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In terms of making crucial decisions in life, like purchasing a health insurance plan, one must consider all the possible options and look into the bigger picture. The Raheja QBE health insurance is one of the prime choices for a health insurance plan in the country due to its optimal service and tons of useful benefits. By choosing the Raheja QBE health insurance policy, policyholders can receive high-quality services and crucial benefits like top-grade medical care through network hospitals, swift insurance claim procedures, and much more. It is always a better option to go with a policy provider that offers better advantages and perks with their plans. So, if you are interested or looking for optimal health insurance plans for yourself and your loved ones, you can easily consider the Raheja QBE health insurance policy. Let us explain the crucial Raheja QBE health insurance benefits policyholders will be getting with this insurer.

Raheja QBE Health Insurance Benefits 

Here are some vital Raheja QBE health insurance plan benefits that will help you to make a proper decision when considering a policy purchase.

Here are the important benefits of Raheja QBE Health Insurance:

1. Simple Claim Settlement Procedure

Among the various benefits of Raheja QBE health insurance, the easy claim settlement procedure takes up one of the vital spots on the list. The company is well known for its efficient handling of health insurance claims, along with providing help at every step through its trained executives and agents. The steps to initiate and complete the Raheja QBE health insurance claim process are very simple, and all the details regarding it are explained on the company’s official website for customer reference. Apart from this, Raheja QBE health insurance also has a decent claim settlement ratio or CSR, which is the value obtained by dividing the total number of settled claims by the total number of filed claims in a specific period. The Raheja QBE health insurance CSR doesn’t showcase the exact time it takes to settle a claim. However, in FY 2019-20, the company asserts to have resolved 30.29% of the claims within a duration of three months, while 7.21% of claims took between three to six months to get settled.

2. Annual Tax Deduction Eligibility

If you go with a health care plan under the Raheja QBE health insurance policy, you can receive annual tax deductions up to a certain level. This benefit is applicable as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. As a result, policyholders can receive tax deductions against premium payments for their health insurance policies. The benefit applies to both family and individual plans. Policyholders aged below 60 years are eligible for a yearly tax deduction amount of up to INR 25,000 against premiums paid for the health insurance policy for themselves, their partner or reliant children. On the other hand, the yearly eligibility for tax deductions for senior citizens is up to INR 50,000. The maximum annual tax break upper limit under this rule is up to INR 1,00,000. 

3. Cashless Treatment Eligibility

By choosing the Raheja QBE health insurance policy, you will be receiving high-grade medical facilities and the benefit of cashless treatment through the various network hospitals under the insurer. The accumulation of treatment funds and meeting other associated medical expenses like hospitalisation bills, cost of test reports, etc., during a medical emergency, can create various inconveniences under such conditions. So, it is always better to have a health care plan with a wide network hospital option. It ensures you maximum choices for cashless treatment. With this option, you can get professional medical care and treatment right off the bat without stressing about paying for the majority of the expenses as the insurer will be the one handling the bill with the hospital in this case. This is one of the vital Raheja QBE health insurance benefits you can avail of with the policy.

4. Cumulative Bonus

The cumulative bonus is one of the most useful and practical Raheja QBE health insurance benefits you will get with the policy. In simple terms, the cumulative bonus is a special kind of reward that the insurer of your policy awards you for staying fit and not making any claims within a policy term year. By getting this bonus, you can fetch more coverage without needing to pay extra, in terms of an increased sum insured value, within your existing plan or get the current coverage at a lower premium rate. For example, if Rajesh has a ‘Health QuBE Insurance Policy’ under the Raheja QBE health insurance, then he will be eligible for a cumulative bonus or no claim bonus of 5% of the plan’s basic sum insured for each claimless term year with an upper limit being 100% of the plan’s basic sum insured value. You should refer to your specific plan’s details for more reference, as these numbers may vary from plan to plan.

5. Free Annual Health Checkup Benefit 

By completing health check-ups, an individual can stay informed about any possible medical or health-related abnormalities beforehand, allowing the concerned individual to receive treatment at an early stage. However, preventive health check-ups can cost a lot of money, but you can get free annual health check-ups as part of the Raheja QBE health insurance benefits. For example, Rajesh can avail of the free annual health check-up benefit as part of his ‘Health QuBE Insurance Policy.’ You should check your plan’s particulars to get more information about this specific benefit.

6. Sum Insured Restoration

As part of the Raheja QBE health insurance plan benefits list, policyholders can avail themselves of the benefit of the sum insured restoration in case the requirement arises. This benefit will help refill your plan’s basic sum insured amount in case it gets depleted while claiming during the policy year.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple reasons behind investing in a good health coverage plan for your individual self or your entire family. The advantages include things like cashless treatment, no-claim bonus, eligibility for a tax deduction, free annual health check-ups, refilling of the sum insured value, and much more. And all of these come under Raheja QBE health insurance benefits. These benefits help you financially during a health-related crisis and ensure peace of mind.

Raheja QBE Health Insurance Benefits FAQs

  • 1. What is the sum insured restoration benefit under the Raheja QBE health insurance policy?

    The sum insured restoration allows policyholders to get their existing plan’s base coverage refilled in case the whole amount expires within the ongoing term period, which is one of the exciting Raheja QBE health insurance plan benefits.

  • 2. Will I be eligible for a no-claim bonus if I have already made multiple claims in the past term year?

    No. As a part of the Raheja QBE health insurance benefits list, the no-claim bonus is only offered for going through a term year without making any claims.

  • 3. Can I utilise the cashless claim treatment under my Raheja QBE health insurance policy for emergency hospitalisation?

    Yes, you can make use of cashless claim treatment with your Raheja QBE health insurance policy for an emergency hospitalisation by simply completing the required steps.

  • 4. Do Raheja QBE health insurance benefits include coverage for ambulance costs?

    Yes, one of the Raheja QBE health insurance benefits is ambulance cost coverage. The extent of coverage may differ across the company’s health insurance plans.

  • 5. Can I be eligible for tax deduction benefits with the Raheja QBE health insurance policy?

    Yes, you will be eligible for tax benefits on your premiums paid for your Raheja QBE health insurance policy.


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