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In recent times, getting proper health coverage is important so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones financially in a time of medical trouble. This is where Digit health insurance comes in, with their top-grade, affordable and essential health care policies for individuals and their families. Digit health insurance is one of the popular and commonly picked health insurance policies in India, and the huge reason behind this is the various benefits offered to consumers. It is always better to go with a health care plan with many benefits, and in this article, we will go through the various Digit health insurance benefits and briefly discuss them.

Digit Health Insurance Benefits 

A health insurance policy safeguards against various financial and medical expenses one might face during a health-related emergency. Digit health insurance is a great plan that is perfect for a wide range of people, be that young folk, households, old people, salaried personnel, value seekers, etc.  

Here are the critical benefits of Digit health insurance:

1. The Benefit of No Age-based Copayment

One of the vital Digit health insurance plan benefits is no age-based copayment. Copayment means that you, as the policyholder, will have to split the bills with the insurer of your policy, where the insurer pays a larger amount while you cover a minor part. But with Digit’s no age-based copayment, at the time of health insurance claims, you are not required to pay the bills from your own bag.

2. High Cumulative Bonus

Generally, with health insurance policies, policyholders are eligible for an increment in their plan’s sum insured (SI) value if they go a year without making any insurance claims. This is a splendid option that allows you to increase your policy’s sum insured value without paying extra policy premium. One of the great Digit health insurance benefits is that you can get up to 20% additional SI for the first claim-free term year.

3. Wide Range of Cashless Network Hospitals

One of the key benefits of Digit health insurance is its giant chain of partnered hospitals across the country. These partnered hospitals have official agreements with the insurance provider and offer cashless medical treatment to the policyholder covered under the insurance plan. This means, as an insured, you are eligible to get high-grade medical treatment from professionals without having to pay for the treatment yourself. Digit health insurance has 6400+ partnered hospitals in India, meaning you can get admitted to any of these affiliated hospitals close to you. Inform the insurer by contacting the insurance desk, and it will take care of the treatment costs on your behalf. 

4. The Benefit of Additional Sum Insured

Sum Insured or SI can be defined as the maximum amount your insurance provider can provide you as coverage in a term year. As one of the crucial Digit Health Insurance plan benefits, you can get an additional sum insured for hospitalization caused by accidents and for critical illness. Also, the company offers to refill your sum insured if you need more after exhausting the set value within a year.

5. No Restriction on Room Selection

One of the essential benefits of Digit health insurance is that you are free to select the hospital room that meets your needs. Under this health insurance, you can choose your preferred hospital room, and there are no concrete restrictions on this matter.

6. Stress-free Online Claim Settlement

With Digit health insurance, you are not bordered by the conventional offline method as the company offers its various services online. Be that buying a brand new policy to making an insurance claim, you can accomplish that over the internet. Digit health insurance has a lofty claim settlement ratio (CSR), which is the value of the ratio between the total number of settled insurance claims to the total number of filed insurance claims by the company in a year. According to the reports, the company had settled 99.65% of claims within the 3-month period, and about 0.24% of the claims were settled within a 3 to 6 months period for the financial year 2019-20. The entire claim procedure is simple, easy, paperless and quick. Furthermore, you will not have to present any hard copies while making health insurance claims with Digit health insurance.

7. Tax Benefits

In India, you can get certain relief from your annual taxable income. This is one of the Digit health insurance benefits that you will be getting for both individual and family health insurance policies and is functional as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Under this act, the policyholder can get tax deductions up to INR 25,000 in a financial year for paid premiums towards the Digit health insurance policy for their spouse, reliant offspring or themselves. This deductible tax value goes up to INR 50,000 annually for a dependent parent over 60.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter how careful of a lifestyle you are leading or how much money you have kept aside for medical emergencies. In this world of growing expenses and inflation, it is hard to predict what comes in the future. With Digit health insurance, you can stay tension free and have your medical expense-related worries checked off so that when the need comes, you can focus on recovering and well-being instead of prioritizing fund gathering for the treatment. 

Digit Health Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Am I eligible for tax exemptions with Digit health insurance?

    As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you are eligible for annual tax exemptions to certain amounts with the Digit health insurance policy.

  • 2. Where can I call to get in touch with the Digit health insurance provider at the time of emergency hospitalisation?

    You can easily get in touch with Digit by calling its toll-free number, which is 1800-258-5956, and sort out any of your queries related to the matter. It offers quick and professional help via its trained personnel. 

  • 3. How will the network hospitals be beneficial to me with Digit health insurance?

    Digit health insurance has 6400+ network hospitals that offer cashless treatment facilities to the insured so they can get high-tier medical care without needing to pay the bills. This is a crucial benefit that the massive range of PAN India network hospitals under Digit health insurance provides to its policyholders.

  • 4. Will the sum insured value of my health insurance plan increase if I go through a term year without making any claims?

    Yes, you can earn a cumulative bonus for every claim-free year under Digit health insurance, which will increase your sum insured value without charging you more money.

  • 5. Does the Digit health insurance plan cover pandemics like the coronavirus disease?

    Yes, one of the Digit Health Insurance plan benefits is that it covers pandemics like COVID-19. So, you don’t need to buy a separate policy for it.

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