliary hospitalisation5,0002 Crore
Daycare coverAs specified under the policyAs specified under the policy
Daily hospitalisation cash benefit100 per day5,000 per day
Long hospitalisation cash cover5,00010,000
Pre-hospitalisation coverAs specified under the policyAs specified under the policy
Post-hospitalisation coverAs specified under the policyAs specified under the policy
Burns cover5,0001 Crore
Fracture cover5,00025 Lakh
Emergency air ambulance cover5,0002 Crore
Adventure sports cover5,0002 Crore
Miscarriage owing to accidental injuries5,00010 lakh
OPD benefit cover (including dental treatment)1,0001 Lakh
Critical illness cover5,0003.5 Crore
HIV cover5,000`1 Crore
Coma benefit cover5,000`1 Crore
External aids and appliances expense5,000`10 Lakh
EMI protection cover1,0001 Crore
Modification of lifestyle cover5,0001 Crore
Trauma counselling5,00025 Lakh
Loss of income benefits1,000`per week2 Lakh per week
Children's education benefit5,00050 Lakh
Marriage expenses for children benefit5,00050 Lakh
Orphan benefits for children5,00050 Lakh
Funeral expenses1,00025 Lakh
Transportation expenses1,00025 Lakh
Compassionate visit5,0005 Lakh

5. Arogya Sanjeevani

This plan offers comprehensive coverage against accidental injury and personal health issues. 


  • Hospitalisation
  • Pre-hospitalisation cover
  • Post-hospitalisation cover
  • AYUSH treatment
  • Cataract treatment

2. Super Top-up Health Insurance

Super Top-up plans are meant to give you an extra raise to meet your growing needs. You would only be covered for the sum over and beyond your deductible.

Say you have a medical insurance plan of INR 6,00,000, and you have supplemented the same with a super top-up plan of INR 10,00,000 with an Rs. 6,00,000 deductible. So, the overall insured amount is Rs. 16,00,000 with an Rs. 6,00,000 deductible. 

Now, if your healthcare bill is INR 9,00,000, the insurance company will offer Rs. 6,00,000 from the base medical insurance plan plus INR 3,00,000 from the super top-up plan.


  • Hospitalisation benefits
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Daycare treatment
  • No cap on room rent
  • ICU room rent
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Psychiatric illness cover

3. OPD Health Insurance

OPD therapy, also known as outpatient department treatment, relates to treatments and diagnosis performed on the recommendation of a healthcare practitioner or doctor by visiting their facility or even the doctor's consulting chamber in any multispecialty medical facility.

It is crucial to highlight that OPD therapies do not necessitate hospitalisation. As a result, this involves fracture treatments, various dental procedures, and minor operations.


  • Professional fees
  • Surgical treatments
  • Diagnostic fees
  • Dental treatments
  • Medicine bills
  • Hearing aids
  • Hospitalisation benefit
  • Daycare treatment
  • No cap on room rent
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Psychiatric illness cover
  • Annual check-ups
  • Lump sum post-hospitalisation payout.

Additional Coverage

  • Newborn baby coverage with maternity benefit
  • Zone upgrade

4. Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

The Arogya Sanjeevani Insurance is a conventional health insurance policy that protects you against medical expenditures of up to INR 2 crores. Pre- and post-hospitalization fees, hospital room rent, ICU services, and new-age therapies are all covered.


  • In-patient hospitalisation expenses
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses
  • ICU services
  • Hospital room rent
  • HIFU and uterine artery embolization
  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Immunotherapy
  • Robotic surgeries
  • Bronchial thermoplasty
  • IONM
  • Balloon sinuplasty
  • Oral chemotherapy
  • Intra vitreal injections
  • Stereotactic radio surgeries
  • Prostate vaporisation
  • Stem cell therapy.

5. Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident plan is medical insurance coverage that protects you financially in tragic scenarios where you or your family members are involved in an unfortunate accident that leads to injury or, in the worst-case scenario, death.

Accidents may happen at any moment and flip your lifestyle upside down; besides the fact that you can be physically and emotionally damaged, it can also become a financial strain. If you are fortunate enough to be protected by a conventional health insurance plan, it may only cover normal medical expenditures such as hospitalisation charges. The personal accident plan will cover several other things you will know below.


1. Digit Personal Accident Insurance

This policy provides three coverage choices from which to pick based on your needs.

  • Fundamental Option

As the name suggests, it offers basic accidental insurance coverage.


  • Accidental death
  • Total permanent disablement
  • Partial permanent disablement
  • Transportation and funeral expenses
  • Support Option

The support option provides multiple additional benefits over the fundamental plan.


  • Accidental death
  • Total permanent disablement
  • Partial permanent disablement
  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Daycare treatment
  • Cumulative bonus
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Children education benefit
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Home hospitalisation expenses
  • Imported medicines transportation
  • All-rounder Option

This plan is a comprehensive accidental insurance plan that covers all aspects of the fundamental and support options.


  • Accidental death
  • Total permanent disablement
  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Daycare treatment
  • Cumulative bonus
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Children education benefit
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Home hospitalisation expenses
  • Imported medicines transportation
  • Transportation and funeral expenses

2. Saral Suraksha Bima Go Digit

This plan offers comprehensive accidental insurance coverage.


  • Accidental death
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Permanent partial disablement

Optional Coverage:

  • Temporary partial disablement
  • Accident related hospitalisation expenses
  • Education grant

6. COVID Health Insurance Plans

A COVID health insurance policy is specially designed to cover the expenses and other requirements that arise when someone is diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus. 


1. Corona Kavach Policy

This policy provides the coverage policyholders require throughout COVID therapy.


  • COVID hospitalisation cover
  • Pre-hospitalisation cover
  • Post-hospitalisation cover
  • Home treatment expenses cover
  • AYUSH therapy

Optional Coverage:

  • Hospital cash benefit

2. Corona Rakshak Policy

This policy offers the base coverage that policyholders need during the treatment of COVID.


  • COVID Cover

7. Corporate Health Insurance

A group medical insurance policy protects several individuals employed with the same company. The best part about this is that employers pay the premium to secure the health of their employees. In some situations, group medical insurance coverage can be expanded to employees' family members. This type of insurance is often known as business medical insurance or employee medical insurance.


1. Digit Group Hospital Cash Policy

This policy is specially tailored to help your employees meet daily hospital cash requirements in times of hospitalisation.


  • Daily hospital cash benefit
  • Accidental and illness hospitalisation cash allowance benefit
  • Critical illness hospitalisation cash allowance benefit
  • Companion benefit
  • Parent accommodation benefit
  • Daycare treatment benefit
  • Maternity benefit

2. Digit Group Janata Personal Accidental Policy

This policy is specially tailored to help your employees meet ends when hospitalized due to accidents.


  • Accidental death (including disappearance)
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability

3. Digit Illness Group Insurance


  • Hospitalisation cover
  • Pre-hospitalisation cover
  • Post-hospitalisation cover
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Second medical opinion
  • Virus detection and quarantine allowance

4. Digit Group Total Protect Policy

This Digit health insurance policy comes with numerous coverages shown below.


  • Accidental death (including disappearance and drowning)
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Loss of income benefit
  • Children education benefit
  • Marriage expenses for children benefit
  • Orphan benefit for children
  • Funeral expenses
  • Transportation expenses
  • Trauma counselling
  • Accidental death hospitalisation
  • Daycare treatment
  • Pre-hospitalisation cover
  • Post-hospitalisation cover
  • Dental treatment
  • Second medical opinion
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Imported medicine transportation
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation
  • Long hospitalisation cash cover
  • Daily hospitalisation cash benefit
  • Outpatient cover
  • Emergency air ambulance cover
  • COMA benefit cover
  • Fracture cover
  • Burns cover
  • Modification of lifestyle cover
  • External aids and appliances expense
  • Compassionate visit
  • Accidental injury miscarriage
  • Adventure sports cover
  • Critical illness

Digit Health Insurance Benefits

Whether you want an insurance plan that allows you to vary your cover by consulting various health professionals or one that offers you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of benefits, Digit health insurance can provide the services you require. Here are the benefits offered by Digit health insurance:

1. Peace of Mind

Life can throw a lot of curveballs at you, especially if you're preparing for retirement. Anything from a pre-existing illness to major medical problems can trigger financial woes in the short term, and they can easily turn into larger problems that we never saw coming. Health insurance is a financial safety net that protects our families against medical problems and unexpected costs in times of need.

You can obtain cash through a policy if you require medical care authorized by your medical insurance plan. You can use the policy money for any expenditures linked to your sickness or treatment and purchase drugs and therapies if necessary.

  • Additional Sum Insured

Digit health insurance wants you to have the healthcare coverage that you require. That is why it provides free supplementary coverage for accidental hospitalizations & critical illnesses. If an accident or illness happens in your life, and it leads to accidental hospitalization — or even worse — a critical illness that leads to hospitalization — no worries. Digit Insurance can cover the costs involved in either situation with zero out-of-pocket expenses because we know what it means to take care of yourself first.

2. COVID Coverage

India is among the most COVID-affected countries. Digit covers it under its standard medical insurance, so you don't need to purchase a special coronavirus coverage.

3. No Co-payment Based on Age

If you want to purchase health insurance, you may have come across the data that each insurer has its own set of co-payment rules. But what gives you the right to be in control of your health insurance funds? Digit Health is where it's at. 

There are no age-based co-payments with Digit health insurance. This implies you don't have to spend anything when filing a medical insurance claim.

4. No Restrictions on Room Rent

Digit knows that everyone has distinct tastes. That is why there are no constraints on hospital room rent. You can select whatever hospital room you like. In fact, you can pick a private room without paying for anything more.

5. Big Hospital Network

Digit is the go-to place for finding the best cashless hospitals across India, offering coverage to people across ages. It has secured a network of over 6400 hospitals and clinics across the country and makes it easy for you to find your  nearest hospital where you can get all your treatment on a cashless basis.

6. Group Insurance Plans

Employers have acknowledged the need to provide employees with medical insurance coverage as a component of their worker benefits bundle in recent years. 

Digit Insurance provides coverage for a set number of people under a single master plan. Digit health insurance provides coverage, spanning from in-patient hospitalisation and daycare therapy to organ donor expenses and infertility treatment, and is an excellent complement to your firm's benefits program and your employees' health.

7. Tax Benefits

Digit health insurance avails you of tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

8. Claim Settlement of Digit Health Insurance

When shopping for a health insurance provider, you should check the CSR or Claim Settlement Ratio of various companies. This ratio is generated when we compare the number of claims settled by the company over the total number of claims received by it in a particular period. Therefore, the higher the ratio is, the more dependable your insurance provider is.

The main selling point of health insurance is that it offers a financial cushion for the policyholders to fall back on when faced with serious illness or costly medical treatment. So the last thing he or she wants to see after being admitted to a hospital is getting their claim rejected. As a result, it is important to judge the companies based on their claim settlement ratio.

Digit Health Insurance boasts a high claim settlement ratio of 99.65% in less than three months and 0.24% in more than three months in 2021. This not only helps it improve and maintain its reputation among existing customers but also attracts new clients.

List of Documents Required to Buy Digit Health Insurance Online

When acquiring health insurance, the applicant must provide the required documents. There are several types of medical insurance, but the following is a rundown of all the necessary papers to be completed when acquiring medical insurance policy offline or online:

  • Age Proof
    • Voter Card
    • PAN Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driving Licence
    • Passport
  • Address Proof
    • Voter Card
    • Recent Utility Bill
    • Ration Card
    • Bank Account Statement
    • Passport
  • Identity Proof
    • Driving Licence
    • Aadhaar Card
    • PAN Card
    • Voter Card
    • Passport
  • Income Proof (if needed)
    • Recent salary slips
    • Bank account statement
  • Recent medical reports
  • Filled insurance application form
  • Passport-size photographs

Note: When you apply for insurance, the company can always ask for more information.

How to Renew Digit Health Insurance Online?

Policy renewal is required for continued medical coverage. Digit health insurance policies may be renewed in two ways: through the service provider's official website or via Paytm insurance. Both approaches are explained further below:

Via Digit Website:

  1. Visit the Digit health insurance website.
  2. Use the Digit health insurance login procedure.
  3. Select ‘renewals’ from the page-top menu.
  4. Input your registered mobile number or sign in with your policy details.
  5. Once you are done, you will be presented with the details of your ongoing Digit policy.
  6. You can pay your renewal fees online and renew your plan.

How to File a Claim with Digit Health Insurance Online?

A medical insurance claim can be submitted in two modes. 

The former one is the cashless option where you receive medical treatment without having to pay anything; this arises when you are admitted or transferred to any medical facility or hospital under the network of your insurance provider and are given a cashless card. 

The latter is the reimbursement method that requires you to settle the bills for everything from your pocket and present all essential papers before making a refund claim with your insurance company.  This is usually conducted when you are admitted or transferred to a non-partnered hospital.

The following is the generic procedure to file a claim with Digit health insurance:

You need to contact the company and inform it about your medical treatment. You can call it on its hotline at 1800-258-4242 or email it at healthclaims@godigit.com. Senior citizen customers can email at seniors@godigit.com

Alternatively, you can file a health claim online by stating your policy number and the policy start date. A representative will contact you to get the details of medical treatment from you.

Digit Cashless Health Insurance Claim Process

In India, medical insurance firms maintain a list of partner medical facilities where they give cashless coverage. If you are receiving treatment at any one of these facilities, you can reap the benefits of cashless therapy. In other terms, the medical facility is paid directly by the insurance provider, such as Digit Insurance, for the healthcare services related to the bills. The hospital coverage of an insurance company may be viewed on its website.

The most intriguing part of cashless treatment is that the insured may receive medical treatment without thinking about cash in the event of a life-threatening situation by taking admission to any partner medical facility pf Digit Insurance.

The following is a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Inform Digit at a minimum of two to three nights before any scheduled hospitalisation or within a limit of 24 hours of any unexpected hospitalisation.
  2. Present your e-health card and request the pre-approval paperwork at the hospital's Mediassist help desk or insurance helpdesk.
  3. Fill out the form, sign it, and return it to the helpdesk.
  4. If everything checks out, you can proceed with the therapy utilising the cashless option. Ensure the therapy completes within 15 days of authorisation.

Documents Needed for a Digit Health Insurance Cashless Claim

When making your cashless health insurance claim at a partner medical facility, you must supply the following documents:

  1. Admission recommendation from a doctor.
  2. The insurance provider's policy paper or health card.
  3. KYC documentation for both the insured and the policyholder, comprising proof of age.
  4. Reports of any pre-hospitalization diagnosis.
  5. Any other documents required at the moment of enrolment.

The remainder of the documentation procedure will be handled by the hospital, so you won't have to worry about it.

Digit Reimbursement Health Insurance Claim Process

If you are hospitalized at a non-network facility, you must first pay the bill and then file a refund claim with your insurance provider. When submitting your claim, you must include the hospitalisation and medical bill invoices, and any other relevant documents. After reviewing the bills, the insurance company will pay the funds into the bank account you specify.

The best part about reimbursement insurance claims is that you will always receive your cash back, no matter where you get your medical treatment from. If a partner hospital is not closed, submitting a reimbursement insurance claim can be the best alternative.

  1. You must contact Digit Insurance within two days of being admitted. Following the call, the firm will offer you a URL where you may upload soft duplicates of all genuine papers (bills, reports, etc.) as well as the bank account information of your choice.
  2. You must sign all the paperwork before submitting them. You should also put "for Digit Insurance" on them. Have all originals on hand in case the company require them.
  3. Upload the documents within 30 days of receiving the link or from the day of discharge.
  4. The company will keep you updated on any new criteria.
  5. You will be reimbursed within 30 days after receiving the final required claim paperwork.

Documents Needed for a Digit Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim

Here is a list of all the documents required for the Digit Health Insurance reimbursement claim:

  • Hospitalisation Claims
    • Filled and signed claim document
    • Discharged summary
    • Medical records
    • Main bill of the hospital
    • Hospital bill break-up
    • Pharmacy Bills with investigations and prescriptions
    • Investigation and consultation papers
    • CDs and digital images of the investigation process
    • KYC and bank details along with cancelled cheque
    • Antenatal record (in case of pregnancy related claims)
    • Birth discharge summary (in case of pregnancy-related claims)
    • MLC or FIR (in case of accident-related claims or police involvement)
    • Post Mortem Report (in case of death-related claims)
    • Death certificate (in case of death-related claims)
    • Disability certificate invoice (in case of disability-related claims)
    • Attending doctor certificate (if applicable)
  • Critical Illness Claims
    • Filled and signed claim document
    • Medical records
    • Investigation and consultation papers
    • KYC and bank details along with cancelled cheque
    • MLC or FIR (in case of accident-related claims or police involvement)
    • Attending doctor certificate (if applicable)
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit Claims
    • Filled and signed claim document
    • Discharged summary
    • KYC and bank details along with a cancelled cheque

How to Calculate Digit Health Insurance Premium?

The premium amount is quite important when selecting a medical insurance policy. You do not want to purchase a plan in which you pay more than you receive in benefits. While many people go for the lowest premium or maximum coverage, some prefer plans that offer a good value for money. The basic purpose of our lives is to enjoy and make them comfortable, not just financially but also physically. So, finding the right insurance that fits your needs should be your purpose.

It is crucial to note, however, that the product description only displays the base coverage premium. For a more precise understanding, speak with a Digit representative and get a quote. The rates provided by Digit will vary based on your family members' health and the sort of treatment they receive on a routine basis.

The following are some of the elements that influence your insurance premium:

  • Pre-existing Diseases and Illnesses

If Digit Insurance finds out that you are too hazardous to cover because of your pre-existing sickness, it may levy an additional fee.

  • Harmful Substances

Most insurance companies charge higher premiums to policyholders who chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes. That can be the case with Digit too.

  • Age:

The younger you are, the cheaper your health insurance premium amount will be. It is often due to the fact that young policyholders have a lower risk of developing major illnesses than senior policyholders.

  • Career:

Individuals in high-risk occupations, such as construction, are often charged with a greater premium due to their hazardous working environment.

Digit Health Insurance Tax Benefits

Individuals, spouses, and dependent kids can all claim income tax exemptions  under Section 80D on eligible medical insurance premiums paid. Section 80D can be defined as a provision in the IT Act that allows taxpayers to offset medical insurance premiums paid. Individuals' tax load is reduced by filing a reduction under this clause, which allows a reduction of up to a limit of INR 25,000 annually for health insurance premiums. 

Taxpayers can get a deduction under Income Tax Act Section 80D for remitting payments for any medical coverage or premium purchased in the identity of

  1. The individual taxpayer
  2. The taxpayer's spouse
  3. Taxpayer's dependent kids
  4. The taxpayer's dependent parents


Tax Break

Below 60 years

Above 60 years

Self, Children & Spouse

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000


Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000

Total Deduction

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 1,00,000

What is Covered Under Digit Health Insurance Plans?

The following scenarios are covered under Digit health insurance policies:

  • In-patient Hospitalization

Digit will compensate for any healthcare expenditures incurred when an insured person is being admitted to a medical facility for sickness or injury for a duration of more than 24 hours with this cover. This includes the expense of lodging, a doctor's appointment, diagnostic tests, blood, oxygen, drugs, and so on.

  • Pre-hospitalisation

The insurance company will compensate for any medical expenditures related to the therapy of the applicable illness incurred 60 days before hospitalisation.

  • Post-hospitalisation

Digit will compensate for any medical expenditures incurred within 90 days after the patient's discharge from the hospital. .

  • Daycare Therapy

It pays for any medical expenses incurred by an insured person as a consequence of daycare procedures. A daycare procedure or surgery is a medical procedure that does not need more than a 24-hour stay in the hospital.

What Is not Covered Under Digit Health Insurance Plans?

The Digit health insurance policy offers you various health care benefits and at the same time, there are some exclusions defined which can be either accidental or not. This list will discuss some of the common exclusions under the insurance policy and what they mean to you as a policyholder.

  • Pre- and post-natal costs

Prenatal and postnatal medical bills, unless hospitalisation is required.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

In the event of a pre-existing ailment, the claim cannot be lodged until the waiting time has expired.

  • Hospitalization without a Doctor's Prescription

Any ailment for which you are hospitalised that does not correspond to the doctor's diagnosis is not covered.

Note: This list is only an overview of the most frequent exclusions found in Digit Health Insurance coverage. To fully comprehend the policy exclusions, you must read the entire insurance paperwork.

Digit Health Insurance Network Hospitals

As the desire for medical insurance coverage has skyrocketed, insurance firms are scrambling to find the finest partner hospitals for their subscribers. Any insurance provider chooses partner hospitals only after extensive background investigations on the efficiency and skill of medical treatments provided at the various network hospitals. Even once the selection is complete, the insurance provider periodically renews its roster of network hospitals depending on the level of treatments they give to subscribers. This implies that if the partner hospital does not provide excellent care, the tie-ups won't be extended.

The extra benefit of a network medical facility chosen by health insurance providers is that it provides cashless care to subscribers. Cashless treatment is available up to the total sum covered, according to the policy's terms and conditions.

Click here to get a list of all 6400+ partnered hospitals in the Digit network.

Digit Health Insurance Reviews

Digit Health Insurance is one of the best in the country. Their exclusive and personal service is more than just a website. The company takes time to understand your needs and guides you through the process – from quoting online to enrolling online and answering any questions you may have during the journey. This is different from traditional plans, which can get complicated and confusing. Not with Digit Health Insurance!

How to Contact Digit Health Insurance?

Phone Number1800-103-4448
Whatsapp70260 61234

Digit Health Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How many health insurance claims may I file in a calendar year?

    As a Digit consumer, you can file as many health insurance claims as you like throughout a policy year, as long as the overall amount of individual claims does not surpass the policy's overall sum insured amount.

  • 2. Who should I contact if I need help with a Digit insurance policy claim?

    If you need assistance with a claim, please contact Digit at 1800-103-4448 or email hello@godigit.com.

  • 3. Can I adjust the sum insured throughout the term of my Digit family medical insurance?

    Yes. If you are dissatisfied with the amount insured on your Digit family medical insurance, you can get it amended. You may do the same while renewing your coverage.

  • 4. Does Digit offer free healthcare check-ups?

    Yes, if you renew your insurance with the company without a gap, you will receive a health care check-up. Digit medical insurance covers medical screening costs up to the amount indicated in your insurance paperwork.

  • 5. Can the company terminate my medical insurance plan?

    Yes, Digit may terminate the policy for misrepresentation, fraud, or failure to disclose relevant information by issuing you a 15-day notice by registered delivery to your last recorded address/e-mail ID, with no return of premium.

  • 6. Is there a policy for children offered by Go Digit?

    No, Digit doesn't offer a medical insurance plan specifically for children. However, children can be included under different Digit policies with their families.

  • 7. Does Digit offer maternity cover?

    Yes, maternity coverage is available under Digit plans. The insurance covers maternity expenditures such as labour and delivery and care for any pregnancy complications.

  • 8. What is the age limit for parents to join a Digit policy?

    Parents under the age limit of 60 years are eligible for coverage under Digit's health insurance.

  • 9. Are the costs of AYUSH therapy covered under Digit's medical insurance plan?

    Yes, the costs of AYUSH therapy are covered under Digit's medical insurance plan.

  • 10. How can I initiate a premium payment for the Digit Health Insurance plan?

    You may pay the premium amount for the Digit Health Insurance policy using any of these methods - cash, credit card, debit card, cheque, or digital payment channels.

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