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ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal is the most important part of getting the benefits of your insurance claims in a well-timed manner. This will help you to get medical coverage without any gap in your policy, you will continue to get its benefits in a continuous process if being renewed timely. ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal will give you access to a wide range of benefits.  

It's a simple and easy process for the renewal of the ICICI Lombard health insurance plan if you want to be secure with a full health insurance coverage, which ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal will provide you. During the renewal, you can customise your plan as per your requirements and always add values to it as per your budget and the medical emergencies for your family. This will help you in the medical crisis by receiving the insurance benefits without interruption.

 ICICI Lombard Health  insurance renewal  can be done online, it is a simple hassle-free process for your easy  access. There are some pointers you need to know about ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Process

Here is the  online renewal ICICI Lombard health process: 

  1. Visit the website of  ICICI Lombard General  Insurance and then click on the “renewal “ tab and then click on “health policy”
  2. You will get to a page where “renew my health policy “ is on the left side and the right side will require the policy number and other details.
  3. You have to put your information details, like policy number/phone number/loan account number, and date of birth.
  4. Verify the policy's details status including the cost of the premium.
  5. You may review your policy details and add on with the incurred amount as per your need, or any change might be done in the amount as well as per your budget before clicking on the ‘proceed’ button.
  6. Then click on the ‘proceed’ button.
  7. You may pay online at your convenience
  8. You will get an email confirmation when your ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal online payment has been successfully completed and the policy has been renewed.

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

You can always renew your ICICI Lombard health insurance policy in simple online mode but in case there are any inconveniences, there is the opportunity for an offline process also as per the requirement of the policyholder. You may contact the nearest ICICI Lombard branch at a toll-free number 1800-2666, which is available from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 7 pm for all of your queries regarding the renewal and also you may visit the nearest branch and meet the customer care help desk for your queries, they will guide you in your specific areas of concern. If you are not familiar with the office branch near you, the official website facilitates you with an official branch locator on their support page. All you need to do is put in your state and city or pincode to find the branch near you. You can find it through the official ICICI Lombard website. You may also email them at customersupport@icicilombard.com if needed for any official queries. 

Benefits of Renewing ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy

Benefits of the ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy are as follows :

  • Continuous Coverage Benefit

The ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy will give you uninterrupted policy coverage against medical emergencies with your timely renewal. Continuous coverage means uninterrupted protection under a health insurance policy since the policy's inception. In case you don’t renew on or before the policy due date, you will get a grace period of 30 days to do so. However, the coverage will halt till the time the renewal is not done. So, don’t let this happen by renewing on time. 

  • Cashless Treatment

Every health insurance provider in India has a list of its network hospitals where it provides cashless benefits. You can take advantage of the cashless benefit if you are receiving treatment at one of these institutions. In other words, the insurance company pays the hospital directly for the medical procedures associated with the invoices. The ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy provides you with the cashless treatment benefit at 6700+ network hospitals across the nation with timely renewal.

  • Easy Claim Settlement Procedure

Policyholders must submit a request to their insurer through the healthcare insurance claim settlement process to use the medical treatments covered under their health plan. They can use this to either obtain a cashless service or to be reimbursed for already used medical services. The ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy provides you with quick and easy health insurance claim resolution.

  • Lifetime Renewability

A provision of a health insurance policy is lifetime renewability.  The ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy provides you with this benefit at your timely renewal. You can renew your health insurance coverage thanks to a provision without having to apply for a fresh policy. The opportunity to renew the policy for all of one's life provides the required lifelong health insurance coverage. You don't have to be concerned about paying out of your own wallet thanks to lifelong renewability, especially if you're an elderly person. 

  • Increased Sum Insured

The ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy allows you an increased sum insured if you don’t claim during the policy year. A 10% hike in the sum insured is allowed every claim-free year. It can go up to 50% of the base sum insured.

  • AYUSH Treatment

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) ordered all general insurance firms to cover AYUSH therapies as in alternative medicine systems such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy, in their health insurance plans in light of the growth in popularity of alternative treatments. You can keep using this benefit as long as your ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy is promptly done.

  • Tax Benefits 

Section 80D allows for a tax deduction for health insurance premiums paid up to a limit of INR 1 lakh. With your prompt ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal policy, you may continue to take advantage of this benefit.

Essential Points to Consider During ICICI Lombard Health Policy Renewal

  1. When processing your ICICI Lombard health policy renewal, you should evaluate the amount promised while keeping in mind the growing expense of healthcare, particularly during COVID-19. At a facility in a major city, the cost of treating Covid-19 might reach INR 15 lacs. At the moment of renewal, ICICI Lombard provides you with the option of raising your sum insured.
  2. There is a grace period included with each health insurance plan. This implies that the policyholder may renew the policy any time up to 30 days after the date of expiration. The drawback of renewing your insurance during the grace period is that your insurer won't pay for your medical bills if you experience a medical emergency and need hospitalisation during this time. As a result, always remember to process your ICICI Lombard health policy renewal ahead of time.
  3. ICICI Lombard health policy renewal is the time when you can include more family members while renewing the coverage. You might wish to include your parents or kids in your health insurance plan since doing so has tax advantages. All you need to do is let your adviser know, and the insurance will do the rest.
  4. If you were in excellent health when purchasing insurance but developed a chronic ailment such as diabetes or hypertension before renewal, intimate the same instantly for a hassle-free ICICI Lombard Health policy renewal and claims if you need to submit later.

The Bottom Line

In today’s unpredictable time, buying health insurance is just as important as renewing it on time. ICICI Lombard health policy renewal online helps make the whole procedure a lot easier for just anyone, while providing a good digital experience. 

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Can ICICI Lombard insurance be renewed for a second year if a claim has already been made? Do I need to get checked out again for my health?

    Yes, the policy may be renewed for a second year, and a fresh medical examination is not necessary at that time. When purchasing a policy, a medical examination is required only for individuals who are 46 years old or older and only once.

  • 2. Do waiting periods apply if I raise the policy's sum insured at the moment of renewal?

    Yes, new waiting periods would be applied based on how much the Sum Insured has really been increased during ICICI Lombard Health policy renewal. For instance, if the wait time for maternity care is three years, any expenditures covered by this coverage cannot be collected until three years have passed from the start of the policy.

  • 3. What distinguishes the insurance start date from the date of joining?

    The insurance start date and the joining date are the same for a first-time policy. The insurance start date and joining date will only differ upon renewal. While the insurance commences the day on which your renewal policy begins, the joining date is the day your initial policy with us began. The policy start date for ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal will be the later of the receipt date for the payment, the receipt date for the paperwork, or the renewal date.

  • 4. When do I have to process my ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal?

    On or before your policy's expiration date, you should renew it. After your insurance expires, ICICI Lombard gives you a grace period of 30 days during which you can renew it without having to submit a new application. You won't be protected from any illnesses or accidents during this time, yet the same policy may be kept. To ensure that you continue to get coverage, it is advisable to pay the ICICI Lombard health insurance renewal amount while your insurance is still in effect.

  • 5. What are the exclusions to look out for at the time of renewal of ICICI Lombard health?

    Here are some of the exclusions of ICICI Lombard  to look out for:

    • Any pre-existing condition for the duration specified below "pre-existing disease waiting period" from "salient features" above unless covered by an applicable extension or endorsement.
    • Costs associated with self-inflicted harm (resulting from suicide, attempted suicide)
    • Expenses related to or attributed to the misuse, abuse, or use of alcohol or drugs
    • The price of eyewear, contact lenses, and dental work
    • Medical costs associated with treatment of AIDS
    • Treatment-related to or resulting from pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, its effects, and congenital disorders
    • Infertility examinations and in-vitro fertilisation therapies
    • For a list of specific exclusions, please check the policy wordings of ICICI Lombard health insurance.

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