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  • 1. Which Bike Insurance Is better: Comprehensive or Third-Party Liability Insurance?

    Third-Party Liability Only Plan comes for a lesser premium amount than the Comprehensive Plan but the latter not only includes the third-party liability cover but also has an own damage cover. It is a good idea to pay up a higher price for more protection.

  • 2. What happens to the accumulated No Claim Bonus at the time of renewal of an expired policy?

    DHFL makes a 30 days window available for the renewal of the policy, from the date of expiry. In case the policy is renewed within 30 days, No Claim Bonus will remain active. Once the grace period of 30 days is over and you didn't renew your policy, no benefits of No Claim Bonus will be carried forward to the renewed policy.

  • 3. How does DHFL determine the premium for a bike Insurance policy?

    The following factors help to decide the premium amount for a particular policy in DHFL Bike Insurance:

    1. Age of the bike
    2. Insured Declared Value of the vehicle
    3. The capacity of the bike engine and such other parameters
  • 4. What features define a COCO Ride policy by DHFL?

    COCO by DHFL provides bike insurance policies which are customer-friendly, pocket-friendly and has no troubles involved. Following are the features of COCO Ride policies:

    1. No paperwork involved
    2. Add on covers are more than 12
    3. Bike insurance plans are affordable
    4. No Claim Bonus is fully transferable
    5. Self-Inspection has done instantly, online
    6. Instant digital policy

     little more for bigger protection.

  • 5. What are the add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance?

    Add on covers are the additional benefits which stand by us when the need for it arises. Chola MS offers the following add on covers for bike insurance policies:

    Passenger Cover 

    Provides compensation to the pillion rider in case of death, partial/permanent disability in an accident. Though this comes for a higher premium amount, this add on is highly beneficial.

    Zero/Nil Depreciation cover:
    The expenses incurred for replacing parts of the bike after an accident can be claimed in totality without deducting its depreciation value by way of this cover. You need to pay a higher premium amount and the company pays for the spare parts and the depreciation value.

    Accessories cover: 
    This cover protects you against any loss or damage incurred on the expensive electrical and non-electrical accessories installed in your bike. To avail this add on the facility, you need to give an estimate of the value of your accessories at the time of paying a premium.

    Medical cover: 
    This covers all kinds of medical treatments related to your accident on your insured bike.

  • 6. What is IDV?

    Insured Declared Value is what IDV stands for. The maximum amount up to which the insured can claim during the tenure of the insurance policy of the two-wheeler.

  • 7. What happens to the accumulated No Claim Bonus at the time of renewal of an expired policy?

    Chola MS has a validity of 30 days available from the date of expiry of the policy for its renewal. No Claim Bonus will become null and void in case the policy is not renewed within 30 days and no benefits of No Claim Bonus will be carried forward to the renewed policy after the grace period of  30 days.

  • 8. How can you cancel your Chola MS Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

    You can call up the customer service number and inform them to cancel the policy. You need to submit the original policy document and other relevant documents either on the mail or by visiting a nearby branch office. You can follow-up after 7 days to find out if the policy has been cancelled.


  • 1. What is DHFL's claim agreement feedback?

    The vehicle insurances provided by DHFL company are dependable, with a high claim acceptance rate. With their value for money insurance policies it has gained quite a popularity among the buyers.

  • 2. How to get DHFL motorcycle insurance online?

    Simply go to the official site of DHFL, i.e. Navi Insurance website, Look for your preferable bike insurance policy according to your choice and budget and click on "buy online" and fill up the necessary details

  • 3. Who is eligible to purchase DHFL motorcycle insurance?

    Purchasing DHFL bike insurance is available to anybody who owns a new or used legally registered vehicle or two-wheeler.

  • 4. What is DHFL's customer service like?

    DHFL offers a specialized staff of additional customer service representatives that are dedicated to handling customer queries and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • 1. Where can I buy DHFL Insurance for my bike?

    You can purchase DHFL Insurance online or by visiting their nearby offices.

  • 2. Where is the DHFL Insurance company head office located?

    DHFL General Insurance Limited is a well-known insurance company and has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • 3. Can we see our DHFL bike insurance premium breakups before buying?

    With the DHFL Insurance website, you can see your premiums with yearly or monthly breakups.

  • 4. Is customer service of DHFL Insurance company available all the time?

    DHFL customer assistance is available 24x7.

Policy Download

  • 1. What documents do I need to download the DHFL bike insurance copy?

    The only thing you'll need is your DHFL two-wheeler insurance policy number to get a copy of your policy.

  • 2. Which method of obtaining a DHFL two-wheeler insurance policy copy is more convenient?

    If you lose your insurance document, you should obtain it online since acquiring your copy offline is a time-consuming process.

  • 3. Is my driving licence required to claim DHFL bike insurance?

    Yes, you must provide your driver's license when applying for a DHFL bike insurance claim. You should also verify the validity of your driving licence.

  • 4. What does the DHFL policy document contain?

    Your policy document contains every detail such as policy type, premium, inclusions, exclusions, mode of payment, expiry date, add-on(if any), terms and conditions, etc. 

  • 5. Can I edit my personal information during the renewal process?

    Yes, personal information may be updated while renewing the DHFL bike insurance policy.

Add On Covers

  • 1. What are the benefits of adding two-wheeler add-on coverage to your DHFL bike policy?

    Add-on covers are additional benefits that are added to your base insurance policy that covers additional liabilities in return for a premium raise. You can choose which policy is best for you according to your budget, preference, and taste.

  • 2. Who should buy these additional insurance coverages of DHFL for their vehicle?

    If you've recently purchased your dream bike or any other expensive two-wheeler, you may get it insured with extra add-ons of your choice and ride with peace of mind. This will also save you from any financial liabilities during any unfortunate accident.

  • 3. Is DHFL two-wheeler insurance IRDAI approved?

    DHFL General Insurance company is IDRAI accredited, as it is a very old and reputable insurance firm. They have lots of good customer reviews too.

  • 4. Is it possible to renew DHFL two-wheeler add-on insurance coverage online?

    Yes, DHFL bike insurance add-ons may be readily renewed online thanks to their user-friendly website, Navi Insurance. 

  • 5. Is it possible to exclude DHFL add-on covers from my existing bike insurance policy?

    Yes, you can exclude add-on covers from your existing DHFL bike insurance policy at the time of renewal. 


  • 1. In what ways can the DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance be customised?

    To customise your insurance policy, you can:

    • Purchase add-on covers as per your preference.
    • Opt for the suitable tenure of policy.
  • 2. Are discounts offered on the premium by DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive two-wheeler insurance?

    Yes, one can avail following discounts under the policy:

    • Voluntary deductible
    • The anti-theft device has a discount
    • No-claim bonus when no claim is made during the policy period
    • Automobile association discount

    If you opt for a long-term policy, you can get a discount on the premium 


  • 3. Is a bike in transit also covered completely under DHFL comprehensive bike insurance?

    Yes, the policy covers damage received on transit by air, waterway, elevator, lift, and road.  

  • 4. Is cashless claim available for users of DHFL comprehensive bike insurance policy?

    The insurer will directly pay the repairing cost to the garage when the insured vehicle is repaired in any garages registered with DHFL General Insurance. Hence, cashless claim is available for bikes insured with DHFL General Insurance Limited comprehensive bike insurance.

  • 5. What factors go into deciding the premium amount of DHFL comprehensive bike insurance?

    The various factors that go into deciding the premium amount of the insurance policy depend on the vehicle's IDV, engine capacity, driving transit location, add-on opted, policy type and RTO zone. 


  • 1. What documents are required to purchase DHFL General Insurance Limited's two-wheeler third-party insurance policy?

    The documents required are as per the following:

    • Photo ID and one address proof
    • Photocopy of driving licence
    • Bike registration number and RC certificate
  • 2. Can the coverage of the DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance policy be stretched as peruse?

    No, the policy doesn't come with add-on covers.

  • 3. Where can one get the quote for my DHFL General Insurance Limited third- party bike insurance policy online?

    The quotes will be visible on the official website after entering the registration number of the bike.

  • 4. What is the coverage provided in case of total permanent disablement of the DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party?

    The third-party will get the entire sum coverage in the account of such permanent disability and the same will be decided by the court.

  • 5. How can one avail of the coverage third-party claim due to some accident?

    The insurer should be promptly contacted through the toll-free number or by visiting the office of the insurer.

Zero Depreciation

  • 1. What are the prerequisites for getting DHFL zero dep insurance?

    Your vehicle must be upto 5 years old and you must have either comprehensive or standalone own damage bike insurance policy.

  • 2. Does it make sense to go for DHFL zero depreciation cover?

    If you have recently got yourself a very expensive vehicle or have a fairly new vehicle, you are a passionate rider. You do not want to pay extra money for depreciation. It's best to choose the  DHFL zero depreciation add-on cover.

  • 3. How to claim DHFL zero dep insurance?

    It's an easy and quick process that you can follow up on their DHFL website.

  • 4. Is DHFL zero dep two-wheeler insurance safe and trustworthy?

    Yes, it is. Being an old company with so many positive reviews in its portfolio, You shouldn't worry about trust.

Own Damage

  • 1. Are DHFL General Insurance own damage two-wheeler insurance policyholders eligible for NCB?

    Yes, the insurance company offers NCB which is a No Claim Bonus to the customers in case of no claims being raised within the duration, of the policy. It is an incentive for good driving habits and is cumulative. The fifth consecutive year of no claims raised can bring the bonus amount to 50%. 

  • 2. Is it compulsory to buy own damage insurance according to Indian law?

    No, after the changes made in September 2019, now the vehicle holder is free to buy own damage insurance cover by choice. Third-party insurance is mandatory to be bought at the purchase of the vehicle.

  • 3. Why is DHFL two-wheeler insurance standalone policy the best option for own damage cover?

    DHFL offers the lowest bike premiums with a record of a million satisfied customers. The claim support is swift and hassle-free, always concluding within 7 days of claim.

  • 4. Is zero dep cover available under DHFL General Insurance own damage two-wheeler insurance policy?

    Yes, DHFL provides the option of zero dep cover to own damage policyholders. 

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