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Oriental car insurance renewal is as important as buying the policy with utmost benefits. An unrenewed policy renders you ineligible to drive legally, thereby inviting fines and punishments for you. Oriental Insurance, India's largest public-sector large-scale insurer, provides useful and tested tools for renewing your car insurance on its website. You can also move from another insurer to Oriental with a few extra benefits. Do Oriental car insurance renewal without fail to continue reaping benefits. In this post, we’ll describe both online and offline processes for renewal. Look into that carefully and do it in real time.

Oriental Car Insurance Renewal - Online Process

  1. Click on the 'renew online' tab on Oriental Insurance's official website.
  2. Select 'renewal of OICL policy' if your current coverage is from Oriental Insurance. 
  3. Select 'renewal of non-OICL policy' if your current auto insurance policy is from a company other than Oriental Insurance.
  4. Under the 'enter existing policy number' column, type your current auto insurance policy number and choose 'motor insurance policy' from the drop-down list. To continue, click on the 'renew now' option.
  5. Examine your policy information, premium amount, and personal information. Then, pay with a debit/credit card or using net banking. Following your payment, Oriental Insurance will send you an email verifying your auto insurance policy renewal.

You will receive an electronic copy after completing the above procedure. A digitally signed copy will also be sent to your registered email address. In addition, a hard copy of the document, sealed and signed by the authorized signatory, will be mailed to your correspondence address for statutory purposes.

Oriental Car Insurance Renewal - Offline Process

If you want to renew your Oriental Insurance offline, follow the instructions below:

  1. Do Oriental car insurance renewal by visiting the nearest office of the insurance company.
  2. You can also enquire about your policy renewal by calling the toll-free hotline.
  3. Collect the Oriental car insurance renewal form and fill in all pertinent information about yourself and the policy that has expired.
  4. Obtain a list of documents that must be submitted at the time of renewal and submit all of them to the customer service representative.
  5. Find a quote that best describes you.
  6. Pay the bills with a cheque or a demand draft. While some allow cash payments, some don’t for renewal.
  7. A fresh Oriental car insurance policy will be issued to you.

Oriental Car Insurance Renewal Benefits

  • You will get a no claim bonus (NCB) on renewal if you don’t claim in the past year. The bonus would result in discounts on your renewal premium. 
  • Discounts are available on installing anti-theft devices, and automobile association membership.
  • A digitally signed policy renewal document is issued.
  • It ensures peace of mind as you could ride without worrying about the police penalizing you.

Oriental Car Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. How long does it take to renew an Oriental car insurance policy after premium payment?

    Oriental car insurance policy is automatically renewed after you pay the renewal amount. You'll receive a confirmation by email and SMS and a digitally signed renewal document.

  • 2. Can I buy add-ons to my Oriental vehicle insurance policy when I renew it?

    Yes, you can buy add-ons when you renew your auto insurance policy.

  • 3. After the initial renewal, I was meant to earn an NCB discount on My Oriental car insurance policy. So what am I missing here?

    If you didn’t claim in the past year, you’re eligible for NCB discounts. If Oriental Insurance has not credited the same despite this, you can ask it to consider the same. The insurance company will re-check the claim history and credit NCB if it’s found that you didn’t claim previously.

  • 4. What are the various types of auto insurance coverage offered by Oriental Insurance?

    There are two kinds of insurance policies to choose from.

    • Liability-Only Policy - Covers only damage or loss to third-party property or persons.
    • Package Policy - Covers third-party liabilities as well as the insured vehicle and its occupants.
  • 5. What happens if I don't renew the policy before the end of the Oriental car insurance policy term? What are my alternatives?

    For expired policies, a new policy can be obtained. However, Oriental officials will inspect the vehicle before granting the coverage, incurring additional costs and time. Therefore, it is highly recommended th

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