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Depreciation affects the market value of any automobile over time. Because it is a default deduction that every vehicle insurance provider takes into account when settling a claim. At the time of claim settlement, Navi four-wheeler depreciation insurance policy usually subtracts the cost of depreciation from the car insurance claim amount. You should incorporate a zero depreciation cover in your solo own-damage car insurance policy or a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy if you want to prevent this reduction.

It's an add-on that prevents a reduction in the claim amount due to depreciation, allowing you to obtain the full compensation. In basic terms, the Navi zero depreciation car insurance covers the expense of repair and replacement of depreciable items on the insured's vehicle.

How does the Navi Zero Depreciation Insurance Cover Work?

A Navi car insurance policy with 0% depreciation helps safeguard your vehicle against all physical damages without taking into account depreciation. So, you get a full claim amount with this Navi car insurance policy. Whereas a normal automobile insurance policy would lead to a disbursal of claim amount less depreciation.

However, zero depreciation car insurance add-on cover is available for brand new cars. To get Navi four-wheeler zero depreciation insurance cover, you will need to pay an extra premium. Navi will add the premium for the base car insurance policy and the one for the zero depreciation insurance policy. It will intimate you the combined premium amount that you need to pay on the due date. 

Benefits of Navi Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

The following are the major benefits of the Navi four-wheeler insurance zero depreciation:

  • Higher Claim Amount

Policyholders can obtain the largest amount of claim possible with Navi General Insurance's zero depreciation cover. As zero depreciation coverage is included in the policy, no depreciation fee is deducted, allowing policyholders to obtain a greater claim amount from Navi General Insurance.

  • Saves Money

The Navi zero depreciation add-on insurance reimburses the costs of repairing and replacing depreciable elements of the insured person's automobile. As a result, policyholders may easily save money that would otherwise be spent on repairing and replacing depreciable portions of their vehicles.

Depreciation Rate Applicable on Car with and without Zero Depreciation Add-on 

Age of the four-wheelerRate of Depreciation without zero depreciation coverRate of Depreciation with zero depreciation cover

Below 6 months


0 percentage

In between 6 months to 1 year

  1. percentage

0 percentage

Duration of 1-2 years

10 percentage

0 percentage

2-3 years

15 percentage

0 percentage

In between 3 to 4 years

25 percentage

0 percentage

4 to 5 years

35 percentage

0 percentage

5 to 10 years

40 percentage

0 percentage

Above 10 years

50 percentage

0 percentage

Depreciation Rate of Car Parts with and without Zero Depreciation Cover

Car ComponentsRate of Depreciation without Zero Depreciation CoverRate of Depreciation with Zero Depreciation Cover
Rubber/nylon/ plastic/tyres and tubes/airbags and batteries50 percentagezero percentage
Fiberglass parts30 percentagezero percentage
Glass partszero percentagezero percentage
Paint work50 percentagezero percentage

What is Included Under a Navi Four-wheeler Insurance Policy with Zero Depreciation Cover?

The following are included in the Navi four-wheeler insurance policy with zero depreciation cover.

  • The expense of replacing products such as rubber, glass, plastic, and other materials is covered under this policy. Standard coverage will not cover such expenses.
  • In contrast to a nil depreciation Navi car insurance policy, the basic vehicle insurance policies only compensate for the amount arrived after deducting the depreciation value of the replaced parts.

What is not Included Under a Navi Four Wheeler Insurance Policy with Zero Depreciation Cover?

The following are not included in the Navi four-wheeler insurance policy with zero depreciation cover.

  • Repairs and replacements that are necessary due to wear and tear will not be covered.
  • Expenses incurred as a result of the vehicle's total loss or electrical or mechanical failure are not covered.

Factors Affecting Navi Zero Depreciation Cover

The Navi zero depreciation add-on insurance comes with a number of benefits that may be used if the following requirements are met:

  • The automobile must not be older than five years.
  • This add-on coverage is only available twice every insurance year.
  • Repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear are not covered.
  • Expenses incurred due to a total loss of electrical or mechanical breakdown of the vehicle are not covered.
  • Four-wheeler zero depreciation Insurance also depends on the car’s brand & model, as well as its geographical region .

How to Buy a Navi Zero Depreciation Cover?

When opposed to acquiring coverage, purchasing a zero debt insurance policy online is a straightforward process. Here's an overview of the online application process for Navi car zero depreciation insurance:

  • Enter the make and model of the insured car on the online claim form.
  • Select zero depreciation car insurance for your four-wheeler.
  • Get free car insurance quotes and premium estimates based on the data you provide.
  • Enter your name, address, phone number, and other relevant details.
  • Pay for your vehicle insurance online to complete your transaction.
  • You can either download the policy or get it emailed to your email address.

Navi Zero Depreciation Cover Review

The reviews of the Navi zero depreciation cover reviews are as follows:

  • Premiums for Navi Zero-depreciation four-wheeler insurance are inexpensive, and benefits are also quite nice.
  • Applying for Navi four-wheeler insurance online is simple and straightforward.

Navi Zero Depreciation Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Is Navi zero depreciation car insurance coverage available outside of the municipal limits?

    Only within the pre-specified geographical zone, the Navi zero depreciation add-on cover reimburses for any damage or loss. Outside of the geographical location, the insurance company will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to the covered automobile.

  • 2. Will I have to pay an extra fee to purchase Navi zero depreciation coverage?

    Yes, when you choose Navi zero depreciation protection with a solo vehicle insurance plan or a comprehensive car insurance plan, you will have to pay for the add-on cover in addition to the basic car insurance policy.

  • 3. Is it possible to get a Navi zero depreciation protection for my used car?

    Yes, you may get a Navi zero depreciation add-on protection for your used car as long as it is less than five years old. The insurance company, on the other hand, can send someone to examine the vehicle to assess the validity of this add-on cover.

  • 4. What does a Navi car insurance policy with zero depreciation mean?

    If you have zero depreciation coverage, you may recover the full cost of replacing auto parts in the event of an accident. The claim amount will not be reduced by the depreciation value of the damaged parts.

  • 5. With Navi zero depreciation cover, can I obtain the full value of my claim?

    No, a Navi zero depreciation policy does not guarantee that you will get the whole value of your claim because deductibles are taken into account when calculating the claim amount. Only depreciation charges are compensated, ensuring you receive the maximum claim amount.

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