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The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 dictates that every bike owner should mandatorily have bike insurance. Bike insurance majorly consists of two types- Third-party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party insurance policy satisfies this legal requirement while assisting in third -party liabilities arising from accidents involving the insured bike. 

DHFL general insurance is an economic shield for numerous people who can come across any unforeseen circumstances in their life. Easily accessed and attained through an online set-up, DHFL General Insurance Limited two-wheeler third-party insurance comes with a full-time available help desk to solve the client's queries.

How does DHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Bike Insurance Policy Work?

  • DHFL General Insurance Limited two-wheeler third-party insurance only covers the expenses arising from third-party situations with the insured bike.
  • When the insured bike is involved in any damage to a third party vehicle, property, or death, then DHFL General Insurance Limited 3rd party insurance policy  covers the bike repair expenses, pays for the property damage, or provides compensation for the loss of life.
  • There are two types of DHFL General Insurance Limited two-wheeler third -party insurance policy online:
  1. Third-party Liability Only Plan for one year:  This plan offers third-party liabilities coverage for one year.
  2. Long Term Liability Only Plan: This plan covers Third-party liabilities for five years for new bikes, which includes third-party property damage of up to INR 7.5 lakh along with third-party liabilities in terms of death or injuries of the body parts of the third party.

DHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Bike Insurance Vs DHFL Comprehensive Bike Insurance 

Basis of ComparisonDHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Liabilities Only Bike InsuranceDHFL General Insurance Limited Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Coverage Extent DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance plan's coverage is limited to the financial and legal liabilities faced by third parties only. DHFL comprehensive bike insurance provides cover for third party liabilities as well as damage incurred by the insured bike.
Nature of RequirementDHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance policy is a mandatory requirement according to the Indian Motor Tariff Act. DHFL comprehensive bike insurance's purchase depends on the preference of the insurance buyer.
Add-ons Available DHFL General Insurance Limited 3rd party bike insurance does not contain any add-on covers.DHFL comprehensive bike insurance provides various add-covers at the cost of an extra premium.
Cost angleCost-effective due to the limited coverage provided.The cost increases according to the cover added. Costlier in comparison to third-party insurance.

How to Buy DHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Bike Insurance Policy

  • One can easily buy the DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance policy online.
  • Visit the official website of the company and provide your personal details.
  • Enter your bike’s make, model and variant.
  • Select third-party bike insurance policy.
  • Check quotes/premiums online and click on buy.
  • Get your detailed policy document over the e-mail.
  • Note: It is advised that the registration of the bike and the insurance for the bike be under the same name. Most companies can reject the claim if it's not the case.

What is Covered Under DHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Bike Insurance Policy?

The DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance policy covers the following damage:

  • Financial liabilities assumed due to third-party property damage involving the insured bike.
  • Bodily injuries and death of the third-party by the involvement of the insured bike are also covered. The court will decide the compensation amount.

What is not Covered Under DHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Bike Insurance Policy?

The following are not covered by the third party policy of DHFL bike insurance

  • There is no coverage for damage to the insured bike.
  • Injuries that policyholders experience will not be covered.
  • In the event of a loss, damage, or liability that occurred outside of the geographical region stated in the policy coverage provisions.
  • Normal wear & tear and electrical & mechnical breakdown of the bike.
  • Damages due to natural/man-made disasters.
  • Loss or damage due to civil war, or civil unrest
  • Damages occured under the influence of drugus/alcohol.
  • Damages occured while carrying invalid driving licence/policy.

Key Benefits of Purchasing DHFL General Insurance Third Party Bike Insurance Policy

  • Lowest bike insurance premium
  • satisfied customers
  • Active claim support within seven days
  • Keeps you away from legal liabilities and penalties
  • Friendly and supportive customer support

DHFL General Insurance Limited Third Party Bike Insurance Review

DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance policy is a very viable option when buying insurance for your bike. It can be bought quickly and hassle-free. The transaction is done transparently, and the premium calculated is affordable for the users. The consumer service is responsive and assists at every step of the way.

DHFL Third-party Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What documents are required to purchase DHFL General Insurance Limited's two-wheeler third-party insurance policy?

    The documents required are as per the following:

    • Photo ID and one address proof
    • Photocopy of driving licence
    • Bike registration number and RC certificate
  • 2. Can the coverage of the DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party bike insurance policy be stretched as peruse?

    No, the policy doesn't come with add-on covers.

  • 3. Where can one get the quote for my DHFL General Insurance Limited third- party bike insurance policy online?

    The quotes will be visible on the official website after entering the registration number of the bike.

  • 4. What is the coverage provided in case of total permanent disablement of the DHFL General Insurance Limited third-party?

    The third-party will get the entire sum coverage in the account of such permanent disability and the same will be decided by the court.

  • 5. How can one avail of the coverage third-party claim due to some accident?

    The insurer should be promptly contacted through the toll-free number or by visiting the office of the insurer.

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