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Accidents, natural calamities, theft, and burglary are all covered by comprehensive car insurance. It serves as a safety net for your prized car, shielding you from financial losses and liabilities resulting from an unexpected incident, such as a collision with a third-party vehicle, person, or property. Comprehensive car insurance is recommended since it gives complete coverage that includes damage to your car and harm to a third-party person or property.

The Navi General comprehensive car insurance policy offers policyholders a wide choice of coverage. In addition, this automobile insurance policy covers legal obligations and financial obligations for third-party car insurance and own-damage charges incurred by the insured person's vehicle. Navi General Insurance is a renowned insurance company that offers policyholders car insurance policies to provide them with the best coverage at the most affordable pricing.

Navi Comprehensive Car Insurance Vs. Third Party Car Insurance

BasisComprehensive Car InsuranceThird Party Car Insurance
CoverageIt provides coverage for financial liabilities towards both, third-party as well as own-damage expenses incurred due to theft, accident, man-made calamity, natural calamity, etc.It gives coverage only against financial and legal liabilities incurred by the third- party in case of an accident involving the insured car.
Add-onThe car insurance policy coverage can be extended by adding various add-on covers.No add-on covers are allowed to be included in the third-party insurance policy.
CostIt is relatively costlier due to its extensive policy coverage.
It is available at the most affordable price due to its limited policy coverage.
NecessityOptional to buy.Mandatory to buy.

What All is Covered Under Navi Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy? 

The Navi comprehensive car insurance policy offers complete coverage to protect you against various events that could cause damage or loss to your vehicle. This policy covers both third-party and personal property damage. Policyholders with Navi comprehensive automobile insurance are covered in the following situations:

  • Third-party obligations: The insurance company protects its policyholders from financial liabilities arising from any injury, death, or property damage suffered by a third-party due to a collision involving the insured's vehicle. 
  • Own-damage Caused by Natural Calamities: The Navi comprehensive car insurance policy covers any damage or loss to an insured individual's car caused by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, landslide, flood, etc.
  • Own-damage from Man-made Catastrophes: The insurance company covers any damage or loss to the insured individual's car caused by man-made disasters such as fire, riot, terrorist activity, strikes, etc.
  • Own-damage Caused by Accident and Theft: The insurance company covers the damage or loss to the insured individual's car caused by an accident, theft, or burglary.

What All is not Covered Under Navi Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy? 

The Navi comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover the following items:

  • Wear and tear of the car.
  • Damages as a result of intentional negligence.
  • Damages caused while driving without a valid driver's licence/policy.
  • Breakdown due to mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Damages caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
  • Any losses incurred as a result of contractual obligations.
  • Damage caused by war, nuclear threats, etc.

Navi Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits 

Compared to any other car insurance policy, a Navi car insurance policy is far more helpful. The following benefits are available to policyholders with a Navi General insurance comprehensive policy:

  • The customer service crew is very accessible.
  • Claim settlement is quick and easy.
  • In only a few minutes, you can acquire insurance online.
  • In addition, a variety of add-on covers are available for more comprehensive policy coverage.
  • Third-party liability and own-damage expenditures compensation.
  • For cashless repair and replacement services, there are over 1,100 network garages.

Navi Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What are the factors considered to determine Navi car insurance premium?

    The amount of premium that policyholders must pay for Navi comprehensive car insurance is calculated using the following factors:

    • Car's age
    • Add-on covers 
    • Anti-theft equipment in the automobile 
    • Engine capacity
    • No-claim bonus
  • 2. Does Navi General provide a cashless payment settlement facility?

    Yes, Navi General Insurance's cashless claim settlement option allows you to get your automobile fixed for free at any network garage. By inputting their exact current position on Navi General Insurance's official website, policyholders can find the nearest network garage or workshop.

  • 3. What is all covered under the Navi car Insurance policy?

    Third-party liabilities, road accidents, fire, theft, earthquakes, floods, riots, terrorist activity, and other events are covered under the Navi comprehensive car insurance policy. However, you can read the policy wording of your auto insurance policy to learn more about the coverage details.

  • 4. What are the add-ons provided with Navi comprehensive car insurance?

    Zero depreciation, no claim bonus, consumable expenses, engine protector, accidental hospitalization, assistance cover, hospital Cash, emergency transport and hotel stay, roadside EMI protector, tyre replacement, and so on are some of the add-on covers offered by Navi comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • 5. When should I renew my Navi comprehensive car insurance policy?

    You must renew your Navi auto insurance policy before its expiration date. However, even if you forget to renew it after it expires, the insurance company will give you a grace period to renew it within 90 days of the expiration date to avoid it being invalid/lapse.

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