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At National Insurance Company Ltd., settling claims is a simple and hassle-free process. This insurance firm prides on its high number of  National health insurance claim settlement achievements through quick and simple claim procedures and thousands of network hospitals from across the nation. The National Insurance Company offers two claim submission options: cashless and reimbursement claims.

The Claim Process for Cashless Treatment for National Health Insurance Claim Settlement

Over 3,201 network hospitals across the nation with a high national health claim ratio may offer cashless care to all. As a result, more people have access to exceptionally high medical treatments and care. Only network hospitals should be utilised by this kind of organisation.

Throughout this operation, you are not required to pay anything at all for the expense of the medical services. Any medical expenses covered by the health insurance plan are immediately due to being reimbursed to the health insurer.

The procedures in a cashless claim are as follows:

The finest part of cashless compensation claims is that with an emergency, clients can be sent to any nearby hospital or healthcare facility and obtain treatment without constantly having to worry about paying for it.

To submit a cashless claim settlement of National health insurance, the following steps must be taken:

Planned Cashless National Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Find a hospital that is associated with the National Insurance Company if you wish to obtain care for nothing. Notify the Third Party Administrator (TPA) three days in advance of any scheduled admissions. Find a cashless online application at the hospital's help desk, fill it out, and email the TPA with any relevant medical information. The TPA will let the hospitals know of its decision, which might be to accept the claim or request more supporting evidence. Healthcare costs will be paid right away in line with the agreement of the policy if TPA authorises a cashless claim. If the claim is denied by the TPA, the policyholder will be responsible for paying the hospital directly and may then request reimbursement in accordance with the terms and circumstances. The claimant will be liable for paying the physician directly if the TPA rejects the claim; they may then submit a claim for reimbursement in line with the agreement and conditions.

Emergency Cashless National Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Look for a hospital that is associated with the National Insurance Company while searching for one where you can obtain care without paying with cash. Notify the Third Party Administrator (TPA) as quickly as possible after being admitted if you need to go to the hospital in an emergency. At the hospital's help desk, you can pick up a cashless registration form. Fill it out, then send it to the TPA together with any relevant medical records. The TPA will let the hospitals know of its decision, which could be to validate the claim or request more supporting evidence. Healthcare expenses will be paid right away in line with the agreement of the policy if TPA authorises a cashless claim. The customer will be liable to compensate the hospital directly if the TPA rejects the claim; they may then submit a claim for reimbursement under the terms and conditions.

The Cashless Claim Procedure after Admission

  1. The hospital TPA will send the insurance company your pre-authorization petition and any pertinent medical information.
  2. After your claim request has been reviewed and given the initial green light, your medical operations may start.
  3. The required documentation must be sent to the clinic's TPA, who may review it and request authorization from your insurance provider if it turns out that the allowed cashless sum has to be changed while the patient is still in the facility.
  4. Your correct statement and discharge certificate will be mailed to the company by the hospital's TPA on the day of discharge.
  5. After completing a thorough review of your claim application, the insurance company or its TPA (third-party administrator) issues an expanded authorisation for the whole bill amount.
  6. Some non-payable expenses cannot, by law, be reimbursed once final permission has been granted. You will be charged by the hospital for them.

List of Documents Required for National Health Cashless Claim

On the day of admission, the following documents must be presented in order to finish a cashless claim:

  1. Prior to being admitted to the hospital, all medical exams and their results should be finished.
  2. A health card for cashless rehabilitation is offered by the National Insurance Company.
  3. When the covered and policyholder are separate persons, identification documentation and age confirmation are required.
  4. A prescription from a doctor to enter a hospital.

After that, the facility would take care of supplying the final pieces of supporting documentation for the cashless claim.

How to Check National Health Insurance Policy Claim Status?

The status of health insurance claims may be followed by customers of National health insurance providers. Even if the national health insurance claim settlement ratio is high, there are other aspects to consider when determining a claim's status.

The following steps explain how to track a National health insurance claim settlement both offline and online:

The Online Process for National Health Insurance Claim Settlement Status

  1. Visit the National Insurance Company's website.
  2. Click on "Track Claim Status" after selecting the "Lodge Claim" button in the website corner.
  3. Enter the information, such as the policy number, customer ID number, claim number, date of loss, etc.
  4. Then click "Submit." Your claim's progress may be followed.
  5. You can call 18003450330 to check the status of your National Health Insurance Settlement ratio.

The Offline Process for National Health Insurance Claim Settlement Status

If you are unable to track the progress of your claim request online, go to the right side of the online portal and choose the "office location" button to access the official branch locator. After you choose your state and city, the branch locator will provide you with the location, phone number, and email of the branch that is the nearest to you. Alternatively, you can visit your nearby branch of the National Insurance Company and get the same information from a customer service representative there. They could ask you for details like your insurance notification number, insurance ID card number, etc. so they can provide you with further updates on your policy.

The Claim Process for Reimbursement Treatment for National Health Insurance Claim Settlement

In the event that a patient had to obtain care elsewhere because they were incapable of operating a cashless treatment option at a network hospital, a compensation process would then be in place. The therapy must be paid for before filing an insurance claim for reimbursement. All necessary supporting documents, including hospitalisation records, invoices for medical expenses, and other papers, must be submitted with the claim. Following are the steps:

  1. As soon as feasible after the hospitalisation and no later than 7 days after discharge, let the National Insurance Company know about the hospitalisation.
  2. Prior to contacting, kindly provide your policy certificate number. selecting and undergoing surgery or therapy.
  3. After covering the hospital's expenses, file a claim for compensation.
  4. Visit the insurer's website to get the claim form for reimbursement of National health insurance claim settlement.
  5. Gather any required supporting documents, including bills, IDs, and medical records, at the time of discharge, and send them to the health client's office with the claim form.

List of Documents Required for  National Health Reimbursement Claim

The following details must be provided at the time a claim is made for the National health claim settlement ratio:

  1. filled-out claim form
  2. Original cash memos and the necessary prescriptions from the hospital(s) or pharmacy(s).
  3. Original payment receipt, etc., backed up by the attending physician's prescription
  4. receipts, a diagnostic certificate from the attending physician, etc.
  5. A certified original from the surgeon outlining the diagnosis and kind of procedure done, together with any necessary invoices or receipts, etc.
  6. Any further paperwork that may be required by the business or TPA.

The following documentation must be provided to the National Insurance Company in order to quickly and effectively handle claims:

  1. Reports of investigations (original)
  2. Hospital discharge summary
  3. The medication is billed together with an FIR or, if required, a post-mortem report by the pharmacy
  4. Valid invoices, receipts, and a departure report
  5. Authentic medical costs and a picture ID are required
  6. Test results and a statement from the doctor who is treating you
  7. A thoroughly filled out claiming form, the kind of surgery done, the surgeon's bill, and any supporting paperwork
  8. The initial appointment notes and the doctor's conclusions
  9. A cancelled check bearing your name and/or your bank's information

Please be aware that the employer could need further paperwork to validate your claim throughout the registration or processing procedure.

Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR) of  National Health Insurance

The ratio of incurred claims should be used to choose the best insurance company. This can be used to determine if the business has the funds to cover the claims. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) releases an annual report each year that contains the ICR data. National Insurance Company, a fairly young firm, came in first place for the budget year 2020–21 based on the incurred claims ratio of 101.09%.

National Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR)

The likelihood that your insurance claims will be reimbursed is indicated by the National health claim settlement ratio. It is obtained by dividing the total number of complaints submitted by the total number of claims that were successfully settled. National's claim settlement ratio for claims settled in less than three months was 45.37%, while for claims settled in more than three months, it was 12.39%.

National Health Insurance Claim Settlement FAQs

  • 1. How long do you have to decide on a claim?

    Seven working days after obtaining the last "required" document, the company normally responds to claims. However, there are times when the deadlines are extended. These can last for a maximum of 30 days.

  • 2. What results in a reduction in the claim amount?

    A claim's amount might be decreased as a result of any of the following components:

    • The cost of meals, calls and other non-medical costs is not covered by reimbursement.
    • Without the required paperwork or prescriptions or if original bills and receipts are not submitted.
    • Reports of diagnostic tests are not submitted.
    • There is a price cap for each unique service or benefit, but there are no real records or bills.
    • Depending on your insurance coverage, this information may differ and is just being offered as an example.
    • Any therapy or research that is carried out that is unrelated to the patient's condition by the patient has a price.

    Over and above the Sub-limits.

  • 3. How many hospitals accept National health insurance and offer cashless services?

    You may receive care for free at more than 3,201 National health insurance network hospitals.

  • 4. What replacement obligations are there if the claimant misplaces the original policy document?

    The indemnity bond for loss of policy document, which must be created on INR 200 stamp paper and properly notarized, must be submitted if the claimant has lost the original policy bond.

  • 5. What time frame should a claimant provide the insurer before requesting to utilise a cashless service or receive their cash back in an unexpected or planned circumstance?

    When a hospital stay is anticipated, the insurance company must be notified three days in advance. However, if a covered individual requires emergency hospitalisation, the healthcare provider for the coverage must be contacted very once.

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