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Own damage car insurance, often known as standalone car insurance policy, is a type of insurance that covers insured vehicle of a policyholder. Edelweiss standalone car insurance is a type of car insurance designed to protect your vehicle from unintentional damage. It provides coverage for your car's own damages caused by road accidents, fire, natural disasters, or any other calamity. The purpose is to provide you with additional coverage.

How does Edelweiss Standalone Car Insurance Policy Work?

Edelweiss four-wheeler standalone insurance protects you against damage to your car caused by events such as fire, theft, and vandalism. In the event of an accident, your own damage policy reimburses you for the cost of repairing or replacing pieces of your car that were damaged in the collision.

Difference Between Edelweiss Third Party, Comprehensive and Standalone Car Insurance

FeaturesThird Party Car InsuranceComprehensive Car InsuranceStandalone Car Insurance
CoverageIt insures your car against damages caused to third-party person, cars and property.Comprehensive car insurance protects you from a third-party person ,property and vehicle damage, as well as damage caused to own car by natural/man-made disasters, and other events.Only the insured car is covered by Edelweiss four-wheeler insurance standalone or own-damage car insurance.
Insurance PremiumBecause it only offers third-party coverage, the insurance premium is quite low.It has a high cost since it covers both third-party and own-damage coverage.The cost of standalone own-damage auto insurance is low.
NecessityOptional to buyMandatory to buyOptional to buy
Add-onsNo add-ons are available with third-party car insurance.A variety of add-on options are available like NCB retention, engine protection, zero depreciation, etc.A variety of add-on options are available with Edelweiss standalone car insurance.

What is Covered Under Edelweiss Standalone Car Insurance Policy?

Under your own-damage Edelweiss car insurance policy, you are covered for the following:

  • Accidental Damage — In the event of an accident or collision, own-damage auto insurance covers the damages to your vehicle.
  • Car Theft - If your car is stolen or you lose it as a result of a burglary or housebreaking, the policy will compensate you.
  • Fire Damage — If your car is damaged by fire, lightning, self-ignition, or other causes, your own damage coverage will cover the damage or loss.
  • Natural Catastrophes - If your car is damaged by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, or hailstorms, your own damage coverage will cover the costs.
  • Expenses Resulting from Man-made Disasters — If your car is damaged as a result of a man-made catastrophe, such as a terrorist attack, rioting, or strikes, it will be covered.

What is not Covered Under Edelweiss Standalone Car Insurance Policy?

When it comes to own damage coverage, there are a few exceptions:

  • Third-party Obligations - The solo own damage policy will not cover your third-party liabilities.
  • Driving without a Licence - If the driver does not have a valid driver's licence, no auto insurance claim will be approved.
  • Consequential Damages - These are the damages that occur as a result after an accident. They aren't covered by their own insurance.
  • Contributory Negligence - If you did something you shouldn't have done, such as driving your car through a flooded city, your car won't be covered.
  • Drunk Driving – The own damage insurance only protects law-abiding persons, and no claims will be paid if the motorist is found driving while intoxicated.

Benefits of Buying Edelweiss Standalone Car Insurance

The following are some advantages of own-damage automobile insurance:

  • Flexibility in terms of Insurance Company Selection

After the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) issued an order allowing car owners to purchase a standalone own damage policy cover in addition to a third-party liability cover, car insurance policyholders are now able to choose between different car insurance companies for both covers.

  • Low-cost Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance policies have gotten considerably more reasonable for car owners as standalone personal damage insurance policies and third-party liability covers are now available. Additionally, policyholders may now add-on to their financial advantage by purchasing their own damage coverage at the best available price.

Edelweiss Standalone Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Who may get Edelweiss standalone own-damage automobile insurance?

    Individuals who purchased their vehicle after September 1, 2018, and have a third-party insurance policy can obtain a standalone own-damage auto insurance policy.

  • 2. Will a person having Edelweiss standalone car insurance be compensated in case of a stolen car?

    Yes, the person will be compensated as per the Insured Declared Value of the vehicle.

  • 3. What factors affect Edelweiss standalone policy premium rate?

    Factors like car’s model, age, cubic capacity, IDV of the car, no claim bonus, add-ons (if opted) etc. affect the premium rate.

  • 4. What add-ons are available with Edelweiss standalone car insurance?

    Add-ons like engine protection, return to invoice cover, zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance cover etc. are available.

  • 5. How to renew Edelweiss standalone car insurance?

    One can visit the official website, compare the policies available, including add-ons and pay for the policy.

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