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Reliance health insurance calculator  is a unique online tool which will render service to calculate the estimated health insurance premium. The premium has to be paid during the purchase of the policy or during the renewal time, as per your budget and overall requirements.

You may always go through various health insurance plans and compare them as per your affordability using the health insurance premium calculator, which will only guide you with an estimate of the premium. This could help you in the calculation of premiums absolutely easily, online mode during the purchase of your customised health insurance plan. The Reliance health insurance calculator gives you the estimated amount, but it can work out the exact premium applicable to a particular policy if you provide your own policy coverage details.

Key Features of the Reliance Health Insurance Calculator

Here are the Reliance health insurance calculator features:

  • Flexibility

Reliance health mediclaim premium calculator  will help you to analyse and calculate all health insurance plans in one portfolio when you would purchase a new policy or customise the one already purchased in time of renewal. You can always have a check and balance on the estimated premium amount. The plan can be easily edited online and any alteration in the plan can be done as per your requirements. 

You can use the Reliance health calculator multiple times to calculate different coverages which will help you to select your perfect policy plan if you have not chosen the correct one as per your affordability, you can always modify it without any complications.

  • Easy Online Purchase 

Reliance health insurance premium calculator helps you to analyse the estimated amount by comparing the health insurance plans of different policies online, and it also helps you to buy the affordable plan as per your requirement. You can acquire the coverage just by following some online simple steps and providing the required information to the company. 

  • Time-saving

The Reliance health mediclaim premium calculator actually helps in the calculation of the premium in a simple process and saves ample time.  The premium calculation manually would be time-consuming and uptight. If you want, you can always visit the branch for a consultation, but this would make you dependent on others, you can achieve the easy premium calculation through the Reliance health insurance calculator online to avoid such glitches. 

  • Money Saver

Reliance health insurance premium calculator is a money-saving unique tool, it saves money by choosing the health insurance coverage by comparing it with a wide range of policies to get a cost-effective and beneficial plan. The Reliance health insurance calculator will get you the idea of the premium and searching through the premium calculator is a  simple, free-of-cost process. You may get additional benefits regarding your policy sometimes through the premium calculator. 

Things to Remember While Using a Reliance Health Insurance Premium Calculator

The health insurance premium calculator is the one which helps you to analyse and plan your policy, by providing the estimated amount which you need to pay during the purchase of the policy. The premium amount is estimated one, it may be varied at the purchase time, depending on various pointers, like age, medical condition, case history, and lifestyle habits, family members, you can have flexibility in customising your plans as per various coverages, the premium amount and its installments in affordable segments through this Reliance health insurance premium calculator. You have to give your information details to the company through which the  Reliance health mediclaim premium calculator  can analyse and plan your desired policy premium. Sometimes the initial details do not include the age, medical history, habits, etc, so the premium might be changed also. 

The Reliance health mediclaim premium calculator will help you to make the right decision in a simple online procedure and hassle-free technique. 

How to Calculate Online Health Insurance Premiums for Reliance?

The  Reliance health insurance premium calculation can be done through the health insurance premium calculator, a  free, online process, which is available on the official website of Reliance, you have to put in the necessary details to get the estimated premium. 

The Reliance health mediclaim premium calculator  will direct you to different plans and their premiums based on the specified information. The major factors in choosing the premium are as follows:

  • Age
  • Policy term details
  • Coverage details
  • Amount insured
  • Plan period
  • Medical History
  • Discounts which apply, etc.
  • Type of policy you buy

You will receive the premium amount displayed on your screen, which is calculated by the Reliance health mediclaim premium calculator after receiving the above information. You can still alter the premium amount by adjusting some of the factors, like the sum insured, coverage details, and family members, etc.

Reliance Health Insurance Premium Chart

The Reliance health insurance premium rate is provided in detail in the policy documents and pamphlets of Reliance. You will get the premium amount in line with your insured sum from the package of information details, age, medical history, and lifestyle habits.

How is Reliance Health Insurance Premium Determined?

Health insurance coverage is dependent on numerous factors. You may be able to select the coverage that fits your budget with proper knowledge of these variables. The following are the details, of how your Reliance health insurance premium is calculated:

  • Age 

Age is one of the prime factors that decide the premium amount, the premium value would change with the time of purchase. The older you are, at the time of purchase of your policy, the premium would be on the higher side, so it would be expensive for you, taking this into consideration the purchase of Reliance health insurance at a younger age is advisable always.The age of the eldest member of the family will decide on the premium amount in case of the coverage opted for is the floater one.

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you have critical medical conditions, which need to be taken care of, this would guide th premium calculator to analyse the premium amount of your policy at a higher rate. People who have pre-existing medical conditions in some cases may be denied the insurance plans also or they have to pay a relatively higher rate, you should also check if your plan covers your pre-existing medical issues or not 

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle/Habits

The premium always changes due to the unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine use, which are hard to refrain from and makes people sick at times. They will be more likely to give insurance coverage at higher premium prices or the company may deny providing the policy coverage to them at all.

  • Sum Insured

The final insurance amount absolutely decides the premium amount, this is the amount the company will pay to you if you submit the claim in your medical crisis. The premium amount will be higher if the total sum covered is higher,  so you have to choose your policy based on this simple understanding, the family coverage might be on a higher side than the individual one based on the number of your family members.

  • Nature of Job

The premium calculator will consider your job during the calculation of the premium amount, in case you have the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, radiation, or hazardous materials, in your profession, or you have exposure to any higher risk of injury like construction works, etc then you have to pay the higher rate of premiums, as you are likely to have some illness or injuries any time,  which makes you more vulnerable and Reliance health insurance premium, will guide you to choose the best policy coverage of your choice accordingly.

Tax Exemption on Reliance Health Insurance Premium

The entire premiums paid for health insurance during a fiscal year are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. It is offered on normal health insurance premiums as well as top-up and critical illness plan premiums. On premiums paid for health insurance for yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children, you are eligible for a deduction of up to INR 25,000 under Section 80D deduction. 

Additionally eligible for up to INR 50,000 each fiscal year for dependent parents or senior citizens. But the maximum tax break amount increases to INR 1 lakh every financial year if both, policyholder as well as parents are above 60 years. The table below can explain further tax deduction system:

InsuredTax Benefits
<60 years>60 years
Self, Spouse & ChildrenINR 25,000INR 50,000
Dependent Parents/Senior CitizensINR 25,000INR 50,000
Overall DeductionINR 50,000INR 1,00,000

Reliance Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. Why should you use the calculator for Reliance health insurance premiums?

    You make a commitment to pay a certain amount on a regular basis in exchange for the right to use the advantages of medical insurance. The payment guarantees that your loved ones will continue to be protected by the policy. You must take a number of factors into account when purchasing Reliance health insurance, from the coverage quantity to the claim settlement ratio. One of the key elements in determining whether you should purchase insurance or not is the cost of the premium. As a result, utilising the Reliance health insurance premium calculator may be useful because it allows you to see exactly how changing certain parameters may affect the premium rate.

  • 2. Is it possible to terminate my Reliance General Insurance and still receive my premium refund?

    Within a 15-day free look period, Reliance General Health Insurance coverage can be cancelled. You have the choice to return the insurance and provide a justification if you dispute any of the terms or conditions of the policy. After that, assuming no claims were filed within that time, you will be eligible for the premium return.

  • 3. What happens to the premium if there are no claims filed under the Reliance General Critical Illness Policy in a given year?

    Reliance General gives a renewal reduction of 5% off base premium, with a maximum of 50 per cent of the total for all claim-free periods, for each year without a claim. ​

  • 4. What elements affect the cost of Reliance General health insurance?

    Four factors, in particular, have a significant impact on the cost of Reliance health insurance premium:

    • Amount insured under Reliance health insurance 
    • Age of the family's eldest member
    • Chosen optional/add-on covers to the coverage 
    • Insurance coverage whether it is an individual or a floater

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