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Critical illness coverage is of utmost importance whenever you are looking for comprehensive healthcare coverage in these times. This critical illness coverage is offered upon the diagnosis of major illnesses and their costly treatments. Raheja QBE health insurance offers critical illness coverage at affordable rates. With lifelong renewability and easy qualification requirements, Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness plans might be one of the best options out there in the market.

Raheja QBE is committed to its clients' well-being and provides them with personalized health insurance policies with extensive coverage. Clients benefit from the firm's total transparency, customer-oriented attitude, hassle-free operations, and a large network of partnered hospitals, making it a popular option among insurance purchasers. It provides a range of medical insurance options for you as well as your household to keep you safe even in the event of a medical crisis.

This page will offer an in-depth description of the Raheja QBE health critical illness policy.

Raheja QBE Critical Illness Policy

Cancer is considered one of the deadliest illnesses. Whenever someone is diagnosed with cancer in your household, it brings immense mental and financial stress to the whole family, which is especially true if the primary breadwinner of the family is down with the sickness. Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness policy offers a specialised cancer insurance plan that provides a lump sum pay out if the insured is diagnosed with cancer during the policy tenure.

Benefits of Raheja Health Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Here are the advantages of Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness cover over other traditional plans:

  • Comprehensive Cancer Coverage

Policies that provide cancer insurance to policyholders are widely considered the best options. Cancer is a serious health condition and can be fatal if not tackled correctly. If a person suffers from cancer, it can often lead to complications such as metastasis. Certain cancers are difficult to treat and require expensive medical procedures or surgeries. The benefits offered by Raheja QBE in terms of comprehensive cancer coverage are worth looking into, especially since it also includes reasonable medical expenses incurred during the diagnostic cancer investigation.

  • High Sum Insured

Cancer affects millions of people worldwide. It's not just the physical challenges that come with fighting cancer but also the emotional and financial difficulties that are faced by everyone affected. To help you through this difficult time, Raheja QBE offers cancer coverage with lump sum payouts. The sum insured by this plan ranges from INR 1 lakh up to INR 10 lakhs.

  • Lump Sum Payout

You are eligible for a lump sum payout of up to INR 2.5 lakhs or 50% of the sum insured on the diagnosis of cancer. The amount will be paid a maximum of once, depending on your policy term. If you are not completely satisfied with that, please note the policy also covers reasonable medical expenses incurred for the investigation or treatment of cancer by the insured.

  • Tax Breaks

Every year, Section 80D of the Income Tax Act provides tax advantages to persons who pay health insurance premiums. The ceiling of tax benefits is set at INR 50,000 for policyholders aged above 60, and INR 25,000 for those aged below 60. Both options involve an INR 5,000 tax deduction.

Key Features of Raheja QBE Health Insurance Critical Illness Cover

When it comes to cancer, we all want to know about the most affordable and comprehensive insurance policy available on the market. Raheja QBE has been leading the pack for several decades now when it comes to providing high-quality cancer health insurance solutions for the people living in India. Here are some things that make this insurance option stand out from the rest:

  • Entry age includes day 1 to 70 years.
  • There is no exit age for the policy.
  • Reasonable and required healthcare expenses for treatment or investigation of cancer are paid
  • The sum insured ranges from INR 1-10 lakhs
  • Lump sum payouts are provided on the cancer diagnosis

Raheja QBE Health Insurance Critical Illness Policy List

One of the best ways to cover cancer costs is to get comprehensive cancer insurance from a company that backs up its claims with strong medical evidence. Raheja QBE has developed one of the most extensive and comprehensive cancer policies in India. Here are the Raheja QBE health critical illness cover plans:


  • Cancer Insurance
Sum InsuredINR 1–10 lakhs
Entry AgeDay 1 – 70 years
Exit AgeNil


  • 50% of the scheduled Sum Insured or INR 2,50,000 (whichever is lesser) upon the affirmation of a claim underneath the insurance policy, as a lump sum reward amount.
  • Appropriate charges for genuine medical expenses borne by the insured individual in the diagnostic testing or medical therapy on the medical advice of a medical professional, in excess of the benefit amount's 75%.

Raheja Health Insurance Critical Illness Plans FAQs

  • 1. What are the exclusions of Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness plans?

    The policy exclusions include

    • Non-existence of cancer
    • Cancer due to nuclear activities
    • Pre-existing cancer
    • AYUSH cancer treatments
  • 2. Does this policy cover cardiac diseases?

    No. This policy only covers cancer treatment.

  • 3. What is the highest amount of sum insured under Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness plans?

    The highest amount of sum insured under this plan is INR 10 lakhs.

  • 4. What is the minimum entry age for the Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness plans?

    The minimum entry age for this plan is Day 1.

  • 5. What is the highest amount of lump sum payment on cancer diagnosis under Raheja QBE health insurance critical illness plans?

    The highest amount of lump sum payment for cancer diagnosis is 2.5 lakhs.

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