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Oriental General Insurance is a government-owned insurance firm that offers a cost-effective way to protect thousands of people from life's unpredictable disasters. The Oriental third-party bike insurance coverage for motorcycles satisfies the legal need while also assisting with third-party liability stemming from incidents involving the insured's motorcycle.

Oriental General Insurance has made it easier for ordinary people to contact them through their internet site. The Oriental third-party bike insurance offers minimal coverage for third-party financial and legal responsibilities.

How does Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Work?

The working of the third party policy of Oriental two-wheeler insurance is pretty straightforward. When your two-wheeler ends up causing bodily or vehicular damage/loss to a third party in a road accident, you become liable to pay some compensation. This is where you get to claim your third-party insurance.

Once you file a claim, the insurer conducts a verification. Then, after submission of all the required documents and details, you get reimbursed for all the financial liabilities. You won’t have to worry about the finances as your Oriental third-party insurance has got you covered!

Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Vs Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

Based OnThird Party Bike InsuranceComprehensive Bike Insurance
CoverageOriental two-wheeler third-party insurance solely covers the financial and legal responsibilities you have towards a third party. Oriental two-wheeler comprehensive insurance covers both third-party liabilities and own damages of the insured.
Requirement NatureOriental third-party bike insurance is required by law.Oriental comprehensive bike insurance purchases are determined by the buyer's preferences.
Add-on CoversThere is no add-on coverage available with an Oriental third-party policy.Along with a complete insurance policy, a selection of add-on covers are available in the Oriental comprehensive bike insurance policy.
CostBecause of the limited scope of coverage, Oriental third-party bike insurance policy is cheap.Because of its wide coverage, comprehensive automobile insurance is quite expensive than third-party coverage.

How to Buy Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

The buyers can choose the oriental third-party two-wheeler insurance by applying online and offline. They are described below.


  • To purchase the Oriental third-party bike insurance online, go to www.orientalinsurance.org.in.
  • From the top bar tab, please select the 'Buy Online' option. 
  • Choose the buy new sub-option. Multiple insurance plans will be displayed in a new pop-up window. 
  • Choose a bike plan and fill out the vehicle information.

Request Callback:

  • Select "HAVE US CALL YOU" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the needed information, and a relevant team member will contact you.


  • For other details and buying the oriental third-party Insurance policy, buyers can visit their nearest branches.
  • Fill the required form and submit the essential documents to get the policy offline.

What All is Covered Under Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

The Oriental third-party bike insurance policy covers the following:

  • Financial Liabilities for Third-party Property Damage: The insurer assumes financial responsibility for third-party property damage caused by the insured's motorcycle. It covers third-party property damage up to a maximum of INR 7.5 lakh.
  • Third-party Bodily Injury, Disability, or Death: The insurer compensates the third party for physical injury, disability, or death caused by the insured's motorcycle. However, the amount of compensation is determined by a court of law.

What All is not Covered Under Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

The following components are not covered by the Oriental third-party bike insurance policy:

  • There is no coverage for damage to the insured or his bike.
  • Normal wear & tear and electrical & mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.
  • In the event of a loss, damage, or liability that occurred outside of the geographical region stated in the plan coverage provisions.
  • Damage to tyres/tubes will not be compensated as a separate claim unless the insured vehicle is also damaged in the same occurrence. The maximum compensation amount might be up to 50% of the replacement cost.
  • No compensation shall be paid in the event of death or bodily injury arising or resulting from or traceable to 
    • Intentional self-injury, suicide, attempted suicide, or 
    • An accident occurs while such a person is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, whether directly or indirectly.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

The following are some advantages of purchasing an Oriental third-party two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • Online Insurance Issuing- The Oriental third-party bike insurance policy provides an uncomplicated and online policy issuance service. You have to go to the company's website, fill out the form, and pay the premium. 
  • Wide Network of Garages: Oriental bike insurance offers a large network of cashless garages around the nation that provide repair services. It operates in wide network garages across India.
  • Services for Emergencies: Emergency assistance services are included as a complimentary bonus with Oriental Insurance two-wheeler insurance. There are no additional premiums to pay for this. 

Oriental Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Review

Oriental third-party two-wheeler insurance is one of India's oldest and most reputable insurance firms. Oriental two-wheeler insurance coverage may be acquired or renewed easily and quickly through the company's web platform. The Oriental two-wheeler insurance is a great option for anyone seeking any form of two-wheeler insurance.

Oriental Third-party Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What are the benefits of Oriental two-wheeler insurance?

    • Keeps you financially and legally protected against third-party liabilities.
    • Affordable premiums.
    • Easy to buy online.
    • Quick cashless claim settlement.
  • 2. What is the insurance period of the Oriental two-wheeler insurance?

    The coverage length is one year. However, if you are a new bike owner, the policy tenure of your liability-only insurance must be 5 years.

  • 3. Where can anyone avail an Oriental third-party bike insurance?

    The policy may be purchased online or offline (visiting the nearest branch location).

  • 4. Is it necessary to get Oriental third-party bike insurance?

    The Indian Motor Vehicles Act mandates third-party bike insurance. If the owner of a two-wheeler is discovered without third-party bike insurance, legal action or a penalty may be taken. Customers can select Oriental third-party bike insurance according to their needs.

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