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Customers may get the best bike insurance policy from Zuno General Insurance. The general insurance firm is well praised for its successful efforts in resolving client concerns, with a claim settlement ratio of 84.52 percent in FY 2019-20. Zuno's two-wheeler insurance claim succeeded in becoming the prime choice of customers in the market because of its superior claim service. 

List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

Below-mentioned is a list of documents that has to be submitted for claiming Zuno bike insurance:

  • Fully-filled and duly signed claim form
  • Copy of the vehicle's registration certificate (R.C)
  • Copy of driver's licence
  • Copy of the first two pages of the policy documents
  • FIR in case of accidental harm caused to the two-wheeler
  • Proof of release, original repair bill, and cash receipt

How to Make Zuno Bike Insurance Claim Online?

  • Contact Zuno's two-wheeler insurance company via email, online, or phone number immediately.
  • In the event of an injury, transport the person to a nearby hospital.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station in case of any sort of theft or a major road accident.
  • Tow your two-wheeler to a cashless garage near you.
  • Assess the damage and necessary repairs thoroughly.
  • Make the co-payment and voluntary deductible, and then leave the balance in the garage in the event of reimbursement. You must provide the necessary documentation for the Zuno bike insurance claim and wait for the claim to be handled. 

How to Make Zuno Cashless Bike Insurance Claim?

By following the processes outlined below, you can file Zuno bike insurance cashless claim.

  • First and foremost, you must notify the insurance company of the damage. You can call their toll-free number to notify them.
  • Next, you must take images of the damaged vehicle and upload them to the insurance company for further investigation. The photographs will be used by Zuno to assess the damage.
  • After you have requested an insurance claim, a Zuno surveyor will come and inspect the damage. The surveyor would estimate the repair cost and ask for essential documents.
  • After verification of all proofs and documents, the insurer will directly pay the damaging expenses to the network garage after deducting the compulsory and depreciation charges.
  • Hence, you can bring home your repaired bike.

How to Make Zuno Reimbursement Bike Insurance Claim?

If the policyholder is unable to reach one of the network garages, he may ride their two-wheeler to any other garage. Policyholders should follow these steps to file a Zuno bike reimbursement claim:

  • To begin, call Zuno' toll-free number. Inform them of the situation and ask them to begin the refund claim procedure. The insurance company's official website can also be used to file a claim.
  • Zuno general insurance's Claim Department will respond with a unique claim reference number and information about all required papers. In the meantime, make sure you fill out the claim form completely.
  • Before sending the insured bike for repairs, the firm will send a surveyor to evaluate the extent of the damage. In the event of a major accident, they send surveyors to evaluate the vehicle before moving it to the garage.
  • The policyholder can take the insured bike to a garage of his choice for the repairs and pay the appropriate fee. Then, together with the repair invoices and receipts, submit all of the required paperwork to the insurance company to request reimbursement of the claim. The insurance firm distributes the funds to policyholders after accounting for all deductibles and depreciation amounts. 

Common Zuno Bike Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Several requirements must be met by the insured when filing a Zuno bike insurance claim. The following are some of the most prevalent causes of bike insurance claim denial:

  • Negligence due to intoxication
  • Driving without a valid licence
  • Misinterpreted facts
  • Falsely registering a claim
  • Incorrect coverage amount claimed
  • Vehicle parts that aren't working properly
  • Insufficient information to process the claim
  • When the insurer informs Zuno about the accident with a delay 

Zuno No Claim Bonus

Own-damage insurance for two-wheelers can be purchased separately or as part of a full two-wheeler insurance package. Insurance companies give their customers a no claim bonus for each year of claim-free coverage with own-damage coverage. It is a cumulative award that increases with each succeeding year of claim-free service. When a policyholder files a Zuno bike insurance claim, regardless of how modest the insurance claim amount is, the no claim bonus is disabled. As a result, unless the damage from the accident is substantial and greater than the NCB value, it is best to avoid making a two-wheeler insurance claim. 

Zuno Bike Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. When Zuno General Insurance Company settles a claim, how long does it take?

    After obtaining the claim form and all other applicable papers, the Zuno bike insurance claim is settled within seven business days.

  • 2. How can I find out if my preferred garage accepts cash?

    Zuno has united with a nationwide network of garages. To see if your desired garage is on the cashless list, go to the website of the Zuno General Insurance Company.

  • 3. How can I use the Zuno bike insurance policy's cashless claim service?

    By transporting your bike to one of Zuno General Insurance's more than 1500 network garages across India, you can obtain cashless repair and replacement services.

  • 4. What is the procedure for filing a claim with Zuno General Insurance?

    You can reach out to Zuno customer service by calling their toll-free number or visiting their website for online claim support. You can also go to a nearby branch during business hours if you have one. 

  • 5. If I have bike insurance coverage, what should I do in case of an accident?

    If you are engaged in an accident, seek immediate medical attention and register the incident at the nearest police station thereafter. After that, you must notify your insurance carrier of the incident to file a claim.

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