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Health insurance coverage is becoming almost mandatory for every household looking to get comprehensive healthcare benefits. But due to the rising costs of medical treatments, it is quite possible to exhaust your base health insurance cover in a few hospitalization episodes. This can leave you vulnerable to further healthcare issues like critical illness or accidental injuries. So, you could consider buying Digit health insurance top up plans to stay secure under such circumstances. With Digit's top up health insurance coverage, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are protected in the event of a terrible emergency or tragic catastrophe in case your base coverage runs out.

Digit provides economical and comprehensive critical illness insurance. This Canada-based general insurance provider, supported by Fairfax Financial Holding Ltd, has been offering comprehensive health insurance policies to consumers across the country. 

This page will provide in-depth knowledge of the top up of Digit health insurance

Digit Health Insurance Top Up Plan Highlights

Top up policies offer you an additional sum insured amount whenever you have completely exhausted your base health insurance plan. However, in order for the coverage to kick in, you need to spend a minimum amount termed the deductible amount. This deductible amount can either be self-funded or covered with an existing health insurance plan. Digit health top up plans are affordable and provide all-around health insurance coverage to the policyholder.

Here are the highlights of the Digit top up plan:

  • The policy offers a sum insured ranging from INR 10-20 lakhs.
  • The deductible amount ranges from INR 1-5 lakhs
  • The entry age is from 18 years to 65 years.
  • The policy covers daycare treatments.
  • The policy covers road ambulance expenses.
  • The room rent provided by the policy does not have any upper limit cap.

Types of Digit Health Top Up Plans

Digit offers the following health insurance top up policy:

1. Health Care Plus Policy

Sum InsuredINR 10-20 lakhs
Deductible AmountINR 1-5 lakhs
Age Requirement18 years

Digit Health Insurance Top Up Plan: Key Features & Benefits

Digit health insurance provides the following benefits over any other standard top up health insurance plan:

1. Comprehensive Coverage

Digit Health Insurance offers a wide range of top up plans designed to offer comprehensive coverage to the policyholders. The cover offered by these policies is almost equivalent to that of the basic plan. Besides, Digit health insurance also offers several policy benefits like psychiatric illness and bariatric surgery, day care treatment and ambulance expenses, and pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation covers, among others.

2. No Restrictions on Room Rent

Digit understands that everyone has a different taste in hospitals. Some people want to rent a private room, while others prefer to rent shared ones where they would have somebody to talk to. Others want their own space but can't afford it on their own. Whatever your preference is, you can rent a room that's right for you. There is no limit to hospitalization room rents!

3. Big Hospital Network

Digit can be your go-to health insurance provider in India for locating a cashless hospital, with the service of multiple thousands of medical facilities in all major locations. It has established a partnership of 10,500+ clinics and hospitals around the nation and makes it simple for you to choose your local hospital where you may receive all your services without paying any money.

4. Tax Breaks

Section 80D of the Income Tax Act offers tax advantages to policyholders paying health insurance premiums. The tax deduction limit is set to INR 50,000 for individuals over the age of 60 years. The same limit is reduced to INR 25,000 for policyholders under the age of 60 years. Both options include preventive medical test tax deductions of up to INR 5,000.

Inclusions of the Digit Health Insurance Top Up Policy

Here are the coverage provided by the Digit health insurance top up plan:

  • Hospitalisation benefits
  • Pre-Hospitalisation expenses
  • Post-Hospitalisation expenses
  • No-cap room rent
  • Daycare treatment
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Psychiatric iIllness cover
  • ICU room rent

Exclusions of the Digit Health Insurance Top Up Policy

Here are the exclusions listed under the Digit health insurance top up plan:

  • Treatment when the deductible amount is not crossed
  • Pre-existing diseases in their waiting term
  • Hospitalisation and treatment with a proper recommendation by any medical practitioner
  • Prenatal expenses
  • Post-natal expenses

Eligibility Criteria

Coverage Type-
Age Requirement

18 years 

91 days for children for hospitalisation cover

181 days for children for critical illness cover

Age LimitNil
Policy Term-

How to Buy Digit Health Insurance Top Up Policy?

Here is the purchasing procedure for Digit health insurance top up policy from Paytm Insurance:

  1. To start off, visit the Paytm Insurance website.
  2. Next, click on ‘health insurance’.
  3. Select Digit from the drop-down menu of health insurance providers
  4. Fill in the quick questionnaire and hit ‘proceed’.
  5. Input your pin code and age.
  6. Click on ‘get quote’ and be directed to a new page with all the health insurance plans available for you.
  7. Choose the health insurance plan of your choice and pay online with Paytm Insurance.

Things to Consider When Buying Digit Health Insurance Top Up Plans

Here are a couple of pointers you might want to keep in mind when looking for Digit health insurance top up plans:

1. Sum Insured

This is the coverage you will receive once the top up health insurance coverage kicks in. So, the higher this amount is, the better. But it is important to keep in mind that the sum insured is usually connected with the deductible amount. A rise in the sum insured means a higher deductible amount.

2. Deductible Amount

For the coverage to kick in, you must pay a minimum amount known as the deductible. This deductible can be self-funded or covered by an existing health insurance policy. A lower deductible amount is usually accompanied by a higher premium amount.

3. Premium Amount

This is the amount you will be paying to receive the health insurance top up plan coverage. It depends on the sum insured and the deductible amount you have chosen. A high sum insured with a low deductible amount means higher premium rates. In the same way, you can choose a higher deductible amount to lower your premium rates.

4. Network Hospitals

Network hospitals help you receive cashless treatments when you need them the most. Digit health top up policy covers over 10,500 cashless facilities all over the nation, so you can get high-quality treatment at low or no out-of-policy expenses.

Digit Health Insurance Top Up Plans FAQs

  • 1. Do I need to have an existing health insurance plan to get Digit health insurance top up coverage?

    No. The deductible amount can be self-funded so you do not need to have existing health insurance coverage.

  • 2. Is it mandatory to pay the deductible amount to get top up coverage?

    Yes. The deductible amount must be paid for the top up plan to kick in.

  • 3. Does Digit Health Care Plus Policy cover AYUSH therapy?

    Yes. This policy covers AYUSH treatment expenses.

  • 4. What is the minimum age requirement to purchase a Digit health top up policy?

    The minimum age requirement to purchase a Digit health top up policy is 18 years.

  • 5. What is the highest amount of tax deduction can I get from paying premiums of Digit health top up policy?

    The highest amount of tax deduction I can get from paying premiums of Digit health top up policy is INR 1 lakh given that you are above the age of 60 years and you have another senior citizen on the same policy.

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