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According to data, approximately 1.32 lakh persons perished in road accidents in 2020. Given the high incidence of fatalities, having a bike insurance policy in place to provide much-needed financial protection in the case of an emergency is vital. A policyholder can choose add-on covers to supplement the regular two-wheeler insurance policy by paying a slight premium increase.

Oriental two-wheeler insurance add-ons are selected covers that can be bought with a comprehensive and independent own-damage policy. The bike riders need to be purchased at a specific premium, slightly higher than the base policies. They are recommended for increased coverage over a base insurance policy. 

Oriental bike insurance provides a few essential add-on covers. Let us know more about these add-on covers that help you in increasing your insurance coverage and feel more protected in case any mishappening occurs.

Oriental – 8 Important Add-on Covers For Your Bike Insurance Policy

Given below are some of the essential Oriental bike insurance add-on covers:

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover: By default, you need to pay for the depreciated value of your vehicle and its parts. As a result, when your claim is settled, the insurance deducts this depreciation charge from your claim amount. Suppose you choose the Oriental nil depreciation cover. In that case, however, you will be excused entirely from suffering the depreciation of your automobile and all of its metal and plastic parts, with the exception of certain things, which makes it an excellent add-on in that it protects you against enormous depreciation costs in exchange for a small fee.
  2. Personal Belongings Cover: By choosing this add-on option, you will be making the insurer liable to compensate you for the cost of individual items stolen from your vehicle. All personal possessions are protected under this policy except for money, credit cards, computers, and mobile phones. The insurer offers to compensate you up to INR5,000 or INR10,000, depending on the level you choose.
  3. Automobile Benefit Alternatives: If your automobile is stolen or is involved in an accident, the insurer will supply you with a replacement bike for a prescribed period of time, such as 5-15 days. The replacement comes with a daily limit of INR 400 or INR 650, depending on your preference. This add-on benefit is available if your automobile is stolen or is damaged by more than 20% in an accident.
  4. Emergency Service Free Benefit: If you insure your automobile with Oriental General Insurance offices in metro cities in the north, east, west, and other southern states, the insurer will provide you with free emergency assistance in the event of a breakdown.
  5. Consumables Cover: Oriental two-wheeler bike insurance add-on covers all of a bike's consumables, such as brake oil, clutch oil, gearbox, etc., which are often not covered by a conventional own-damage insurance policy.
  6. Roadside Assistance Cover: When you become stopped in the midst of a roadside because of incurring an accident involving the insured vehicle, the Oriental bike Insurance add-on covers roadside assistance with the most needed support. The add-on cover provides coverage in the event you have suffered a bike tow, flat tyre, or any other on-road emergency, on-site minor repairs, and so on.
  7. Key Loss Cover: In Oriental two-wheeler insurance add-on cover, the key replacement add-on pays the insured for key loss (s). It also provides you with a bike key that is a duplicate copy of the original in fast mode.
  8. Passenger Assistance Cover: The Oriental two-wheeler insurance add-on covers the pillion rider. Most of the policies do not include pillion rider protection cover in the event when the rider is hurt as a result of an accident or on-road collision.

Oriental Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. Do I need to pay additional premium for Oriental bike insurance add-on covers?

    Yes, you have to pay additional premium to buy these add-on covers.  

  • 2. How to contact the Oriental support team for the add-ons in the Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy?

    You can contact the customer service representative by getting in touch with the toll-free number at 1800-118-485. You can also contact them at the email address portal.support@orientalinsurance.com.

  • 3. What are the ways to opt for Oriental add-on covers?

    The options are available with both Oriental comprehensive and standalone own damage automobile insurance policies.

  • 4. What should I know before purchasing an Oriental bike insurance supplement?

    Before purchasing it, you should understand the coverage, features, and premium amount of a bike insurance add-on.

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