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By owning the correct health care insurance plan, you can get great financial coverage for yourself and your family in terms of health and medical-related intricacies. Usually, there are different types of health insurance coverage offered by companies across the country, which have their own specific included benefits and are thus offered at different price points. The premium prices of these health insurance plans also vary according to certain factors, which include things like the age of the insured, their lifestyle, selected coverage type, etc. All these make policy selection a bit confusing for people but there’s an easy solution for that. With Digit health insurance, you can get free quotes on policy prices for various types of plans from the comfort of your home. This can be done by using the Digit health insurance calculator available online. 

You can get price estimates for different plans and some other features that will help you to decide on the perfect plan for you and your family.

Key Features of the Digit Health Insurance Calculator

The main features of the Digit health insurance calculator that you can use are:

  • Reduced Defaults

The Digit health mediclaim premium calculator lets you examine and make critical assessments over the various benefits and advantages of several health care plans through the click of a few buttons. This permits you to get a more detailed idea of what goes on in a policy and which factors can affect the price point to which extent. It also gives you clear views on the present health care policy rates associated with the specific plans. All of these combined help you to stay transparent about the policy buying process so that you can get exactly what you need within your budget. This helps in reducing defaults that may arise on policy premiums through the term year.

  • Helps in Selecting Add-ons

The Digit health calculator is able to give you prices on different policies and plans with near perfection based on the information you input. Similarly, you can also get quotes on the policy with the addition of certain options to your plan. So, by using the Digit health insurance calculator, you pick out the perfect add-ons for your plan in order to get some additional coverage that meets specific criteria. 

  • Skip Talking to Insurance Advisors 

If you want to get your sole perspective on the matter of buying the perfect policy without the outside hindrance of any kind, you can do so with the help of the Digit health policy calculator. This online tool allows you to pick your choice of plan and related options on your own and get estimates on what that plan might cost. Getting quotes from the Digit health calculator doesn’t involve chatting with insurance advisors, so you can ease your mind off of any external influence over your choice. So, make sure to check out the Digit health insurance calculator online.

  • Versatility

One of the key features of the Digit health insurance premium calculator online is its versatility. All you are required to do is provide the correct information on general details and select a few parameters, and you will have the estimates in seconds. If you want to change a few parameters on the go without changing the entire input, you can very easily do so to get the desired outcome that fits your preference.

  • Makes Planning Easy

Choosing the perfect plan for you and your family to get covered with can be a bit confusing due to the several offerings. But with the Digit health calculator, you can choose between different plans, options, people you want to cover under the plan, your desired sum insured value, etc., for the utmost clarity on policy pricing. This goes towards helping you decide on an affordable and adequate coverage plan for your needs.

Things to Remember While Using a Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator

When using the online health insurance calculator, be sure to note these things:

  1. With the Digit health insurance premium calculator, you are just going to get the estimated values on the health insurance coverage policies and not the actual price that you might have to pay for it at the time of purchase. The estimated values from the online calculator solely depend on the provided input details, hence it is very likely to vary from the actual payable policy premium price, depending on the family medical history, BMI, pre-existing ailments, etc.
  2. It is better to treat the Digit health insurance premium calculator as a tool which gives estimates on premium prices, depending on the provided parameters. The prices are a general representation of what the actual policy might cost you rather than it being an ideal valuation.

How to Use the Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online?

The best part about using the Digit health insurance premium calculator is that you can get a general idea of what the ideal plan might cost you within a few seconds by providing some basic details. The design, usability and user interface of the online calculator tool are very basic, simple and adequate. To use the tool, all you have to do is visit the official website, enter the required details, choose the preferred options and get quotes within a few seconds.

The Digit health insurance premium calculator uses these factors when determining the estimated value of your choice of health insurance coverage plan: 

  1. The age of the members you want to insure under the plan
  2. The sum insured value you desire
  3. Selected coverage type

However, the Digit health insurance premium calculator does not use these factors when deciding the policy estimates:

  1. Medical history of the family and any preceding ailments
  2. Health and body mass index of the individual and the family
  3. Personal records of the family
  4. Previously rejected details of plans

These are some of the factors that will however be required at the time of actually buying the Digit health insurance plan and paying for it.

Digit Health Insurance Premium Chart

A vivid depiction and thorough deconstruction of the Digit health insurance premium chart can be found within the company’s circular and policy papers. Within this Digit health insurance premium chart, you can find a vividly detailed picture of the premium rates specific to the categories of age, sum insured, policy term, etc. This will help you to make accurate assumptions and curate the option in order to make an affordable plan choice. 

How is Digit Health Insurance Premium Determined?

There are several factors that influence the health insurance premium amount, and some of the common ones are;

  • Lifestyle

According to the reports, more than 61% of deaths in India are caused due to conditions related to lifestyle diseases. This factors in several things, including the levels of pollution. This is why lifestyle habits have a great impact on your Digit health insurance premium. For example, people with smoking habits are more likely to catch health conditions such as hypertension, asthma, cancer, etc. Thus, they are required to pay more in terms of policy premiums than a non-smoker. 

  • Age

Age is a vital factor that comes into consideration when deciding the premium on a health insurance policy. Younger individuals have a stronger immune system and are more fit than older folks. Hence, they are less likely to suffer from frequent health complications related to old age. This is why they have to pay a lesser premium than older people.   

  • Pre-existing Health Conditions

If individuals are already suffering from symptoms of a certain kind or have a family history of a particular recurring illness, then they are more likely to need frequent or eventual medical assistance. This makes their health insurance policy premium cost more due to the high involved risk.

  • Location

The city where you live plays a vital part in deciding the premium of your health insurance policy. The chances of accidents, risks associated with the location and area-specific medical costs vary from place to place. For example, people from North India are more likely to experience lung diseases because of the high percentage of pollution. Thus, this is one of the factors determining premium prices.

  • Sum Insured

The health insurance policy’s total sum insured amount is a critical deciding factor for the plan’s premium amount. It directly affects the premium prices, which means the higher the SI value is, the more it is going to cost in terms of the plan’s premium.  

  • Cover Type

The price of the health insurance policy also depends on the selected coverage type. You can get individual coverage for yourself, or you can take a family plan, where the prices for the cover type will influence its premium.  

  • Add-ons

You are eligible to pick additional coverage options for more assistance on specific matters, like the Maternity benefit or the AYUSH benefit. Selecting add-ons with your plan will increase the plan’s premium by a bit but will provide additional financial security.

Tax Exemption on Digit Health Insurance Premium

The Income Tax Act of the country encourages individuals to get health insurance coverage by awarding a certain amount of tax exemptions against premium payments on the health care plan for themselves, their household and on a health care plan for reliant parents. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can get a specific amount deducted from your annual taxable income. For individuals under the age of 60, the upper limit is INR 25,000 and for senior citizens, the value extends up to INR 50,000.  So you can get up to INR 75,000 tax deduction if you have dependent parents in your plan, who are over the age of 60. And in case both you and your dependent parents are senior citizens, then the annual tax deduction amount goes up to INR 1,00,000.

Plan Members

Tax Liftoff

Below 60 yearsOver 60 years
Self, Children & SpouseINR 25,000INR 50,000
Dependent ParentsINR 25,000INR 50,000
Overall DeductionINR 50,000INR 1,00,000

Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. Does the selected sum insured value affect premium estimation with the Digit health policy calculator?

    Yes, the sum insured value affects the overall estimated premium price of your plan on the Digit health policy calculator.

  • 2. Does age factor in when determining the estimated premium value of my health insurance plan with the Digit health insurance calculator?

    Yes, the age of the insured is a very important factor involved in the process of determining the premium price of the plan.

  • 3. Where can I get the Digit health insurance premium calculator on the internet?

    You can visit the official website of the insurer to use Digit health insurance calculator online.

  • 4. Does the Digit health insurance premium calculator require speaking with an insurance advisor?

    No, with the Digit health insurance calculator, you are not required to talk to any insurance advisor and can use the tool at your own pace.

  • 5. Does the Digit health insurance premium calculator provide accurate premium prices for insurance plans?

    The Digit health insurance premium calculator is a tool that gives you a general estimated value on the plan prices, however, the actual payable premium may differ at the time of buying a policy. This is due to the various other determining factors such as lifestyle habits, BMI, cover type, add-ons, etc.

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