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Introduction to Oriental Insurance Company

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited was incorporated on 12th September 1947. It was established to carry out the general insurance business in India. It is a general insurance arm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Limited. For a brief period from 1956 to 1973, the company was a subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation of India. The Oriental Insurance Company is a pioneer institute responsible to lay down a cornerstone for the smooth and diligent functioning of the general insurance business in India. 

Types of Oriental Insurance Car Insurance 

Usually, car insurance providing companies offer three types of car insurance policies as under:

  • Third-Party Liability Policy: 
    Under the third-party liability car insurance policy the cover is offered to take care of the damages or losses caused to the third-party vehicle, life, or property by the insured vehicle. Additionally, it also covers any legal liability arising due to accident or mishap to the third-party vehicle, life, or property. As per the new rules of car insurance policy, it is mandatory for a car owner to purchase a 3-year third-party insurance policy.
  • Own – Damage Policy: 
    Own-damage policy as the name suggests covers the losses or damages caused to the insured vehicle due to an accident or external means. The own-damage car insurance policy takes care of all the expenses incurred for repair works carried on the insured vehicle. As per the new car insurance rules, it is mandatory for a new-car owner to buy a minimum of 1-year own damage policy from the car insurance provider. Long-term own damage coverage is not mandated.
  • Comprehensive coverage: 
    A comprehensive car insurance policy offered insurance cover for both third-party liabilities as well as the own-damage cover. Comprehensive coverage takes care of all the damages or losses caused to or by the insured vehicle due to accident or external means. It takes care of the legal liability arising out of any damage or loss caused to the third-party life, vehicle, or property.

However, The Oriental Insurance Company provides one car insurance policy that covers all the above types of car insurance cover. The Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Policy is called the Private Car Package Policy. This insurance cover is designed to cover the cost of damages or losses caused to private vehicles. Additionally, the damage or loss covered under this car insurance policy is for both i.e., own car and third-party-owned vehicle. The insurance cover also takes care of any legal liability incurring due to loss or damage to the third-party life or property. While in the event of the death of the car-owner it offers personal accident cover up to maximum of INR 2 Lakh rupees during any one period of insurance

Benefits of the Oriental Insurance Car Insurance

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited is one of the oldest and trustworthy brands in India. The company has a long-standing trustworthy relationship with its customers. Being one of the most popular general insurance companies in India, buying car insurance policy of the Oriental Insurance Company Limited has the following benefits:

  • Easy Claim Settlement Process: 
    One of the most important reasons for buying the Oriental Insurance Car Policy is easy to claim settlement process. The company offers a quick and hassle-free claim settlement process.
  • Customer Service: 
    Customer Service is the fundamental service parameter of the Oriental Insurance Company. The company has a dedicated 24*7 customer service department that is keen on solving customer issues and provides assistance in all situations.
  • Cashless Services: 
    The company has partnered with numerous garages which makes cashless services possible. With a huge network of partner garages, customers can carry the car repair works at ease without worrying about the financial contingencies as the claim is settled directly between the insurance provider and network garage.
  • Huge Network of Offices: 
    The company has a strong presence in India. More than 1800+ offices are spread across India through which the Oriental Insurance Company reaches its customers. Customers can walk into the nearest branch office to avail services or get help at the earliest.

What is Covered in Oriental Insurance Private Car Package Policy?

The private car package policy offered by the Oriental Insurance Company covers the following:

  • Accidental Loss or Damage to the vehicle
  • Liability to third-party
  • Personal Accident Cover to the car owner-driver
  • Flexibility to opt add-on covers to widen the insurance coverage on a little extra premium

All the following mentioned loss or damage caused to the private car are covered under the oriental insurance private car package policy:

  • Burglary, Theft or Housebreaking
  • Fire, Explosion, Self-Ignition or Lightening
  • Damages caused due to natural calamities like earthquakes, Flood, Storm, etc.
  • Damages caused due to act of terrorism, Riot, Strikes, or Malicious Acts
  • Damages caused by Rockslide or Landslide
  • Damages caused to the vehicle in transit via roadways, waterways or airways.

What is not Covered in Oriental Insurance Private Car Package Policy?

The losses or damages that are not covered under the oriental car insurance policy are called exclusions. Exclusions are the events that if occur are not covered under the insurance coverage i.e., the car-owner has to bear the expenses from his/her own pocket. The following is the list of damages or losses not covered under the Oriental Insurance Private Car Insurance policy:

  • Damages caused to the vehicle while driving without a valid driving license
  • Damages caused due to Mechanical or Electrical breakdown/failure
  • Damages caused to the vehicle while driving under the influence of Liquor or Alcohol or Drugs
  • Damages caused due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Any Consequential Loss
  • Damages caused due to act of war or mutiny or nuclear risk
  • Damages caused outside the geographical coverage
  • Damages caused if the insured vehicle is used for activities like racing, speed testing, etc.

How to Apply For The Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Plan

Buying the Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Plan is very quick and simple. Anyone who wishes to purchase the Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Plan can purchase in two ways namely:

  • Offline Mode: 
    Under the offline mode, the customer can purchase the car insurance policy directly from the Oriental Insurance Company office or branch. Additionally, the insurance provider has a huge network of tied agents. Buying the car insurance policy from a branch or office or from agents is a simple and hassle-free process.
  • Online Mode: 
    If anyone wishes to purchase the insurance policy directly from the company but from the comfort of their home then why not? Oriental Insurance Company has a strong digital presence. Customers can now easily purchase a car insurance policy from the official website of the Oriental Insurance Company. By clicking on the following link customers can directly navigate to buying the policy online: https://orientalinsurance.org.in/web/guest/motor-insurance-policy1?isSelected=buy&isRefresh=true . Customers are required to enter all the relevant details to generate a premium quote. If you are satisfied with the quote then you can purchase the car insurance policy by paying the premium amount via credit card or debit card or with an internet banking facility.

For purchasing a new car insurance policy the customer has to submit the following documents:

  • Duly filled proposal form
  • Copy of Address Proof
  • Copy of Identity Proof
  • Copy of RC Book
  • Copy of Valid Driving License

The Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Claim Process 

The claim settlement process of car insurance is quick, simple, and hassle-free. The following is the procedure of car insurance claim process:

  • The first step is to inform the insurance provider
  • File FIR at the local police station
  • An authorised surveyor shall be appointed by the company to ascertain the damages
  • Once the damages are ascertained the repair works shall resume
  • Once the repair works are completed the payment shall be made based on the terms of policy i.e., in case of cashless claim settlement the payment shall be made to the garage directly while in case of reimbursement claim settlement the car-owner first has to pay to the garage and submit the relevant invoices to the insurance company to receive reimbursement.

How to Renew Your Lapsed/Expired the Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Policy Online 

Renewing a car insurance policy is very easy. The car owner can pay the premium amount either online or can visit the nearest branch office to pay the due premium. Renewal of car insurance on time is very important as it will maintain the insurance coverage of the vehicle however any delay in renewal can result in the lapsed policy. A lapsed car insurance policy is considered illegal in India so renewing it is mandatory. Therefore, to reinstate a lapsed car insurance policy it is important to avail the fitness certificate from the authorised surveyor and then only lapsed insurance policy can be renewed. The following is the list of documents required for renewing lapsed car insurance policy:

  • Duly filled proposal form
  • KYC documents of the car owner
  • Copy of RC Book
  • Copy of valid driving license
  • Copy of car fitness certificate from the surveyor
  • Copy of lapsed car insurance policy

Once all these documents are submitted, you need to pay the due premium and then your lapsed car insurance premium shall be reinstated.

The Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Review

The Oriental Insurance Company is one of the most trusted general insurance brands in India. The company is popular for providing a wide range of general insurance solutions to its customers. Apart from providing a wide range of general insurance products the company also provides top-notch customer service and is dedicated to resolving all the queries of the customer. The Oriental Insurance Company also provides a smooth and fastest claim settlement process. Thus, the stated factors make the Oriental Insurance Company very popular amongst its customers.

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited Car Insurance Customer Care Number

If any customer wishes to contact the Oriental Insurance Company Limited, they can contact the company in the following manner:

Address of Registered Office: Oriental House, A-25/27, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi – 110002

Telephone No: 011-43659595

For registering any Grievance or Complaint kindly contact: Shri J. Dasgupta, Chief Manager, Customer Service Department, 4th Floor, Aggarwal House, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002.

Email ID: jdas.gupta@orientalinsurance.co.in,    csd@orientalinsurance.co.in

Toll-Free Number: For all queries, guidance use Toll-free number: 1800118485 Or 011- 33208485 (Normal Charges Apply)

For any Issues related to Portal: Please contact 


Oriental Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How many add-on covers does the Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Company offer?

    Add-on cover is an affordable way to increase car insurance coverage. The Oriental Insurance Companies offer the following add-on covers:

    • Nil Depreciation Cover:
      With this cover, no depreciation will be deducted in event of a claim of partial damages to the vehicle
    • Loss of Personal effects:
      An additional premium is to be paid to cover against the loss of personal items in event of damage or mishap. Loss up to maximum INR 5000 or INR 10000 may be chosen.
    • Alternative Car Benefit:
      In the event of damage when the car is out for repair the insurance company provides for the expenses incurred for using alternate car up to max 5 or 10 or 15 days
    • Free Emergency Service:
      This free service is allowed in case of an insured car breakdown in the state of Delhi, NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Southern States, Mumbai and Kolkata. The service is free of charge provided the vehicle is insured through Oriental Insurance office. 
  • 2. What is the incurred claim ratio of the Oriental Insurance Car Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio is 112.62% for motor insurance for United India Insurance Company for 2018-19.

  • 3. How can I check my Oriental Insurance Car Claim status online?

    You can contact the customer service department or visit the website to check the status of your oriental insurance car claim status online https://orientalinsurance.org.in/web/guest/sign-in?userTypeId=005 

  • 4. How can I download my Oriental Insurance Car Policy Document Online?

    You can request the customer service department to avail the copy of your oriental car insurance policy.

  • 5. How long does the Oriental Insurance Company Limited take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    The claim settlement procedure is very smooth, quick and hassle-free. Upon submitting all the relevant documents the company settles the claim within 7 days

  • 6. Does the Oriental Insurance Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, the company does not offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

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