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Third-party car insurance is compulsory to buy, if you want to drive your car legally on Indian roads. Talking about Edelweiss third-party insurance, it protects you and your vehicle from third-party legal liabilities caused by accidents on the road. Purchasing car insurance is a straightforward chore, when you can compare car insurance online and select a policy that suits your needs.

Whether you are purchasing an online car insurance policy for a new or used vehicle, it is essential to evaluate and compare the features of various car insurance policies as well as their prices to select the one that best meets your needs and budget.

How does Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Policy Work?

Edelweiss third-party car insurance coverage protects the first-party financially and legally against losses caused by the covered car to a third-party person or property.

  • If a third party is injured in an accident caused by the insured car, the Edelweiss third-party insurance policy for car covers all medical expenditures and hospitalization bills incurred because of the event.
  • If the insured car damages to a third-party vehicle or property, it is  also covered by a third-party car insurance policy. If a third-party vehicle is damaged partially or completely in an accident involving the insured car, the latter's third-party vehicle insurance policy covers the resulting financial liabilities.
  • If the third-party files a legal complaint because of the insured car’s damages, the financial burden of the resulting legal responsibilities is also covered by a third-party insurance policy.

Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

FeaturesThird PartyComprehensive
Damages to third party vehicle/propertyYesYes
Death/injury to third partyYesYes
Damage/loss to own car in accident/fire/natural/man-made calamityNoYes
Theft of own carNoYes
Customized add-onsNoYes

How to Buy an Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Policy?

Following the instructions below, you can apply for Edelweiss third-party insurance:

Step 1: Go to Edelweiss official website and select a 4-wheeler option.

Step 2: Under ‘switch to us’, enter the number of your car. Further, you would need to enter other information about your car like company, model, fuel type, locality, registration year, etc.

Step 3: Compare and choose the type of policy you want from the several options available. You can customize the policy as per your choice. 

Step 4: After selecting a car insurance policy quotation that meets your demands and fits within your budget, complete the payment process for the chosen car insurance coverage and receive the policy.

What is Covered Under Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Policy?

The following are covered in Edelweiss third-party insurance:

  • Third-party Personal Injury: For those regrettable occasions when your automobile causes bodily harm or, death of a third party, your third-party automobile insurance covers all costs and damages incurred.
  • Third-party Property/Vehicle Damages: The third-party/liability only insurance coverage covers any third-party property/vehicle damage caused by the insured's four-wheeler.

What is not Covered Under Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Policy?

The following are not covered in Edelweiss third-party insurance:

  • Damages Caused to Oneself: A policyholder would not be covered for loss or damage to their own insured car under a third-party car insurance.
  • Driving While Inebriated or Without a Valid Driver's Licence: Your third-party automobile insurance will not cover you if you were driving while inebriated or without a valid four-wheeler licence.
  • Driving Under the Influence of Intoxication: If the policyholder is found guilty under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, third-party insurance policy would not cover the same.
  • Normal Wear & Tear and Mechnical & Electrical Breakdown: The normal wear & tear and electrical & mechanical breakdown of your car would not be covered under this basic policy.

Benefits of Purchasing Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Policy

  • Straightforward Documentation: It facilitates the purchase of a third-party four-wheeler insurance coverage through an easy online approach, allowing you to avoid the headaches of unneeded paperwork and documentation.
  • Simple Online Procedure: You may get third-party motorcycle insurance on the internet. Simply provide a few data, select four-wheeler third-party insurance online, and finish the payment in a matter of minutes!
  • No Financial Obligation: A third-party car insurance coverage protects you against third-party liability and eliminates the need to pay for losses out of your own money.
  • Legislation Requires It: Because the Indian Motor Tariff Act requires you to cover your car with at least a third-party liability policy, you may rest certain that you are following the law.

Edelweiss Third Party Car Insurance Review

The Edelweiss car insurance company offers excellent customer service. The claim record and settlements can be done without the use of paper. With their prompt service response, Edelweiss third- party car Insurance is highly recommended for their expertise and dedication.

Edelweiss Third-party Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Will Edelweiss reimburse my losses if someone else was driving my car at the time of the accident?

    Yes, the loss will be covered regardless of who was driving the car at the time of the accident, but the driver must be following the RTO's legal driving standards.

  • 2. Is it possible to include add-ons in Edelweiss third-party car insurance?

    No, you cannot include add-on covers to your basic third-party car insurance policy.

  • 3. Is it possible to renew Edelweiss third-party insurance online?

    You can visit the official website of Edelweiss and renew your policy with a few easy steps.

  • 4. What documents will be needed for an Edelweiss third-party four-wheeler insurance online?

    You would be required to submit the following:

    • Your vehicle-related documents (registration number, previous policy number, purchase city, model/make etc.)
    • Personal Contact details + id proof
  • 5. Can an Edelweiss third-party car insurance be transferred to a new vehicle?

    Yes. If you purchase a new vehicle, the policy of the older vehicle can be easily transferred to the new one.

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